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Submitted by Alejandra V. Gutierrez
on 03/08/18

The taste of my sandwich faded away as I heard the sound of screeching of rubber tires and the loud crunch of metal. “Call 911!” Someone yelled. It was a hot, humid day at my neighborhood park. As the people hastily shouted for help, all I could understand is that there had been an accident. As I jumped up from the wooden picnic table and looked to my left, I saw a small crowd of people snaking around the pavement. Some were standing; some were sitting in a mini circle and some were pacing around, buzzing on the phone. My mom quickly followed behind me and looked as frazzled as everyone else. I still wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about, so I pushed through the crowd and came upon a most horrific sight.

A middle-aged woman was shaking her lifeless daughter trying to wake her. She kept yelling, “She was sleeping! She was sleeping!” Her eyes were swollen and tears were rolling down her cheeks. My mom pulled me back and tried to cover my eyes. A young man covered in sweat frantically ran towards us. He began weeping and apologizing to the mother. It was no use; nothing anyone could say could stop her from crying. Shaken by the situation, the man explained he wasn’t looking and bashed into the back of her car. As he was speaking I remember looking at his quivering hands. My mom’s arms were slung around the mother of the girl as she was trying to comfort her. Sirens wailed from around the corner as the ambulance and police arrived. I watched the paramedics rush to the scene and grab the girl. At that moment, I remember feeling the gravity of the situation. They took her to a less crowded area. The mother ran with the paramedics to the ambulance. My mom stood next to me holding my hands as we waited for updates.

Hours felt like minutes until eventually, an officer approached us to ask us if we had seen anything. He informed us of what they have confirmed so far. He regretfully informed us that the little girl died on impact, her neck snapped from the collision force and the opposing force of her seatbelt. Additionally, the young man stated that he had been looking down at his phone to answer a text, at the time of the crash. The mother had suffered from a broken leg and a slight concussion. The event that happened that day, August 6th, 2009 is unacceptable. It is so inconsiderate and unfair to deprive someone of the gift of life because you feel the need to answer a text and drive distracted. Because of the carelessness of this driver, the world lost an 8-year-old who had a whole life ahead of her.

From this experience, driving safely and undistracted remains very important and close to my heart. Knowing that one of the core values of A-1 Auto Transport is to provide quality transport that is safe, secure adds a major sense of trust with the company. They not only want to protect the transported vehicles from damage but also they want to ensure the protection and safety of their drivers. They have multiple years of experience with the well-being and safety of their customers’ cars during transport.

As one of the largest auto transport companies in the world, A-1 Auto Transport only hires the most experienced of drivers along with those who have a proven track record and an exceptional safety record. The drivers are experts in their field while following all necessary safety guidelines, they can ensure that all cars get delivered safely and on time. Upholding the practices, safety procedures of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the A-1 drivers are required to abide by the hours of service (HOS) regulations to limit the ability of drivers to work the maximum number of hours continually to reduce any possibility of driver fatigue. The company follows the policies set forth by the Department of Transportation which places a driving restriction of 500 miles a day. Furthermore, keeping the drivers alert decreases the risk of crashes caused by lack of sleep or rest. A-1 Auto Transport continually goes above and beyond the standard protocol to establish safety.

Over at A-1 Auto Transport, they take into account how important your car is to you. Understanding this, they are able to ensure the safety of your vehicle. A car is a portion of your life, taking you to and from your destinations while protecting you. A-1 offers three approaches of transportation: Air Freight, Ro/Ro transport, and Container transportation. The Container approach offers protection by being secured and fastened in a large container to your car while being shipped across the sea. Similarly, the Ro/Ro method securely straps your vehicle to a deck on a transport ship navigating it across the sea.  Lastly, the Air Freight method transports your vehicle by airplane, not only is this method the safest, but it is also the quickest method of delivery. Considering the amount of effort A-1 Auto Transport puts into ensuring protection to your vehicle, they want customers to gain a sense of trust in them. If you would like to sit down and discuss the best option for you and your vehicle, there will always be a representative agent ready to help and serve you with all your inquiries.

There is no need for there to be hassles in your transport shipping process. This mindset is assured by the team of customer service representatives provided at A-1 Auto Transport. They assist with any need you may have all the while making sure you receive the quality service you deserve. Customer Service is not only available when you may have a question or concern but they are also available in the event of unexpected occurrences whether it be with weather situations or other circumstances. Without hesitation, worry or apprehension, you can depend on A-1 Auto Transport with the safe delivery and transportation of your vehicle.

Submitted by Alejandra V. Gutierrez
on 03/08/18

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