Must Have Packing Supplies

Must Have Packing Supplies: Cling Wrap, Tape, Boxes, Markers, Foam, Paper

Whether you are moving a few blocks away or making a long distance move to another state or country, you must have the correct packing supplies. Packing is more than just throwing stuff in boxes and loading them in a truck. You have to protect and shield them from damage as well as make sure they don’t become hazardous. While there are over 50 types of packing supplies, this article will only look at six essential items everyone needs for a move:


Boxes are the most essential part of moving because you will put almost everything in a box. The most preferred boxes are made of cardboard because they are lightweight, sturdy and very durable. Boxes come in a variety of sizes.



There are also specialized moving boxes designed to pack delicate items like mirrors and TV and another type meant to carry clothes wardrobe style so they are not taken out of their hangers or creased.


After you have packed each box, it is important that you label it so there won’t be any confusing during unpacking. One of the best ways to label boxes is to write the room or the owner. It’s also very important to label delicate items that can easily break such as cups, plates and flasks so they can be handled with care. Use a marker that is pronounced and write in big letters.

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Foam is a protective packing item used to shield delicate items from breaking or getting damaged. You will mostly see it inside a box when you buy appliances or electronics and it’s able to keep the item in place so it doesn’t move or shake a lot during the move. Foam can also be used to protect cup and plates from breaking as well as sharp and delicate things like mirrors.


There are several types of packing paper but essentially they are all used to wrap furniture, electronics and appliances to protect them from damage. You can also use paper to wrap porcelain cups and plates, mirrors, wall art and fill the void in cups and glasses so they don’t break.


Whether you choose to go with brown packing tape, colored adhesive tape, warning tapes or black gaffer tape, your main agenda will be sealing boxes so their content can stay safely inside. You can also use tape to bundle up cable or to color code and label boxes.

Cling wrap

If you really want to protect furniture from scratches and dents, the best way to do it is to wrap it up with a cling wrap. This plastic wrap is also good at keeping drawers and cabinet door in place and protecting items from getting dust.

If you are planning a move, it’s important to have these essential packing supplies so that your items will be well packaged and protected. Though some moving companies provide the packing supplies, it is better to have your own just in case they don’t offer that service.

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