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Ship Car To Bulgaria

Importing Cars Into Bulgaria

Shipping A Car To Bulgaria

Typical Shipping Prices – How Much Does It Cost?

  • Transporting a standard sized sedan to Bulgaria from the United States costs between $1,800 and $4,200 in most cases.
  • If your vehicle is able to fit into a 20 foot shipping container, it’s not only cost-effective, but you can also ship other belongings with it.

Bulgaria is a part of the European Union, and therefore, it follows the same rules as the other EU countries when it comes to the importation of cars. You will need to clear the vehicle through customs for Bulgaria, following all regulations; pay the value added tax for the vehicle; take out insurance; apply for verification of origin; have the vehicle inspected; test the roadworthiness; register your vehicle. While the import process is relatively the same for all EU countries, there are some specific rules and guidelines you will need to follow when importing/exporting your car into Bulgaria.




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Bulgarian Customs requires all motor vehicles that are being imported into the country to be declared on a temporary import basis. In addition, the owner must pay a “guarantee” for the vehicle in order for it to be imported through Customs. The amount of this guarantee depends on the car’s specs: year, make, model, year of first registration, bhp or kW of the engine, etc.


Note: If the car stays in the country for longer than a year, the temporary import will need to be renewed annually for the amount of time the car stays in Bulgaria.




Required Documents For Shipping A Vehicle To Bulgaria 

Just like with other EU countries, Bulgaria requires certain documentation before it can allow the importation process to begin. You will need to collect and present the following documents in order to import your vehicle into the country:


  1. Proof of registration
  2. Proof of ownership
  3. A valid visa
  4. A Bulgarian national driver’s license
  5. An international insurance policy




Duties and Taxes

The amount of duties and taxes on an imported car differs depending on the car’s age, specifications, and country of origin. If the car is imported within the EU, it will not be subjected to import taxes, but if it is imported from outside the EU, the import duties could run upwards of 17% or more of the fair market value of the vehicle.


The standard value added tax (VAT) in Bulgaria is 20%. The VAT is calculated by determining the value of goods and adding in international shipping and insurance costs plus the import duty that may be due.


In addition, excise taxes may be added into the cost of importation if it is determined by the Bulgarian authorities after a vehicle inspection.


Note: Diplomats are allowed to import one vehicle completely tax and duty-free.




For More

For more information regarding the taxes and duties on specific vehicles, please visit the Bulgarian Customs outline of vehicle specs that require duties.




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