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Galkissa is situated in the western Sri Lanka. A beautiful city with a rich cultural heritage, it is the hub of commerce and industry in the nation.  Whether you plan on staying in Galkissa for work or leisure having your own private vehicle can make travel easy within and outside the city limits.

However, before shipping your vehicle here, it is necessary to do a lot of research to avoid any complications. By hiring the services of A1 Auto Transport service, we can make the shipping hassle-free and seamless. With over 20 years of business acumen and experience in the international shipping industry, we understand the nuances of Sri Lankan law and will help your vehicle clear customs.

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Requirements and eligibility for import.

  • The person must have at least six months Sri Lankan resident visa.
  • Vehicle is necessarily to be owned and used by license holder only.
  • It is important that the car is less than three and half years old
  • The vehicle should be shipped only when the owner intends to leave his home country.
  • Right-hand drive cars can only be imported.
  • You can only import 1 vehicle in five years.
  • Passport and ownership proof
  • Departure and arrival documents in Sri Lanka.
  • Driver’s License
  • Visa Details
  • Vehicle Registration deed

To have proper and accurate shipping information, it is advised to seek help from the Sri Lankan Consulate or from an experienced international shipping service like A1 Auto Transport service.

Requirements to import car.

  • Right-hand drive vehicle only
  • If the license holder intends to leave the country, the car shouldn’t be taken away, leased out or mortgaged from Sri Lanka.
  • Registration number must be in controlled registration.
  • Registration should be on the license holder’s name in two weeks before vehicle clearance.
  • All the necessary documents must be submitted
  • The vehicle must be completely functional.

All imports are levied taxes depending upon the original value. The same goes for the car. You will need to pay the various levies and duties as applicable by the Sri Lanka Customs Department. Only then will you be able to get the delivery of the vehicle.

Methods of auto freight shipping.

  • Roll On/Roll Off (RORO): Most of the people select this method to ship their vehicle at affordable prices. In this method, vehicles are driven on and off the freight vessel. There are ramps which makes the process of driving vehicles easily. It is one of the most cost-effective and convenient ways of getting your vehicle shipped to Sri Lanka.
  • Container Car Shipping: This method is better when not just your car but other personal items and household goods need to be shipped to Galkissa. This container is generally around 20ft-40ft. After placing the vehicle, it is harnessed and secured to minimize movement that can damage the vehicle. However, it is perfect for expensive and luxury vehicles.

Though all cars that are shipped have basic insurance but in case you need to insure your vehicle for more, talk with A1 Auto Transport service, and we’ll be of assistance. From picking your car to delivering it in Galkissa, we’ll be with you at every step.  To know more about the processes and regulations, contact the Sri Lankan embassy in USA.

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