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Swakopmund is a city which is located approximately 280 kilometers away from the capital of Namibia and it’s on the coasts of the western part of Namibia. The truth is that having to relocate is definitely a tedious endeavor and when there is a car involved, the entire thing can be even more complex.

In order to take away the hassle from it, you should consider relying on a reputable car shipping services such as the A1 Auto Transport Service. We have over 20 years of professional experience in international shipping and we are well aware of how to properly follow the rules and regulations. With this in mind, we are going to make the entire process particularly seamless for you.

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Working with experienced shippers.

The import rules in Namibia are particularly clean-cut and rather straightforward even if the process itself could take some time. You would have to complete the require paperwork and submit them to of Namibian Customs and Excise to make the import smooth. The documents include:

  • Passport and Invoice.
  • Original Bill of Lading.
  • 4 Copies of your import permit.
  • 3 Copies of NA304 and P1.160 forms.
  • Registration Papers.

Regulations and procedures.

As far as the procedures go, you would have to get an import permit as we stated above. You have to submit it along the documentation for the Customs. The officials are going to get you the vehicle released upon thoroughly checking if all of the submitted papers are followed up and everything is verified. Once you get the confirmation, you can drive away with your car in Namibia.

In order to get the vehicle licensed, you are going to need to submit the Entry Bill given upon release to the Motor Vehicles Department. If there is any delay, you can provide additional payment and get your vehicle released early. You will have to pay 20% duties and 16.5% taxes. Upon getting through with the situation, you are going to get a refund. What is more, there are 15% associated taxes. For two years after the process is through, you will not be able to sell your vehicle. Temporary residents nevertheless do not need to have import permits.

Options of Freight shipment.

There are two common shipping methods that you may want to choose from – the Roll-on/Roll-off and container shipping. Both are appropriate but you have to take your own needs into thorough consideration. Keep in mind that RORO is appropriate if you don’t mind your car being exposed to the elements and you have no personal belongings to ship as well. RORO is considered to be the cheapest method as you only pay for the parking space on the ship’s deck and that is why most people prefer it. But if you have an expensive vehicle or need added security for your car or need to ship your other possessions alongside then you should opt for the container shipping method as it’s going to allow you to get these taken care of unlike the other method.

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