Planning A Successful Move

Submitted by Adam D. Block
on 03/10/18

The emotions involved in moving to a new home can run the gamut from excitement to sadness to fear.  Although typically a new move equates happiness and degrees of excitement, all too often, a move can be symbolic with a loss of some degree such as financial or family loss. Although I was younger at the time of our move, I have learned through the years that the reason for our move was for my future.  My parents had made the choice to move our family, as well as their careers, several states away so that I could grow up in a more positive environment which could offer me countless opportunities as I grew up.

I vividly remember going with my father to pick up the rented moving truck.  My father opened the passenger door to what looked like the biggest truck I had ever seen.  He lifted me up to the big bench seat and I scrambled into my car seat which was already waiting for me.  My father fastened the safety belt tightly around me making sure the car seat was secure, kissed my head, and shut the door firmly.  Before I knew it, the driver’s door opened, and my father climbed up into the truck beside me.  He had a big smile on his face as he patted my knee and started the engine of that big rumbly moving truck.  I had never felt so big before in my life as we rode through the town on the way back to our house.

For the past two weeks, my family had been working diligently on packing our belongings and preparing the boxes and other items to be moved into the big moving truck.    Once we arrived back to our house, my father skillfully backed the truck up to the front door and the moving party began.  Our yard filled up with cars and I sat on the front step watching the scurry of people going in and out carrying our furniture and boxes of treasures into the big moving truck.  Everyone was talking and seemed happy, but I just sat there feeling scared about the move ahead as I wasn’t quite sure what was ahead.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and the hand was quickly formed into a hug and several more to follow.  I watched as all our family and friends, one by one, climbed into their vehicles and drove away.  The next sound I heard was the shutting of the front door, and my father came to me and held his hand out to me.  My father opened the door of the moving truck, picked me up, and placed me on the seat as the other door opened and my mother climbed in beside me.  Shortly, my father joined us, shut his door, and we were on our way to our new home.  This memory of packing our belongings and driving away from our home is my foremost moving memory.  Possibly the fact that it was my first moving experience may explain the importance my brain has placed on this experience.  From my young perspective, I remember this move as easy and smooth, and this memory set the premise for my future moves.

Based on this move and the memories from that time, I created my own ultimate move plan which will not only be useful to myself, but to anyone planning a move.  First, a move can be much easier by having family and friends assisting us with such a daunting task.  The task of moving is a gigantic endeavor and often feels endless, but it’s not a solitary task and we don’t need to do it alone.  A very important fact to realize is that a difficult experience can have a positive upturn by having family and close friends beside us.  Everyone, regardless of age or ability, can be of assistance during this busy time whether it be loading items into the truck, packing boxes, or assisting others as needed.  This dauntless task can be turned into an easier time as we put together a team of family and friends who can help load belongings in the vehicle being used.  A very important part of this plan also involves providing for the team of helpers and preparing to feed this group of people as needed.  After helping with moving, one thing that everyone has is a hearty appetite.  During a move, it is very common to have more people offer to help than can fit in your house.  A great way to utilize this extra help is to have these people prepare food and snacks for all.  This keeps all your family and friends fed and happy, so they can focus on the current task.

Secondly, as many items as possible should be packed ahead of time and closed boxes should be labeled.  Correct labeling of these boxes will assist in quick retrieval of needed items and therefore lead to a successful adjustment to your new home.  To keep labeling efforts consistent, a labeling system needs to be created, and in doing this, at least two quality permanent markers are needed to assure that the labels do not smear or wipe off in the instance that the boxes get moist or wet and in the example of inclement weather.  The best way to attach moving labels to your boxes is to use clear packing tape over them so that they don’t fall off or get torn or wet during the transportation.  Labels can be purchased at most stores, downloaded from the internet, or colored tape can also be used to enhance the box identification when you find yourself in your new home.  Labeling your moving boxes for moving is not overly complex.  There are mandatory rules or restrictions on as to how to label moving boxes as it is an individual process that is based on personal preferences.  It is a task that needs to be done to be efficient and avoid more difficulties in the long run.

Finally, pack all items except those needed before you reach your destination.  As the packing begins, take advantage of extra people as they are available and have them assist in moving the larger items including furniture toward the door.  By doing this, space is freed in other areas of your home making it easier pack and prepare certain areas for the move.  As extra movement space is created, prepared boxes can be used to begin packing.  It is ideal to pack one room at a time remembering to label each box with the contents of the box and to notate each as to which room the boxes are to be moved to.  As each room is packed, there is a huge advantage to leaving the boxes in place until the actual move.  By doing this, all the boxes going to one room can be loaded at the same time to make unloading and finding needed items easier.  As you leave, collect the personal items needed with you during your move and keep these with you in your vehicle during the move.  This organization also saves time in unpacking boxes and setting up your new home as all the boxes are basically presorted if they were loaded as suggested above.

In conclusion, moving to a new home can be a very exciting, but also hectic time.  It needs to be a time of planning and organization amidst moving trucks, stacks of boxes, and extra helpers.  As I have experienced, reviewing your own experiences, and planning based on those experiences can help you plan for a successful move that will fit into your resources and needs as well as budget.  By doing this, a person can plan for their individual wants and needs.  Based on my move and from my contemplation, I have a devised a basic plan listed above which not only assisted me in this experience but can also be used by others when they are faced with the endeavor of moving to another home.  To summarize this plan, invite family and friends to assist with moving tasks, pack and label boxes in advance if possible, and, when moving items out, move room by room to expedite the process.  By following this plan, my moving experience was more rewarding and less stressful than it could have been, and I would suggest this plan to anyone contemplating a move.  Most importantly, take the time to plan your move. By carefully planning the details of your move, you can be assured that your move will go more efficiently and, as a result, the comfort of your new home will begin sooner than you thought.

Submitted by Adam D. Block
on 03/10/18

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