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Fontvieille is award in the Principality of Monaco and it has been developed by an architect from Italy back between the 1970s and the 1990s. If you intend to relocate there for work or for pleasure, having your car along is definitely going to be of help.

The majority of people are actually quite hesitant when it comes to international shipping because of the complications. However, working with a professional shipping agent is going to simplify things significantly.


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The truth is that the relations between the USA and Monaco are pretty great and thus shipping isn’t exactly complex. However, you would have to take into consideration the mandatory requirement that you own the vehicle for at least six months prior to the shipping. If you are a returning citizen and you move back after 12 months you can also get the car back without paying duties or taxes. However, you would have to submit and complete quite a lot of paperwork including:

  • License, passport, and ID of the owner.
  • Ownership proof.
  • Registration and title deed.
  • Insurance proof and chassis number.

Specifications in Monaco on auto import.

You should also consider getting in touch with the Embassy of the Principality of Monaco if you want to be updated about the most current and updated requirements and regulations. This is particularly important and hiring a professional shipping agent such as the A1 Auto Transport service is definitely going to help you in the matter. We have over two decades of international auto shipping experience and we are well aware of all the regulations and procedures that have to be undertaken.

It is essential that a foreign vehicle can only be re-registered in the principality of Monaco only in the event in which the owner is a resident and has a valid permit for the residence. The owner must also have a local driving license. The vehicle has to abide by all of the legal standards which are set forth by the Customs authorities in Monaco.

Monaco is basically a sovereign microstate but the duties and the taxes are actually administrated by the French government. This means that the VAT is going to be between 5% and 20% and the duties are going to range between 5% and 17%. Of course, these are not assessed on household goods and personal items. Of course, Monaco is part of the customs territory of the EU, even though it’s not a member.

Shipping Methods.

Monaco is really close to the Mediterranean Sea and, therefore, shipping to Fontvieille is relatively easy. You should, however, choose a shipping method. You can choose between RORO and Container shipping based on your personal preferences. Now, if you go for RORO expect to pay the least amount of money and to get your car in the fastest possible term. However, you should also know that there are a lot of requirements. First of all, you should leave only your spare tire, floor mats, and car jacks in the car and absolutely no other personal belongings. You have to empty out the air conditioner passes and leave only ¼ fuel in the gas tank.

If you have a lot of belongings to ship to you, you should most certainly go for the Container shipping option. It’s more expensive and slower but it gives you the convenience of shipping as many items as you want in a private enclosed 20ft or 40ft container.

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