My Long Distance Move Across the Nation

Submitted by Myrissa LaClair
on 01/06/18

Wow, I wish my family had known about and read the A-1 Auto Transport page on long
distance moving before we moved across the country from Southern Indiana to Southern
California in 2012. In the article it describes moving as being exciting, yet overwhelming; I would fully agree with this description, for I was thrilled to be moving, but it was a lot of work. My history of moving isn’t very long yet, only because I am still young; however, I do fully remember my move and all of the stress that went into each step. I do feel as if my family did a good job organizing our move, but it could have been a whole lot simpler if we had read the sort of articles by A-1 beforehand. So, this is a story on how my family moved from Indiana to
California without the help of a long distance moving article, even if it could have been useful.
My moving stories begin when my family moved to Indiana from Illinois when I was just
two years old, in order to be closer to some family that lived there. I spent most of my life in
Indiana until the age of eleven, when my half siblings both graduated and went off to college.
My mother’s family has always lived in Southern California, so when we no longer were going to be seeing my half siblings very often, we began packing up and moved across the nation. It
wasn’t as simple as it is said, just the idea of moving had been brought up a full two years
before it was even put into action at all. The first thing we did, just like the article says happens
in every move, is we began selling and throwing out things we thought were unnecessary to
bring with us. Another article that applied to my families move is the moving with pets one. At
the time we owned a large yellow lab dog, who was very protective over his property, so in order to begin selling the house, we shipped him to live with a family member in California. Just these small actions kick started the moving process rapidly.

We very quickly sold the house we had lived in for eight years, what I consider my
childhood home, and now had to find a new place to stay for the remaining time we had until the official move date. In the rental house, we lived with boxes stacked on top of boxes, fully filled with things we were not in need of at the time being. I continued to go to school, while my parents continued to work. On the weekends when it came close to the time to move we would
begin packing up the rest of our things. Finally, we had a huge moving van from a professional
moving company come in, take all of our boxes and large furniture items and pile them into their van to be driven to California. All my family had left was a TV, a few boxes and each a suitcase full of clothes to last a week. Unfortunately, we arrived to our new home a month before the van made it, leaving us with an extremely empty house and air mattresses as beds. Eventually, the van arrived with every box in place and we commenced filling up the house with our belongings. Soon the house started to feel more like home and we felt more comfortable with our decisions. It has now been 6 years since the move and my family is insanely happy with where we are in our lives and our move, although there were a few things we could have done differently during it.

In the article, it gives five tips for long distance moving. The first tip is to reduce clutter
before packing, something my family did but could have taken more serious. Due to our move
being such a large move, none of us wanted to get rid of much, for we felt as if all of our
personal belongings were our comfort blanket. However, that comfort blanket only costed us
more money to send. The second tip is to research and get estimates from different companies
to decide who will drive all of your belongings across the country. My family did do research and in the end we felt that we chose the right company, the movers were very kind and
understanding about where we wanted things in the new home. Tip number three is to be sure
to plan a move on an offseason, like spring, fall or winter. They say to move during these
seasons because the moving companies are busiest in summer, which raises the costs. We
moved about two days after my school year ended, in early June, but it was the best option
because I already had a school lined up to start in California in early August. Fourth tip
presented by A-1 is to place marks on all of the boxes being moved, that way it is easier to know
exactly where to locate it in the new home. My parents did a good job at labeling each box with
a neon sticker consisting of our name and new address just in case it was lost, but we did not
think to label the box with which room it went to. So, when the boxes arrived it was extremely
difficult to organize them, we had to open each box and then move it to where it belonged. The
fifth and final tip is to get a break in taxes if you are moving for work, which wasn’t my families

I would really love to suggest the long distance article written by A-1 Auto Transport to
be read by anyone moving long distance. I understand each person has a different situation and
reason to move, but this article remains so general that it can be useful to anyone that is
beginning their moving process. The five steps really give a clear layout, somewhat like a check
list, for anyone who has never long distance moved before and is clueless where to start. As
well as sharing this with others, I am glad that I myself read it, for in the future after college I
plan to hopefully travel a lot and it may require moving to far away places. As well, I will look into
the other topics on the A-1 website because I desire to study abroad and they have a moving
internationally article, that may be helpful.

Submitted by Myrissa LaClair
on 01/06/18

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