Ship Car To Kasese

Kasese is a town which is located in the western parts of Uganda, north of Lake George. Originally it grew around the copper mine that was located at Kllembe and the attention was later laid towards cobalt mining.

This is also the chief town of the Kasese District.

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Limits and import restrictions.

Importing a vehicle here could be done if you abide by the rules and the regulations set forth by the Uganda Revenue Authority. You have to send and import application and afterwards you have to clear the customs. The import regulations aren’t that hard to comply with but you would certainly need to ensure that all the duties and taxes are paid. Expats can import new or used cars, only after pre-inspection has been completed by the requisite Transport and Customs authorities in USA.  This ensures that all roadworthiness tests and emission control standards are adhered to be the vehicle, before being imported to Uganda.

Preparation for the process.

Before you can ship your vehicle there are a few things that you would need to sort out. You are going to have to verify that the condition is alright. After that you need to submit all the necessary documentation to the port authorities, providing proof that your car is actually clear and if it isn’t you have to deliver permission from the lien holder.  Other documents include:

  • Passport.
  • Bill of Lading.
  • Original Sales Bill.
  • Detailed list of the chassis and engine number, make and model.
  • Custom Clearance.

You would have to submit these documents as soon as it’s possible if you are to ensure a hassle-free process. Hiring a professional and reliable service like the A1 Auto Transport is going to ensure that. We have thorough experience of over 20 years which is going to make sure that the entire shipping goes smooth and as it should without any unnecessary delays.

You will need to pay plenty of different taxes including but not limited to 17% VAT, 15% import duty and 10% Excise tax apart from 6% Withholding charges. These are levied by the Customs department after approval from General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (GATT). To know about other taxes, current laws and limitations contact the Uganda Consulate today.

Shipping Methods.

You would be able to choose between two particular shipping methods. The first one is Roll-On/Roll-Off and the second one is container shipping. The RORO method means that you would have to drive the car manually on its own wheels on a shipping deck of a freight ship. The car would be then secured in order to be shipped. You must make sure the vehicle is perfectly clear and you can’t leave nothing but the car jack, spare tire, floor mats and spare keys.

Container shipping, on the other hand, is far more appropriate if you need to ship other personal belongings. Your vehicle will be shipped in an enclosed 20ft or 40ft private container based on your preferences. It is a bit more expensive and slower than the previous method but it’s more secure. However, you could always split the usage of the container with someone else if you want to reduce the total cost of the shipment.

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