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Submitted by Kolton Ellis
on 03/06/18

Shipping your vehicle could seem like a nightmare if you don’t like the thought of leaving your vehicle with someone whom you don’t know too well. It may seem like a long and drawn out process, but it’s really not as troublesome as you may think. In fact, A1 Auto Transport makes it easy. It’s really just the question of if you are contacting the right people. Most people don’t contact a vehicle transport service, but rather a broker; someone who does business for someone else.

Regardless of where you send your vehicle, the process is almost always the same. Whether you’re shipping across the state, across the country, or even overseas, all you should need is the basic information about your vehicle (make, model, year, etc), where it is going, any extra services you desire (door to door shipping, enclosed shipping, etc) and if you would like to have it by a certain timeframe. Even if you would just like to receive a quote on the cost, it’s as simple as just filling out the “to” and “from” fields.

One of the primary choices you’ll make when shipping is what kind of shipping you want. Door to door shipping is the most convenient and affordable way to ship a vehicle, but also offers a couple of different variables within this kind of shipping. The most traditional way is to load multiple different vehicles onto a trailer specifically designed for automotive transportation. The trailer can load 8 to 12 vehicles at a time. You can also go with a flatbed truck which is designed for one full-sized vehicle and one smaller sized vehicle, such as a motorcycle. If you’re really protective of your vehicle and potential damage is of any form of concern to you, you can also go with an enclosed trailer. This option provides maximum protection from storms, road debris, or anything else that could potentially damage your vehicle. This method also prevents other people from messing with or tampering with your vehicle, which is a growing problem. Most vehicles shipped in an enclosed trailer are luxury cars, vintage cars, or high-performance cars. It is important to keep in mind that the extra insurance options do cost extra in the per mile rate, but not by much.

You will also want to decide if you want storage for your vehicle after it arrives at its destination. A1 Auto Transport will offer storage for you, or they can arrange storage in your favor. If storage is a desired option, it is best to mention this early on while you are getting a quote.

Likewise, if your vehicle is not in working order and cannot run, it needs to be mentioned early on. Whether your vehicle has a flat tire or has a blown motor, it is best to make it noted because special machinery may be needed. Additionally, there is an extra charge for it, but it should be nowhere above $100.

Preparing your car for shipment is a very important aspect when shipping. There are several steps you should take to have your vehicle ready before your car is shipped. Giving your car a good and thorough wash is always a good idea. Once you get your vehicle nice and clean, you should take note of any scratches, dents, discoloring, or any other type of preexisting damages on your vehicle. One of the easiest ways to do this is to take clear photos of all the damages and have the photos ready when you pick up your vehicle.  Though it is pretty rare that damages like these could occur during shipping, it is always a good idea just in case something does happen.

You should also be sure to remove or secure loose parts of your vehicle. Retract or remove your antenna and fold in your side mirrors. If you have any loose parts that you may have added (for instance, a spoiler), make sure that it is secured on your vehicle firmly, but is best to completely remove it so it doesn’t potentially get damaged or lost during transport.

Make a note of any mechanical problems or leaks on your vehicle. If possible, have your vehicle serviced before shipment. If servicing isn’t an option, make sure it is noted before delivery so all proper preparations can be made to your vehicle. Mechanical issues and leaks can be an issue and could cause damage to your car and other cars. Some proper preparations you can make are; checking all of the fluids to make sure they are topped off, make sure your tires are properly inflated, make sure the vehicle’s battery is at a full charge, and check the mileage. You should also disable the alarm on your vehicle or provide a clear and detailed list of steps to inform the driver on how to do so.

It is also a good idea to run the gas tank to a quarter of a tank or below which will save weight and help the shipment move along more quickly. The only times your vehicle is going to be driven is on and off of the trailer, so extra gas is not needed.

You also need to remove all personal items from your vehicle for a couple of reasons. The first being the risk of theft. Your vehicle will be inspected, loaded, and unloaded, possibly more than once, so your vehicle is most likely going to be unlocked a majority of the time, so you would want to leave nothing of value in your vehicle. Items inside could also shift around and cause damage to your vehicle, so the shipping service is not liable if your car was damaged by personal belongings or something is stolen It would even be a good idea to remove a custom stereo. Another reason is these companies are only licensed to ship vehicles, not anything else. Doing so could result in penalties to the company. So, remember to remove all personal items from the interior of your car, including the trunk.

In conclusion, shipping is much simpler than it is made out to be. In fact, you are most likely going to spend a majority of your time filling out the form about your vehicle and if you want any additional safety insurances for your vehicle. Shipping your vehicle should be a trouble-free process, and it is. It’s really just as simple as contacting A1 Auto Transport.

Submitted by Kolton Ellis
on 03/06/18

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