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The city of Saint George is located on the island by the same name in Bermuda and was the first settlement in the island nation in 1612. If you intend enjoying the surf and the sands on this scenically located city, it can help to have your own vehicle with you here.

However, it is essential to know that the complete process is extremely complex. Due to stringent environment conservation laws in Bermuda, every household is only allowed to own one car. Additionally, only those people are allowed to drive the vehicles are those that live in Bermuda and have a valid license by the Bermuda government.  However, despite such laws, there are minimum regulations on the two wheelers. That is why most people prefer scooters to travel around the island.

Importing a vehicle to Saint George in Bermuda.

As per the 1952 Motor Vehicle Act, you need to meet certain eligibility criteria’s before you are allowed to import a vehicle. These include, but are not restricted to:

  • Only a new car or vehicle with 6 months old can be imported.
  • You need to be the first owner of the vehicle, so no used vehicles can be imported.
  • Only cars with maximum dimensions- length of 175 inches, width of 71 inches and engine capacity of 2500 cc are allowed for import.

Before you can import the vehicle, you need to inform and notify the authorities at Bermuda about the details on your vehicle. You will be required to submit all documents pertaining to the purchase of the vehicle and the specifications before the vehicle can clear H.M. Customs in Bermuda.

Specific documents to submit.

There are a lot of documents to submit before your vehicle can be cleared by customs in USA and at Bermuda. These specific documents include:

  • Vehicle brochure or dealer’s catalogue that gives details about the vehicle you need to import.
  • Letter stating reasons for car import.
  • Certificate on car emissions.
  • Purchase invoice.
  • Title deed.
  • Vehicle registration documents.
  • Insurance certificate.

To get the private motor vehicle license, it is essential that the vehicle you plan on importing falls within the 8 categories as deemed important by the Bermuda government. The Class A-H classifies the length of the vehicle ranging from minimum of 138 inches to 175 inches maximum.

To get the specifics on the import duty and other taxes, you might want to check the Customs department online. For other additional information you can contact the Embassy of Bermuda.

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