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Submitted by Jesus Camacho
on 11/16/2018

The way we can reduce dangerous driving habits, particularly texting or using social media while driving is one of the
biggest problems we have in the nation. It’s a big habit that is difficult to break, the same goes to the drivers who go
over the speed limit unwary of the danger, they are putting themselves and other people on the road.

But people still, keep on speeding even if there are signs saying slow down or even in crowded neighborhoods and school zones. Over speeding is one of the biggest rising death toll in America in the last decade. Another risky driving behavior is the use of cellular phones while driving.

A driver who uses cellular phone either by making a phone call or sending a text message is putting other driver’s life in danger but even the pedestrian. Texting and social media have taken over teenagers and we are now realizing that it’s a huge problem it can affect our future for teenagers. It can put are teens in danger when they are driving on the road.

The way we can reduce these dangerous habits starts at home with parents teaching their children at a young age or even before learning how to drive is that texting and driving are very dangerous, and should never be used while driving.

Therefore there are lots of ways we can fix this huge problem we have with teens. The government should put a law saying that teens must take classes to show them how dangerous texting and driving can be because teenagers are the future of this nation and we need to teach them this if we actually care about them.

Because of dangerous habits teens pursue on the road and reckless driving it has become the number one killer for teens. Another way we can reduce dangerous habits is showing them at school since every teen goes to school, we should make a program that is required to take in order to graduate. It doesn’t take long to teach teens how dangerous it is to text and drive it takes just a couple of hours or days it’s very simple to learn also.

Therefore I would like to one day go out to the community and talk to all the young people who are barely starting to drive and talk to them of how dangerous it is to go out on the road and to text and drive, to put their lives and others in danger. And make my own program, also go to schools just to teach them how simple it is to just put your phone away for a couple of minutes while driving, put your seatbelt on and to always stay focus on the road.

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to send a quick text, trying to change a song. At the end of the day, I just want the teenagers to learn text is not worth more than your life, the text can wait because your future is way more important.

Submitted by Jesus Camacho
on 11/16/2018

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