My Hectic Test Eve

Submitted by Natalie Epps
on 01/01/18

It was the night before my second attempt at the most horrifying test of my life. The SAT’s. With my luck, this was also the night I was helping my aunt and uncle pack their things for their long move to Florida. We live in Delaware, and most everyone says that they want to get out. Few do, however, but my aunt and uncle composed those few.

Their house sold in under a month and they were hardly prepared. My uncle called my dad one day and said every day that he came home from work; something else was missing from the house. My aunt was selling everything online and de-cluttering their house frantically. She even sold one of their good couches and a few shelves. She told me that they needed to get rid of as much of their things as possible for the move. I could tell then she was stressed, and I couldn’t imagine walking into their house the night before they planned to leave, but here I was.

I walked into their living room and chaos enveloped the room. My aunt was bubble-wrapping a painting and my uncle was holding a box in each arm. The moving truck had not even been positioned in front of their garage yet. It was already six-thirty and it was about to get dark. My mother, my sister, my dad and I all started taping boxes and moving them into piles. My uncle went and pulled the truck up to the garage and we got to work.

Within the first twenty minutes, you could already hear the frustration lurking from the depths of my aunt’s voice. My dad and my uncle were constantly trying to strategize on the best way to fit the big pieces of furniture in the truck, and trying to think of ways to keep items from being damaged. Of course, this thinking made the process slower, and soon we had been there for about two hours. I was carrying boxes and never stopping and eventually my sister and I became a well-oiled machine.

Unfortunately, there were still lots of boxes to go, I started to freak out. I had to take the SAT’s tomorrow. I needed to get some rest. I felt terrible, but I left with the job only half complete. My mom told me the next day that it took them about three more hours to get everything packed into the truck.

I know now that my aunt and Uncle should’ve hired a moving company like A-1 Auto Transport. A-1 Auto Transport would’ve had the truck in front of the garage in no time! They even help you decide what you should keep and what you should sell or throw away. This would’ve been very helpful with my aunt’s online de-cluttering fiasco. They also are experts at fitting everything into the truck. If they had hired A-1 Auto Transport it would have saved my family from being so overly stressed. More importantly, it would’ve saved me from doing so much heavy lifting the night before my big test.

Alternatively, even if my aunt and uncle didn’t want to hire A-1 Auto, they have the best online tips for long distance moving. From making sure the utilities are turned on in your new home before you arrive, to making a floor plan of the new house before everything is moved, they really have you covered. They also go over the best way to finance your move and how to make sure your moving provider is safe and reliable. My aunt and uncle had moved in the summer, and according to their website, this is the worst time to move because it is the busiest moving season. I never knew that before and I learned so many other things from their online article regarding long distance moving.  A-1 Auto Transport really could’ve prevented my hectic test eve.

Submitted by Natalie Epps
on 01/01/18

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