Saving Money On Your Packing Service

While there is little doubt that a packing service is exceptionally convenient, this does come at a price. Such services can be incredibly expensive, especially when choose the full or done for you variety. Even still, there are number of ways and options that you can use to ensure not paying more money than is absolutely necessary. Here are some great ways to consider saving money on your packing service.

Be Choosy With Your Packing:

While the moving company or packing service would prefer you let them do everything, this is really not needed. In fact, you should consider that some of your possessions might be just a little more important than others. If you are a little surprised at the high cost of such moving services, then maybe think about only allowing the service to pack the items that you really can’t (or simply don’t want to) deal with on your own. Such as:

    • Certain Pieces of Furniture: Sometimes, furniture can be difficult to move and may require being wrapped up and have extra padding added in order to keep it safe from any potential damage. Since these types of furniture are very difficult to safely move on your, consider having them handled by professionals.
    • Glass, China, & Other Breakables: Not only are these pieces delicate, they can oftentimes have a high value. This means that they must be wrapped properly and protected in such a fashion as to keep them free from any extra jostling and harm all throughout the move. It might not be a task the average person is up to doing on their own.
    • Antiques, Art, Other Rare Items: Valuable items like artwork and antiques can be especially difficult to move as well. They may even require their own special equipment, which may even need to be custom created for the move. Again, this is something that may be beyond the ability of the average mover.
    • Electronics: Once again, these items can be big, bulky and unusually heavy and difficult to move. Not only that, but they can be surprisingly delicate and just a bit of rattling and jostling might mean that favorite stereo or TV simply doesn’t work when it arrives in your new home.

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Buying Your Own Packing Materials:

This is another possible way to save money on your packing service. If you have all of the boxes, blankets, and packing supplies readily available many companies will offer you a discount. Just bear in mind that a number of companies already include this price into their fixed rate, in which case no discount will likely be offered.

Also consider the issue of liability. You should have been able to research your moving company (or packing service) on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website ahead of time. Looking at the type of insurance they carry will tell you if they might be agreeable to offering a discount in return for you providing the packing materials and supplies.

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