Should You Tip Your Mover For A Job Well Done?

Should You Tip Your Mover For A Job Well Done?

It is a fact that moving can be both hectic and stressful. Nevertheless, some people who have hired a great moving company will attest to the fact that they never experienced the so much talked about stress. Incredible, isn’t it? Getting a reliable and trustworthy mover is the dream of every individual moving to a new home. After you manage to get a moving company that does your job exceptionally, is there a way that you appreciate their services? Is it necessary to give them a tip for a job well done? Read along to find the answers to these questions below.



What determines whether a mover deserves a tip?

Obviously, not every mover you engage will deserve a tip. There are factors that can make you tip a certain mover and fail to do so for another. Here are some indicators to help you determine whether your moving company has done a good job, and whether they deserve a tip.

  • Arrival time: one of the major challenges you might experience when moving is the failure of the moving crew to keep time. It is not a guarantee that the mover you have hired will arrive on time, but if they do, you can consider giving them a tip.
  • Movers’ temperament (sociable, friendly, kind): An understanding and friendly mover can guarantee you a painless move. How did your mover treat you? If they were kind, sociable, friendly, and respectful, they deserve a tip.

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  • Handling your belongings: If there is anything that you least expect when moving is to have a mover mishandle your Watch from a far distance how the moving crew packs, lifts, and loads your items into the moving-truck. Why would you not tip a mover that takes great care of your possessions?
  • Overall service: Some movers start well but get worse as the moving process nears the end. Generally, how can you rate the job of your mover from the packing to the unloading? Maintaining an excellent job from the start to finish is a factor that obliges you to tip such a mover.

Is tipping your mover important?

Perhaps you are wondering whether there is any importance attached to tipping your mover. You will feel obliged to tip a professional mover for the following reasons:

  • First, it is not easy to get a mover who does everything right –packing to unpacking, loading to unloading. As such, if you get one who does the job well, tipping them acts as a form of appreciation for a work well done.
  • Secondly, when you tip a mover, you give them the motivation to work even better, not only for you, but for other clients, as well. It boosts the willingness of the mover to work for you any other day.

Tipping a mover is not an obligation. However, it is a form of appreciation for their job. Before, you consider tipping any mover, it is important to evaluate their work. Did they keep time? How did they handle your possessions? Are they friendly?

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