Should the mover unpack your furniture for you?

Should the mover unpack your furniture for you?

Several things will come into play as you decide on how to handle your items. Your furniture could be the permanently fixed or the collapsible type. Unpacking both will need some expertise especially for the latter which needs to be reassembled.  This could take a lot of your time and energy. Do not disregard the work of the movers. These are professionals and are better placed to do that for you even if for an extra fee. Using the services of a professional mover is therefore very critical.



Reasons as to why you should engage the mover to unpack your furniture for you

  • It will spare you time: Think about the time it would take you to assemble the collapsible furniture and the energy you will need to lift those big chairs and tables. A professional mover has a team of experts that are trained to handle this work accurately. They will take far less time to put everything in place with your instructions.
  • No Secrets to keep in unpacking furniture: Unlike many other items, chairs, tables and such are things that you would feel comfortable having a stranger unpack. They are not necessarily private or personal items. Therefore, where necessary, allow the mover to help you unpack. This will sure spare you a lot of time, energy and save you the stress.

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  • When you are absent: You may not be present by the time the movers arrive due to unavoidable circumstances. The person standing in for you may not be capable of doing the unpacking of bulky items all by themselves. It would therefore be prudent to engage the services of a professional mover.
  • Office furniture: Unlike other items, moving office furniture is a delicate affair since most of these items are fragile and complicated. Assembling the kind of furniture in many offices is not a task for every ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’. You need someone who has the experience in assembling and arranging the furniture correctly. If you choose to do it, you may lose so many of them due to breakage.
  • Shift the risk: When you agree upon it with your mover that unpacking is part of the package hired, you transfer the burden of risk of loss or breakage to them. In your agreement, the moving company commits to deliver everything safely, and in case of damage or breakage, due compensation will be made. This means that in case of such occurrences, the mover or the insurance company will absorb the loss.


The process of moving is a delicate one. It is therefore, advisable for you to leave most of the work to the experts. The auto shipping company has invested in a highly qualified team of staff that can handle everything. You also have the insurance cover in case of damage or loss. All you have to do is to ensure that everything is in good condition.

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