Organizing Your Dorm Room After Moving In

College life can take some getting used to, especially right after you have made the move. Your dorm room is probably much smaller than your room back home and no doubt it also lacks a lot of the common conveniences of home. Despite this, there are a lot of things that can be done to organize your new living quarters.

Create Comfort

Your dorm room might not be equipped with air conditioning or the type of style you may have wished for. No problem, here’s how you can make it your own.

  • Create A DIY Air Conditioner:
    This can be done for about $20. Take a Styrofoam cooler, cut a hole and insert some PVC pipe (for venting cool air). Cut a second hole in the top of the cooler, just smaller than the circumference of a fan, insert the fan face down and secure it with duct tape. Now add ice packs inside the cooler and plug in the fan. Cooler air is generated by the ice and the fan, which is then emitted through the PVC pipe to bring the temperature down a few degrees.
  • Create Extra Closet Space:
    Take the tab of a soda can and slide it over the top part of a hanger. Then, hang a second hanger through the other hole in that same tab, allowing the new hanger to suspend freely next to it. This way, you get two hangers into the space of one.

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Cleaning & Repairing

Your new dorm may have some issues that need attention. Some of these are pretty easily fixable if you are a little creative:

  • Holes in the Wall:
    Generally speaking leaving holes in the wall will probably mean you are charged fines. However, you may walk into a dorm room that already has holes. You can apply a small amount of caulk, spreading it around with a putty knife and then touch up with paint after it dries. Alternatively, a very small hole may be fixed with toothpaste and chips might even be concealed with corrective fluid.
  • Cigarette Burns:
    If you have some cigarette burns, these may also be able to be repaired as long as they aren’t too big. First, trim the scorched fibers with scissors (be careful). Now, find a fiber that is already loose and starting to unravel. Pull until it’s about a foot long and then cut. Cut that fiber into smaller, even pieces. Put a small amount of glue from a hot glue gun on the area and put about half of the trimmed fibers, tapping them down gently with the scissors. Allow to dry and then repeat with the other half. Trim everything carefully until they appear to be even.

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