Submitted by Heather Doherty
on 03/05/18

Many things have changed since I was a teenager lets just say roughly over 20 years
ago give or take several years. One of such changes has to do with the ordeal of moving. Never
in a million years would I have thought that there could be so many options for moving as there
is today. From my first experience, my feelings go as followed: time-consuming, stressful,
exhausting, and dreadful are just a few of the descriptions that I would use. Yes, of course, I
understand moving does have its pros and cons, and usually moving is of necessity as far as
jobs, families growing, or just the need for relocation.
I will fill you in on how different moving was for me when I was younger compared to
some the things that we know now. As a teenager, my mother, sister, and I found ourselves in
need to move from the townhome we were living due to the area becoming unsafe. We were
not moving far, just a few miles away and we did not think we had all that much stuff. One thing
though is we had to move from our townhome quicker than expected and were lucky enough to
close on our new home leaving us only a couple of weeks to pack and be moved. With that
being said rush mode set in, we had no time to plan. But really, I did not understand that
planning and strategy went into moving, and honestly I am not sure many adults understand the
amount of planning that should go into it either. But I digress. Back to the move. Three people,
one adult and two teenagers trying to pack a home in just a few days to get ready for a move
should spell disaster for just about anyone prior to the information on moving that we have now.
Easy input, such as how many boxes we would need, how to organize the move by planning
what boxes will go where in the next home, or even just making sure to label the boxes so you
actually know not only what is in there but where they need to be. I packed my room, packing
every little thing that would fit in a box, clothes with clothes items, bedding, with
collectibles, etc. It was a mess now that I look back it. Absolutely no organization, but hey what
did I know. All I knew was my room was packed like it needed to be to move. My sister had her
room all packed and ready, boxes so full that we could hardly move them, box sizes used were
awkward, and again if it fits in the box it went in the box no matter what the items or if they should
even be packed together. We continued this throughout trying to be helpful and get everything
packed and ready to go. We did make sure to wrap the fragile items in the newspaper to help keep
them from breaking, but that might be the best idea we had while packing. The house at this
point was packed and we were ready to move, now we just needed to get a truck. The U-Haul
rental choices ranged from a little trailer, van, and onto a larger truck and we had no idea what
would be needed so we went for the cheaper of the truck options, meaning the smaller of the
truck options, possibly one of many bad ideas in this move. We found out that day that the
furnishings of a townhome of three girls will most definitely not fit into a small u-haul truck in one
trip. We ended up loading the haul with minimal help two times and loading other vehicles in
order to get everything moved. The furniture was stacked against the walls and we awkwardly
packed boxes stacked on top of each other causing things to fall out of place as we drove to our
new home.
Moving on! As I said earlier so many things have changed allowing moving to be less of
a burden. Things that I wish I knew are all now conveniently located on the website of A-1 auto
transport. I will tell you the information on this website is beyond helpful. The things we really
wish we would have known are all found here. The information you can start with is deciding on
hiring someone to do the move for you or doing it yourself along with the pros and cons
associated with both. The benefits of hiring movers as they are usually extremely helpful and
usually come with the added benefit of covering items if damaged, saving you time in the move,
and allowing you to move with the convenience of not doing any heavy lifting. They also give input if
you are wanting to move on your own and of course, that starts with planning and the advice in
the A-1 auto transports moving article recommends three to six months. This I can see as being
Heather Doherty A-1 auto transport Scholarship
a benefit and as it says in the article gives you time to consider what to purge, going ahead and
getting rid of items that may not be as of important as it once was. I feel having the time to plan
alone could have saved about eighty percent of the stress we were under. However, we did not
have that option as we moved. We had no idea what would fit, how to best load it, or what the
best way to pack our belongings would be. As we were trying to move we did not know anything
about having professional movers help sort out items that we may not truly need, which could
have saved us so much room while packing. Or even information on packing boxes and what
will best fit inside protecting your important breakables to ensure they survive the move, and I
can assure you in our move some of those items ended up having to be trashed since they
broke. I appreciate that in the A-1 auto transport article they encourage you to decide what type
of move will be better for you as the mover whether doing it yourself or hiring professionals and
giving tips on what the benefit is to both. They include information for local, long distance, and
car transportation to help make the move less stressful. A-1 auto transport has even included
information regarding the financial aspects of moving, reminding you to turn on utilities, and how
to be sure your transporter or mover is legitimate. Honestly having a game plan would have
been amazing. I know for any future moves I will take into account all the information on the A-1
auto transports moving page.

Submitted by Heather Doherty
on 03/05/18

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