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Known as the third largest city in Poland, Łódź, is only eighty-four miles, or one hundred thirty-five kilometers of Warsaw, on the south west side.

If you plan for an extended stay or visit Łódź, Poland you may want to consider importing your own vehicle to drive while you are here. You can import your vehicle from the US, pay the necessary fees, fill out the paperwork, and follow regulations. Soon you could have your own vehicle in this part of the world. Before importing a vehicle, you need to consider the weather conditions as it could affect how long it takes to import your vehicle to Łódź, Poland. The best time of year to ship your vehicle would most likely be in the mild season of summer.

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Shipping Methods.

There are two shipping methods used most often when shipping a vehicle from the US to Poland. The first method is called Roll – On/ Roll – Off. The second method is called container shipping. The container shipping method involves you being able to load both your car and your personal belongings into a container, either 20 foot or 40 foot in size, and then a crane lifts up the container and places it on the ship where it is secured for the trip to Poland. This method of shipping is more expensive than the RO/RO method.

If you are looking for the best way to ship a vehicle, you may want to choose the RO/RO method. This method will involve driving your vehicle onto the ship, parking it in the bay available, and then securing it for the journey. The ship docks at the Port of Gdansk your vehicle will be driven down off the ship by using a set of ramps. If you choose this method of shipping, you must make sure that no personal items are left in your car, it only has a quarter of a tank of gas in it, the vehicle has been steam cleaned, and there are no air conditioner gas in the AC system. The only items allowed in your vehicle will be the floor mats, a spare key, and the car jack.

The laws are straight-forward on the fact that you cannot leave anything in your vehicle during transport. If this rule is not followed, your vehicle may be quarantined upon a delayed delivery if your vehicle is not cleared before leaving the port in the US.

Documentation Needed for Import.

You must follow the rules when importing your vehicle to Gdansk and part of following these rules is to provide the right documentation. You will need the following documentation to start the process of importing your vehicle:

  • Bill of Lading.
  • Driver’s license.
  • Passport from the owner of the car.
  • Title to the vehicle.
  • Work/resident permit.
  • Vehicle purchase invoice with details of the vehicle.

You will need to make sure that all the taxes are paid and the levies as well. These fees are the same in Poland as they are throughout Europe because Poland is a member of the EU. If you are returning from USA to Poland and are a Polish citizen, or if you work for the government or are a diplomat, you will be exempt from paying importing taxes as your vehicle is considered part of household goods.

You will also need to provide a declaration which states that your vehicle has been owned by you in the United States for over six months prior to importing. This declaration needs to be provided to the Polish Customs Department.

Tax Fees.

If you do have to pay taxes, you will be charged 10% import duty on the vehicle and an additional 23% of VAT based on the CIF. Border taxes will be paid according to the capacity of your engine. In order to determine these costs, your vehicle will be subject to inspection upon arrival at the port.

Additional Considerations.

Be sure to submit the paperwork and documentation to the Polish Customs Department in time include your declaration of your vehicle as well. If you need more information, you need to contact the Embassy of Republic of Poland.

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