Ship Car To Madīnat Ḩamad

Madīnat Ḩamad or Hamad town is a largely residential area in Bahrain and is one of the larger cities. If you intend studying or working in Bahrain, chances are high that you need to have your own vehicle to enjoy the well maintained roads.

With Bahrain’s government initiative to make it easy to own and ply the vehicle, all you need to do is contact A1 Auto Transport Company and we’ll walk you through the complete process. Additionally, to promote easy imports there are chances that custom duty is waivered. All shipping imports are received at the Port of Manama, making it easy and economical option.

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Import regulations.

There are custom duties and import procedures to complete before the vehicle is shipped. You will need to notify the U.S Customs and Border Protection a couple of days before shipping out the vehicle. Additionally, you are required to submit the listed documents for verification on original and copies:

  • Vehicle ownership proof.
  • Clear title deed.
  • Vehicle purchase invoice.
  • Listed details of the car.
  • Bill of Lading.
  • Car insurance certification.
  • Emission and roadworthiness certificates.

Due to close trading ties, all vehicles exported from USA are not taxed. However, it is important to consider that cars older than 8 years are not eligible for import. It is essential that all documents are in order so that there are no delays in shipping or delivery in Bahrain. The essential documents to submit in Madīnat Ḩamad include:

  • Clearance Certificate and License Plate authorized by Traffic Department of Manama.
  • Customs Declaration Form.
  • Traffic Technical Inspection.
  • Export License Plate and delivery order.
  • Vehicle details.
  • ID Card.
  • Vehicle insurance.
  • Bill of Lading.

Shipping options.

It is important that you are there to collect the vehicle or send in an authorized representative to collect the vehicle as there are no storage options at the port. Before you ship the vehicle, you have the option of selecting from RORO and container shipping.

  • Roll-on/Roll-Off: If you have a fixed budget and want to select the cheapest option, Roll-on/Roll-Off is the right choice. Your vehicle is driven onboard the freight ship and secured in place. At the Port of Manama, it will be driven off the ship. However, it is important that when you ship using this method, you have to clean the interiors of the vehicle, remove the air conditioning gas and other personal items. However, it is important that quarter tank of fuel, car jack, spare tire and an extra set of keys are left within the car.
  • Container Shipment: However, when you intend shipping through container shipping, you are allowed to ship your personal and household goods along with the car or any other vehicle you are importing in Bahrain. Though this is expensive as a sealed container with the car inside will be shipped out, there is no change of damage to the vehicle. This is perfect if you are sending out household goods and an expensive car that has to be protected from the ravages of the weather.

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