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The scenic city of Jyvaskyla is located in the western region of Lakeland in Finland. It is the biggest city in the region and is about 91 miles from Tampere and 170 miles from Helsinki. With plenty of ocean bound commerce and trade, there can be plenty of reasons to move to Jyvaskyla.

However, you might miss the convenience of having your own vehicle unless you decide to import it. Unless you are here just for a couple of weeks, then public transportation works but if you are staying on for an extended period or working on a permit, then a personal vehicle will save you both time and money.

However, completing the process to import your vehicle from USA to Finland is not an easy task and that is why to save the effort, hiring the services of A1 Auto Transport service, which is counted among the top international auto transporters, is essential. We understand the nuances of U.S and Finish government regulations and adhere to all legal and binding laws to ensure a hassle-free import of the vehicle to Jyvaskyla

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Options of auto transit process.

The method of auto transit that you select has a direct impact on the total cost of shipping your vehicle and that is why consider your requirements and budget before you select any of these methods:

  • Air shipping: This is quick but highly expensive and that is why it is rarely used method.
  • RORO: Your vehicle is driven off and on the ship using its own set of wheels. Limitations abound when you pick the cheapest transit method. Yet it is safe and the most common way of shipping to Finland. You are not allowed to ship personal items within the vehicle, clean the interiors, and need to remove fuel and air conditioning gas. You can only leave the car jack, floor mats and extra keys inside.
  • Enclosed container shipment: The vehicle is sealed inside 20 feet or 40 feet metal containers and the cranes are used to lift it onto the ship. However, as these are secured containers, you are allowed to place your household and personal goods inside it. The extra lawyer of security makes it more expensive than RORO. For further assistance, we offer ‘door to port’ services in USA and ‘port to door’ in Finland. However, these come at a higher cost.

Shipping requirements.

You need to submit some documents which will verify your ownership and eligibility to import your vehicle into Finland. Additionally, the U.S Customs will maintain a record that the vehicle has been exported. To validate the process, these are the documents needed:

  • Title deed.
  • Bill of Lading.
  • Valid insurance documents.
  • Passport and driving license of the owner.
  • Finnish auto insurance needed at the time of delivery.

Tax free import is possible not just for diplomats but as per the current regulations by Finnish Customs, you are allowed to import one vehicle if you have owned the vehicle for at least six months. And it has to be evaluated at a fixed price. Any vehicle above that amount has to pay taxes. All imported vehicles have to adhere to the EU Emissions standards and modifications are needed to bring it to the eligibility of EU regulations, in case it does not conform to it.  At A1 Auto Transport, we can help streamline the complete process and assure our assistance at every step.

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