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The coastal town in Oman, As Suwayq is situated in the middle of the Al Batina region. It has been a center for trade in the country and has flourished in the recent years. Although shipping the vehicle abroad is a daunting task, but when you have the right shipping service working it you, it is easier.

That is why A1 Auto Transport service would like to be of assistance at this crucial moment. We have shipping innumerable vehicles to the Middle East in the last 20 years and understand the working of the Oman Customs.

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It is imp/ortant to know that Oman allows foreigners or non-Oman residents to import 1 vehicle only. You are allowed to import it on a temporary and conditional basis. You will be granted a temporary import permit on the basis of:

  • If the vehicle is secured by the import permit or international passage register, you are allowed to import it for 6 months
  • If there is no international passage register, you are only allowed to ship it for 3 months
  • Additionally, you can import it for three months, if you pay the insurance which equals the import duty and taxes
  • The shipper has to have a good standing and no pending case/records of misdemeanor with the Customs has to be there

With plenty of documentations to submit to the US Customs and the Oman Customs before the vehicle is exported or imported. They need to check and verify the documents pertaining to the authenticity of the vehicle and ownership. Some of these include:

  • S. vehicle registration/Title deed
  • Oman insurance on the imported vehicle
  • International Passage Register
  • Valid Driver’s License/passport of owner
  • Bill of Lading
  • Receipts of tax/import duties cleared

Expatriate students and foreigners in As Suwayq are allowed to renew the temporary status on the imported vehicle as long as they are able to qualify for and get the International Passage Register. Most of the imports are subject to import duties and there is additional VAT on some category of vehicles. It is best to discuss all aspects of the freight shipping procedure, tax and shipping costs and get a free quote from A1 Auto Transport service. However, another key factor that has to be calculated includes the method of shipping. If you choose air shipping your vehicle to Oman, the price will skyrocket as this method is quick yet exorbitantly expensive. Conversely, Roll-on/Roll-Off is the cheapest way when you ship your vehicle by ocean bound cargo ship. Container shipping is comparatively more expensive than RORO but offers higher security.

When you ship by RORO, you can only ship an empty vehicle devoid of personal belongings, air conditioning gas and any car accessory. The car is driven on the ship, secured and then driven off at the Oman port. You are only liable to pay for space occupied by the vehicle on the ship’s deck. Thus, it is cheaper.

But in container shipping, you are allowed to ship any personal item alongside the vehicle, but you are not allowed to import anything that is considered illegal in Oman. The container is sealed and only opened in the presence of the owner at As Suwayq by the Oman Customs.   To get further information and details about the documentation, fee and taxes, you can contact the Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman in USA.

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