Packing an Overnight Bag and Why It’s Important

Packing an Overnight Bag and Why It’s Important

Even if you are using a great moving company, it’s very important to pack an overnight bag that you can take with you. Chances are that you will arrive late and tired so you can’t start unpacking on the first day. In some cases, moving takes more than a day so you have to spend a night or two at a motel. An overnight bag should contain all the stuff that you require without opening all the other sealed boxes.



Here is a short list of things that you should include in that bag;

Change of clothes

The last thing you want is to get back into those sweaty, dirty clothes you wore the day before after you take a shower. Pack one outfit that is decent enough to even go to a meeting or to work the following day. The outfit however, should not be bulky and if it’s possible, choose something that won’t need ironing. The change of clothes should include innerwear and comfortable shoes.


Hygiene is very important even when you are travelling. Having your toothbrush, toilet paper, beauty products and some shower supplies will help you to have a comfortable and relaxed travel. Be sure to pack a light towel, slippers, deodorant and of course some face wipes for the journey.

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Laptop and charger

We live in a world where you need to stay abreast with current affairs and also work on the go. Two essentials that you must never leave behind are you laptop and phone charger. If you need to listen to music, watch movies or work, a laptop will provide all that. Phone batteries also die pretty quick so never leave the car charger.

Important papers

There are some things that are irreplaceable and if they are, you have to jump through many hoops to do so. Important papers like birth certificates, school transcripts, title deeds, medical records and banking claims should not be packed in the moving truck. Instead put them in an envelope and carry them with you in the overnight bag for safekeeping. Other important items include keys and any medication you are using.


Even though you can stop at a highway motel and have something to eat, it’s crucial to pack a good amount of crunchy but healthy snacks especially if you have kids. Fruits like apples, pears and peaches are very good to go with nuts, crackers and biscuits. Don’t forget to carry liquids and a few eating utensils.

Kid’s necessities

Kids have a very short span of patience and they get tired fast. Apart from packing diapers, snacks and some clothes, pack their favorite toy, book, blanket and a handheld game to keep them busy.

The best moving company will take your stuff to your new home safely. However, an overnight backpack will take you through the move so you don’t have to suffer. If it’s not possible to pack everything in one backpack, have every child carry their own small backpack with their essentials.

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