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Portugal International Moving Services

Planning to switch and move to Portugal? Sure, international moving is exciting but also very challenging. First, you have to deal with customs and immigration departments. It will also, take up a lot of your time not forgetting how mentally and physically straining it is. For this reason, you will need a professional when looking for Portugal International Moving Services.

Moving toย Portugal Cost & Time Examples

To/Fromย  ย  2BRย  ย  4BREstimated Time
Miami to Lisbon$3,700- $5,100$6,900- $9,4004-6 weeks
New York to Porto$3,700- $5,100$6,900- $9,4004-6 weeks
Charlotte to Porto$4,200- $5,800$7,700- $10,4004-6 weeks
Dallas to Lisbon$4,200- $5,900$7,800- $10,6004-6 weeks
LA to Braga$4,400- $6,000$8,200- $11,2005-7 weeks
Seattle to Lisbon$4,400- $6,000$8,200- $11,2005-7 weeks
Memphis to Lisbon$4,600- $6,300$8,500- $11,4004-6 weeks
Portland to Lisbon$4,600- $6,400$8,700- $11,8005-7 weeks
Indianapolis to Braga$4,700- $6,500$8,800- $11,9004-6 weeks
Las Vegas to Porto$5,000- $6,800$9,200- $12,6005-7 weeks

*Please note that these estimates do not include taxes, customs fees & duties, insurance & quarantine inspections. They assume easy access to both pick up and drop-off addresses and do not allow for special items such as pianos.

Estimated Weight (based on home size):ย 
1BR=2600 lbs - 3900 lbsย 
2BR=3900 lbs - 5200 lbsย 
3BR=6500 lbs - 9100 lbsย 
4BR=9100 lbs - 14300 lbsย 
5BR=11700 lbs - 19500 lbs

We are professional movers with vast experience in international relocation as well as transportation of vehicles.

Your household items and import duty

Customs allows you to bring household goods into Portugal without paying duty, if you purchased them a minimum of six months ago. Youโ€™re also required to have personally used them during this time, and to import them no later than six months after you enter the country (1).

Another source asserts that you have just 90 days after entry to import goods instead. It goes on to say that import must take place no later than 120 days after obtaining the required Certificado de Bagagem (which translates as Luggage Certificate). Any duty-free belongings brought into Portugal also canโ€™t leave the country for the first 12 months after entry. Customs also requires that your goods be in keeping with your perceived socioeconomic status (it appears that very high-end items would raise red flags for middle-class customers, for example) (2).

Your household items and import paperwork

Be prepared to hand in your passport and an inventory that lists values for your items. This inventory should bear your signature and the date, be written in Portuguese and be stamped by the consulate in your origin country. Your passport and the Certificado de Bagagem (which youโ€™ll also obtain from the consulate in your home country) mentioned above are also required.

Paperwork showing youโ€™re permitted to live in the country (Atestado do Residenรงia) and a Declaration of Ownership for your goods are also needed. A Work Permit, deed of ownership for a residence within Portugal or a Permanent Residence Permit should be presented as well (3). A valid tax card (Cartรฃo de Contribuinte) and an Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number also must be obtained. It seems that a Certificado de Residenรงia from the consulate in your origin nation is necessary too (4).

Your vehicle and import duty

Unfortunately, permanent vehicle imports have duty and tax levied upon them - and one solid source reports that these charges are substantial. The exact rate youโ€™ll pay is dependant on the engine displacement, year of manufacture, make and model. If the prospect of expensive import duties doesnโ€™t dissuade you, be aware that customs requires a six month history of ownership for all vehicle imports (5).

Customs does permit temporary imports to skirt duties and taxes, making this a much more attractive option. You can keep the vehicle in Portugal for up to six months, after which time it must be exported out of the country (or permanent importation must be carried out) (6).

Your vehicle and import paperwork

Customs will want to see the vehicleโ€™s title and registration, which were issued in the origin country. Your international driverโ€™s license, insurance policy and purchase receipt should be submitted as well. A valid passport, visa and Import License are also necessary documentation (7). When importing a vehicle into Portugal, inspection records are also required (8).

This concludes our discussion of the ins and outs involved when shipping your belongings to Portugal. While you now have a good picture of what to expect, only customs can give you an exhaustive list of the requirements youโ€™ll face. Consequently, consulting them before moving is your best course of action, to ensure that you donโ€™t make any costly oversights.

Tips on how to make your international move easier

Packing and preparation

Start your preparations early to avoid unnecessary delays. In fact, most shipping companies recommend that you begin the whole process about three months to the day of moving. Indeed, this will give you enough time to attend to issues that take time such as applying for a visa and a passport.

As you do your packing, go through your items and arrange them according to size to save on space. Use larger boxes to pack light valuables and smaller ones to accommodate heavy belongings. This way, no box will be crushed during transit.


Ensure that you apply for a visa and passport. You will only be required to apply for a longer-stay visa if you are planning to stay in Portugal for more than three months. This is because the nation is party to the Schengen Agreement that gives this exception to US citizens


If possible, make arrangements to visit your preferred location in Portugal. While at it, familiarize yourself with the local culture, practices, languages, rules, and regulations. Also, engage with the locals to get as much information as possible. Be sure to also tour different places and locate shopping centers, local authorities, and other vital service providers.

A-1 Auto Transport can help you move your household goods internationally. Call 888-509-3213 to get a free, no obligation to buy price quote on interstate moving services.

Why you need a professional moving company

If left to handle it on your own, international moving can be very daunting. You may take months just to get prepared and may experience delays with custom departments.

However, if you hire professional movers, your transition will be stress-free. Indeed, they have the right tools and required expertise to handle the task. In fact, it will be very unlikely to damage or lose your valuables. Your belongings will also be delivered safely and in a fast and efficient manner. Consequently, this will save you time and valuable resources.

How to find the best international moving company

When you begin your search for Portugal International Moving Services, you will have a variety of options. To ensure that you get the best, kindly consider the following:

  • Settle for a company that is licensed and that has insurance that covers damages on goods during transit.
  • Choose a company associated with the highest service standards attained through accreditations. This way, you will experience superior service.
  • Compare different estimates and settle for a mover that can provide quality service at the most affordable rate.
  • Read customer reviews online to see the comments and experiences of others. This will help you to make a better choice.

Our international moving services

Catered for in our Portugal International Moving Services are the following:

  • Packing/unpacking: We will ensure you are professionally packed, ready to go and see to it that everything is unboxed and in place once we get to Portugal.
  • Corporate moves: We will help to relocate your office or business.
  • Apartment moves: We will handle your switch between apartments.
  • Planning and preparation: We offer useful information that you will need before moving. Such includes how to pack your belongings.
  • Housing assistance: We will assist you to find a suitable house.
  • Family services: We will also assist your family locate essential service providers such as health centers.
  • Visa and immigration services: We will offer a helping hand as you seek these services.
  • Auto transport: There is nowhere in the world that we cannot ship your car.

Why A-1 Auto Transport?

We have helped thousands of clients to relocate abroad. Indeed, we have over 30 yearsโ€™ experience in international moving. As a result, we have been recognized as a reputable firm in international relocation. So, whether you want to retire abroad or are looking for a change of environment, we will be there for you. Rest assured that we will provide you with all the information and resources you need for a successful move.

Make the switch!

Do you feel that it is time to move to Portugal? Kindly get in-touch with us by calling our experts on our toll-free line 888-509-3213. You can also get free estimates by filling out your details in the form at the beginning of this page.

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