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Submitted by Bianca Gomes Recova
on 11/17/2018

Nowadays teens are becoming more and more irresponsible, especially when driving. From texting while driving to
drinking behind the wheel, teens have gotten out of control and are putting their lives at risk. Even though this issue
can be difficult to fix, there is a multitude of solutions. For instance, one can be for teens to put their phones
somewhere in their vehicle that is out of reach.

The teen can also simply put their phone on do not disturb or turn it all the way off. Lastly, if there is a passenger in the car with them, they can hold the driver accountable by reading and responding to texts and calls for them. Even though teens may believe that it is safe to use their phones while driving, it is a huge safety hazard and has led to many deaths. That is why it is important to find solutions to these issues so that teens are more responsible behind the wheel.

Usually, teens will put their phones within reach while driving. Even though it is convenient, it has become one of the
main causes of accidents. A solution for this is simply placing the phone in a spot that is out of reach. Putting the
phone in a spot that is out of reach will not only lower the possibility of the teen using it while driving, but it will keep
the driver’s eyes on the road and prevent accidents. Also, the farther away the phone is, it is less likely that the teen
will try to reach for it while driving. Most phones today have a setting that silences all notifications and it has plenty of benefits. One of those benefits is that it can be used while driving.

Putting the phone on do not disturb will silence the notifications and will prevent teens from picking it up while driving. Usually, when a driver hears the ding from their phone, they immediately pick it up and check their notifications. Teens especially are more prone to picking up their phones while driving and by using the do not disturb setting, they will most likely not check their phones and will wait until it is safe to check their notifications. Another solution that can prevent dangerous driving habits is having the passenger hold the driver accountable of their phone. Instead of the teen picking up their phone and responding to texts and calls themselves, the passenger can respond for them. Having the passenger read the texts out loud, respond to texts, and answer calls can be a much better alternative because it will prevent distraction.

This also keeps the passenger/s safe and lowers the possibility of getting involved in an accident. By having the passenger respond to the driver’s texts and calls, the driver will still know who was calling or texting them without having to check their phone themselves, hence, keeping them and their passengers safe. There is an infinite number of solutions to preventing dangerous driving habits, especially for teens. It is often tempting to pick up the phone while driving, but a teen must realize the effects of this.

By putting their phone in an out of reach spot, putting it on do not disturb, and having their passenger answer their calls and texts, the teen will become more of a responsible driver and will keep other people on the road safe.

Submitted by Bianca Gomes Recova
on 11/17/2018

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