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Moving to Portugal from Canada

What's in this article?
  1. Everything You Need To Know About Moving To Portugal From Canada
  2. Can A Canadian Move To Portugal?
  3. Early Preparations
  4. The Cost Of Moving To Portugal
  5. How Long Does It Take To Move To Portugal From Canada?
  6. What To Pack When Moving
  7. Storage During Your Portugal Move
  8. When To Contact An International Moving Service
  9. The Moving Options Available
  10. The Best International Moving Services In Portugal
  11. Transport From The Airport
  12. Why Are Canadians Moving To Portugal?
  13. Importing A Vehicle To Portugal
  14. Why Import A Vehicle To Portugal?
  15. Do I Have To Pay Taxes When Importing A Vehicle To Portugal?
  16. How Do I Apply For A Residence Visa In Portugal?
  17. How Do I Import A Vehicle To Portugal?
  18. Hire A Reputable Auto Shipping Company To Import Your Vehicle And Household Goods To Portugal!
  19. Becoming A Citizen Of Portugal
  20. How To Get Portuguese Citizenship As A Canadian
  21. Portuguese Citizenship Application Form In Canada
  22. Portuguese Citizenship Requirements
  23. Portuguese Citizenship Through Marriage
  24. Banking In Portugal
  25. Opening A Bank Account In Portugal
Best Moving Companies For International Moves Portugal

Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Portugal from Canada

With 790 miles of coastline packed with natural treasures, beautiful cities steeped in history, castles perched atop misty mountains, an excellent social security, and a bustling city life in major cities – all within proximity of each other – there's no doubt that Portugal has something to offer every type of traveler.

Here's everything you need to know before moving to Portugal.

Can a Canadian move to Portugal?

Yes, Canadians can move to Portugal. Several Canadians are living and working in Portugal and the number appears to be growing. A citizen who wants to migrate has some things to know before moving, such as the requirements and visa restrictions of immigration policies.

Visa restrictions apply for those with criminal records or certain communicable diseases, as well as those seeking employment. Applicants must also meet minimum income standards and prove they can support themselves without needing Portuguese social security services.

Those applying for temporary residence must submit their visa application at a diplomatic mission (embassy or consulate) in Canada. If approved, they will be issued a temporary resident permit which is valid for up to one year. This permit may be extended yearly until they are allowed to stay permanently. With this in place, visa holders may reside in Portugal indefinitely and receive free Portuguese health insurance through the Sistema Unico de Saude (SUS).

You should know before moving to Portugal that citizenship may be applied for after six years of permanent residency status.

Moving Overseas Container Portugal

Early Preparations

Starting to prepare early is the key to a smooth transition. This includes completely emptying your home, discovering new activities and social contacts for you and your family, getting school registrations in order, buying furniture that meets Portuguese safety standards, finding out about the healthcare system, learning some basic Portuguese phrases before departure are just some of the things being organized early will help save time later!

The cost of moving to Portugal

According to statistics, international moves across the Atlantic normally are between $4,945 and $9,927 for a three-bedroom home. The key factors affecting the price include the weight of the items being shipped and how far they have to travel.

Auto transport costs are often an additional expense that people fail to account for when moving overseas. Vehicle shipping is usually quoted separately from your household goods shipment or through one of many online auto transport companies, like A-1 Auto Transport.

How long does it take to move to Portugal from Canada?

The time it takes to get to Portugal is largely dependent on:

  • where in Canada you live in relation to airports in the area (Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax) and their proximity to Portugal.
  • where in Portugal you intend on living or visiting.

Portugal has three international airports: Lisbon, Porto, and Faro. Access from these points will be heavily dependent on where you are coming from in the world. This means that, depending on your point of origin, transportation times can vary widely: a flight from London to Portugal will take approximately three hours, while one from Toronto can last up to 11.

International Moving Expert Portugal

What to pack when moving

your belongings up for relocation may be one of the most difficult things you will have to do because it means saying goodbye to your familiar surroundings. So take care in picking what you think you'll need, especially if moving outside of Western Europe or not living close enough to visit home often. You don't want to cart around unnecessary weight! Be realistic about what you can survive within the short term.

Storage during your Portugal move

Make the most of your opportunity to unpack and settle into your new place before sending off any other boxes. If you don't have a near-term need for those store-it-at-home items, it's worth waiting until you know enough about where you live to decide what should come along and what can stay behind in the long term.

When to contact an international moving service

You can choose from several options, such as calling or emailing the moving company directly, filling out their online form, or downloading their online software. The best option is usually one that allows you to ask more questions and make sure important details are clear. If they don't list an option for customer service on their website at all, consider that a red flag. You should contact them at least 90 days or three months before your moving date.

My International Movers Portugal

The moving options available

There are various means for you to move your belongings overseas. The cheapest is generally through sea freight, but it can also be the slowest and take the most time. Air cargo is faster than sea freight but costs more. If you need your effects to get there quickly or you don't have many things to move, air cargo might be the best option. Lastly, if you choose an expat shipping service to move everything for you, they usually use air freight service since their prices are often lower than other airlines.

The Best International Moving Services in Portugal

As many foreign people are now looking for the best international moving services in Portugal, it might be time to give some tips on how to find one of the most trusted companies out there. Since there has been recent growth in this market, users are encouraged to investigate which companies offer the best results before committing to anything.

Here are three guidelines that can help you make up your mind about which company is suitable for your needs:

● Know what kind of service you need. There are different types of services depending on what you want moving either abroad or domestically.

● Find reviews from previous customers then look at things like prices or customer response time for each option that you're considering.

● Be realistic with the company you choose. If you want to get through the whole process on your own, look for a company that offers only do-it-yourself services, and don't be fooled by big promises.

Transport from the airport

If you plan on having movers transport your boxes and furniture, you will have to make other arrangements for yourself. Most international moving companies foreign nationals to book a ride with them when they pick up or deliver your goods, but this can get expensive if they are not located close enough to drive back the same day. Try booking a taxi ahead of time instead. Also, be aware that many airports are located outside of major cities, so you will be responsible for transportation within Portugal to pick up or drop off your belongings at an international moving company's warehouse.

Door To Door International Moving Portugal

Why are Canadians moving to Portugal?

Portugal has always held an allure for many travelers. From the gastronomy to the warm climate, to the lovely beaches, plenty of people are tempted by its sun-drenched shores. Nowadays, though, more and more Canadians are working or studying there for longer periods, or even taking up permanent residency in Portugal. The country boasts quite a lot of advantages over Canada these days: lower taxes, warmer weather, and cheaper housing. Here is why so many people are picking it as their new home.

Recently, Portugal has been implementing several tax breaks to attract investment and boost its economy. For example, non-residents who retire in Portugal only pay a 10% flat tax for 15 years. There is also a 20% reduction in income tax for those who have been working there for more than 5 years.

Even through the economic crisis, life in Portugal remains relatively affordable compared to Canada. Housing prices are less than half what you would find here, while groceries cost about the same (although their wine is pricier). Portugal is often referred to as one of the cheapest countries on the European continent.

Portugal has dozens of destinations to choose from when it comes to living abroad. You can live in one of the vibrant coastal cities or stay inland for a more traditional experience. There are plenty of international schools where you can send your kids to school as well. Most of these are located around Lisbon, but other cities have them too.

Most Canadians move to Portugal because they want an exciting new life far away from home without leaving North America entirely. Also, Portugal is within driving distance of many European countries, which makes traveling easy and affordable.

International Removal Quotes Portugal

Importing a Vehicle to Portugal

With its warm Mediterranean climate and mild winters, Portugal has many advantages for Canadians looking to relocate overseas. Whether it’s for work, study or even to retire, Portugal can be the ideal place to live. 

One of the most commonly posed questions among those who are moving from Canada to Portugal is, how do I import a vehicle into the country? While you can always choose to purchase a car when you arrive, you may decide that you’d like to bring your current vehicle along for the ride. 

When it comes to importing a vehicle to Portugal, there are several factors to consider. We’ve outlined all the essential information in regards to taxes, certificates, required documents and more. This elaborate guide will help make importing a vehicle from Canada to Portugal a smooth and easy process.

Why import a vehicle to Portugal?

While the low cost of living in Portugal makes it one of the most desirable countries to relocate to, the price to purchase a vehicle is very high. When compared to other countries and the cost of living, car prices in Portugal are ridiculously expensive. The reason for the high prices is due to factors such as: 

  • Transportation costs. It’s very expensive to have vehicles transported down from the respective countries. Consider how far Portugal is from Germany, France and Italy for example.
  • Higher taxes in the country.

Price is a major reason why you might consider to have your car imported from Canada to Portugal. In most cases, the exact vehicle you want to purchase will cost you significantly more in Portugal than it would if you bought it in another country. 

International Moving Companies Portugal

Do I have to pay taxes when importing a vehicle to Portugal?

Portuguese law states that you are not required to pay taxes when importing a vehicle to Portugal if you are transferring your residence from Canada to Portugal. The specific requirements for a tax-free import are as follows:

  • You had a valid driver’s license in Canada for 12 months minimum
  • You have been a resident of Canada for no less than 12 months
  • You plan to transfer your regular place of residence to Portugal and will remain on a permanent basis
  • The vehicle has been fully paid for, including taxes. You will be required to provide proof of this.
  • The vehicle was owned in Canada for at least 12 months prior to transferring your residency to Portugal. They determine this by looking at either the date the leasing contract was signed or the date the vehicle registration was supplied.

Note: A vehicle that has been successfully imported tax-free cannot be loaned, sold, hired or pledged for 12 months after the date that the Portuguese registration number has been assigned. Also, only one vehicle is permitted to be imported tax-free per person and once every ten years. 

How do I apply for a residence visa in Portugal?

If your plan is to remain in Portugal on a permanent basis and you’d like to import a vehicle tax-free, you need to transfer your residency and apply for a residence visa. The most common visa for Canadians looking to transfer their residency to Portugal is the Type 1 visa. These types of visas are issued to people who will be settling in Portugal permanently for: 

  • Independent living
  • To start their own independent business in Portugal
  • To establish investments
  • Retirement
  • To become independent professionals in their particular field

Aside from submitting for a background check, Canadian applicants for residency in Portugal will also need to show proof of private healthcare insurance that is valid in Europe. Additionally, you’ll need to show that you have sufficient funds to cover the cost of accommodation and support yourself in general within the country. 

To begin the process of residing in Portugal, you should submit your application at a Portuguese embassy or general consulate at least one month before your planned departure date from Canada. In Canada, you can find consulate generals in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Whereas, the Portuguese embassy is located in Ottawa. 

Completed applications along with all the required documentation will be sent to the nearest Portuguese consulate for processing and then dispatched to the Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras in Portugal for consideration. All applicants will be expected to report to Portugal for a residency interview with Immigration once they’ve received and reviewed your documentation. 

Once approved, you will be given a temporary residency visa that is valid initially for one year then followed by two successive two-year terms. After you’ve been a resident in Portugal for five years, you are permitted to apply for a permanent residence visa. 

Overseas Relocation Services Portugal

How do I import a vehicle to Portugal?

To import a vehicle from Canada to Portugal, you need to submit the application within six months of the date that you transferred your residency. The application needs to be submitted with the following items and documentation: 

  • bill of lading
  • An entry manifest or other customs declaration related to the car
  • Proof of ownership such as the vehicle registration documentation
  • Your driver’s license
  • A photocopy of your valid passport
  • The original and photocopy of your Portuguese Tax Department issued Card
  • certificate from the Canadian embassy indicating that you are registered in Portugal
  • consular certificate that confirms the dates you were a resident of Canada or, other forms of evidence of residency. These can include utility bills, rent receipts, tax forms, pay stubs etc.
  • Your Portuguese Immigration Authorities (SEF) issued resident card
  • Completion of these following applicable forms: 22.1101, 22.1100, 11.1020, 21.1069, 21.1070, 21.1065
  • Certificate of conformity from either the vehicle manufacturer or a certified representative

If for whatever reason your application for tax-free importation is not approved, the Customs authority will contact you and require you to notify them within 30 days what you intend to do with the vehicle. If you fail to notify them, they will declare that the vehicle has been brought into the country illegally. 

There are two other things to note about importing a vehicle to Portugal. The first is that all vehicles located in Portugal are required by law to have the proper vehicle documentation. Specifically, you will need to obtain a Certificado de Matrícula (Registration Certificate) provided by the Instituto de Mobilidade e dos Transportes Terrestres.

Additionally, all vehicles over four years old are required to undergo periodic car inspections, or IPO testing at an approved inspection center. Cars between four and seven years old must be tested every two years and cars older than seven years must be tested annually.

International Moving Portugal

Hire A Reputable Auto Shipping Company to Import Your Vehicle And Household Goods to Portugal!

At A-1 Auto Transport, we understand how challenging it can be to file all the legal paperwork and present the appropriate documents when you’re hauling a vehicle overseas or moving your home to Portugal. That’s where we come in! Our team of international shipping experts come equipped with a wide range of customs and import/export process knowledge to make your auto transport experience as effortless as possible. 

If you’re planning to ship a vehicle from Canada to Portugal, look no further than A-1 Auto Transport for the job. Fill out the form at the top of this page to access your free overseas shipping quote. You can also get in contact with our international shipping specialists or give us a call. We’ll walk you through your options for overseas transport of your vehicle and assist you with all the required paperwork!

Becoming a Citizen of Portugal

For many Canadians, becoming a citizen of Portugal is an excellent idea. Portugal has a strong economy and social programs that offer great benefits to its citizens, while Canada's economy has slowed down in recent years and the country is not as generous with its welfare system. So, how do you go about it?

How to Get Portuguese Citizenship as a Canadian

Becoming a citizen of Portugal as a Canadian is not impossible. Even if moving to Portugal from Canada isn't something you have planned yet, it could be a great option for the future, and knowing about obtaining the country's citizenship is as a Canadian citizen can only help in making this dream come true!

This process is not difficult, but it does take time. The first step is to determine whether you are eligible to become a citizen of Portugal or not. This means that you need to have a parent born in Portugal, be of Sephardic Jewish descent, or have been living there on a work visa. You also have to be gainfully employed for eight years before initiating this process.

The good news is that once you become a citizen of Portugal, your children automatically obtain citizenship as well. Once you have determined whether or not you are eligible to apply to become a citizen by descent, it's time to determine where in Canada to undertake the application process. It is possible depending on which consulate office oversees your region. This will be outlined for you when completing your application.

Professional Relocation & Moving Company Portugal

Portuguese Citizenship Application Form in Canada

The first step towards obtaining your citizenship as a Canadian is to obtain and fill the application form. This is a free service that the Portuguese government offers to all citizens of Canada who move to Portugal.

The good news for those who want to move to Portugal is that it can be done online! Another option would be to fill out the paper version of the Citizenship Application Form and send it along with your Canadian documents via mail to the Portuguese consulate. This can take about three months.

Portuguese citizenship requirements

To be eligible to apply for citizenship, you must meet the following requirements:

  • If it is your first application for naturalization as a citizen, then you will need to submit all original documents and notarized copies in Portugal. This can take about one month or longer depending on the embassy's processing delays but does not cost anything except shipping costs if any.
  • You are required to prove that you have been living together with your significant other or spouse for the last five years by submitting at least two official documents (e.g., tax returns, utility bills). This is evidence that both of you were residing at the same address.
  • If you have children with your Portuguese spouse, they can apply for citizenship under the same conditions.
  • When moving to Portugal with a Canadian passport as well as a foreign EU national, it is recommended to include the additional translations of notarized copies of documents in the language of that country where applicable or possible.

Portuguese Citizenship through Marriage

An alternative way to obtain Portuguese citizenship as a citizen of Canada is marrying a Portuguese citizen and living together for at least five years, but not necessarily within one year after you get married (or engaged).

You will need to prove that you have lived together before submitting an application, which takes about three months to process and costs about €50.

Top Rated International Movers Portugal

Banking in Portugal

Banking in Portugal has changed dramatically over the past decade. One of the biggest changes is that now there are many more international banks for those moving to Portugal. This means that expats living overseas can open a bank account here, without coming on holiday every year and going through the stress of visa application just to have access to their funds. 

Opening a bank account in Portugal

Portugal's banking services is very similar to those in other European countries, such as Germany and France. If you are a resident, you will most likely be able to open an account with any of the major banks.

The process involves filling out an application at your local branch. After that, you will have to prove your identity using a valid passport, driving license, or ID card proving that you're of age.

Opening a bank account in Portugal as a non-resident

If you are not living within Portuguese borders, your spouse or any other family member with an address should open their bank account and can initiate regular transactions for your household. Also, there are several international banks in Portugal offering account services in several languages.

The next step is to bring the following documents to your international bank in Portugal:

  • proof of residencies, such as a passport or other valid ID;
  • banking reference letter from your current/home country (if you are opening an international account);
  • at least two forms of identification.

Then, you will submit these documents, pay a fee and open an international bank account in Portugal online.

Finally, you can easily manage your international banking services from

home or on the go by using one of their many mobile apps.

International Removals Portugal

Opening a bank account in Portugal Online

Today, most banks offer online banking to their customers. This is very convenient because you can monitor your spending and make transfers from any computer with internet access anywhere in the world at any time without needing to move to Portugal. To open an account online, you need to provide some personal details; including your name, address, and proof of identity. Then you will have to set up a password and create your user ID. You can then use this ID and password for future transactions.

Opening an account online is very quick and easy because you don't need to visit the bank in person.

The best banks in Portugal

The best banks in Portugal offer a lot of the same services and benefits. The main difference between them is their service levels, fees, and customer support hours.

Some of them include the Bank of Portugal, Banco BPI, and Montepio.

The best banks in Portugal for expats

The Portuguese banking system is not as developed or internationalized as it is in other countries, meaning many international banks do not have branches and ATMs in Portugal. The best alternative for people moving to Portugal is to go with one of the big five national providers:

● Millennium BCP

● Caixa Geral de Depositos

●  Novobanco

●  Banco BPI

●  ActivoBank

However, you will need to keep your international passport on file at the branch during business hours so they can prove you are a foreigner and made a move to Portugal recently.

Portugal is also very good at international money transfers, which means you can easily transfer money from your bank to Portugal without any problems with international fees.

You need the IBAN of the Portuguese bank account where you want to send your funds. Usually, there are no hidden charges involved as long as it’s done online through reputable international banking providers.

The pros and cons of banking in Portugal include: banking costs may be higher than at home or some online services, as many Portuguese businesses don't accept card payments because they cannot afford the high fees associated with them. So, most transactions must be done using cash only.

For those moving to Portugal who want to access their funds when traveling abroad, having an account at an international bank might be important. However, opening this type of account requires minimum monthly deposits higher than those required for a regular account.

Relocation Network Moving Portugal

Moving to Lisbon

Lisbon is a beautiful city with a rich history and culture. It's no wonder why people from all around the world are moving to Lisbon to live!

Whether you're living in Lisbon as a local or just visiting, there are many things to do and see. This means that, as someone to wants to move to Portugal, you won't feel like there's nothing to do when living in Lisbon.

Is Lisbon a good place to live?

Lisbon is one of Portugal's most popular cities. It's considered one of the most colorful and livable cities in Europe! It has a moderate climate that doesn't get too cold or hot, making it perfect for anyone to live here no matter what time of year it is.

Is Lisbon a nice place to live for a Canadian?

It is very easy for foreigners who want to move to Portugal from another country because there are many language schools available if you cannot speak Portuguese yet.

There are also English courses at affordable prices, so you can learn this beautiful language while having fun with locals! When moving from another country, your residence permit should be ready within 30 days after moving to Portugal, which makes things much easier for you.

Moving to Lisbon with family members

Since it's a big city, of course, there are many work opportunities, so you can bring your family members here too if needed! There are also plenty of housing options available, from smaller homes near the beach, which have lots of facilities nearby, to full-on villa-style houses that will provide more privacy for family members looking to escape the bustling streets.

If you're moving to Portugal with children, this might be a good time to enroll them in international schools in Lisbon, since they offer an exciting new environment where they can make friends easily.

Movers International Portugal

Where to live near Lisbon?

As you get closer to the Lisbon city center, the price of a house becomes slightly more expensive. However, this area has more facilities than other areas, with bigger homes that can accommodate your family easily. Additionally, it only takes around 30 minutes by car or public transport from downtown Lisbon, where you can find all kinds of entertainment options as well as meet locals who might be able to help if you do not speak Portuguese yet!

There are some nice locations to live near the city, such as Amadora, Cascais, and Oeiras. However, each city has different regulations concerning a residence permit.

Portugal visa for Canadian permanent residents

Canada is a beautiful country with much to offer in the way of natural beauty. But there are many Canadians who want to explore other countries and cultures. One such country that has been attracting Canadian visitors lately is Portugal and many want to live in Portugal. Portugal is not only well known for its beaches and resorts, but also has plenty of historical sites and architectural wonders like castles and cathedrals.

Canadian working in Portugal

While this is not a guide to obtaining employment in Portugal as well as a residence permit, there are certain things that Canadians should be aware of.

For example, a Canadian citizen needs a residency visa or golden visa when visiting or living in Portugal for longer than three months. This can cause problems if you have been working with an employer outside the country and then decide to fly into a Portuguese airport on vacation while still holding your Portuguese work permit. It might take some time before officials realize what happened, but eventually, they will notice your status changed from legal worker to illegal visitor because you don't have a residency visa and residence permit.

Top Rated International Moving Companies Portugal

Travel to Portugal from Canada

If you are planning to fly into Portugal from Canada, you should be aware of the fact that your passport must have at least six months left before it expires. The border officials will not allow entry to anyone whose travel visa is about to expire soon after their visit, so make sure this won't happen by checking how much time is left on your passport's expiration date.

Canadian embassy in Portugal

The embassy of Canada is located in Lisbon Portugal. You can also contact them via email or by phone, but because it's an embassy, they are only open during weekdays. This means you will have limited access if you're planning a weekend getaway.

Do I need a visa to visit Portugal from Canada?

Regarding Portuguese visas for Canadian citizens, there are three types of entry permits you may be required to obtain before visiting this country -- depending on your circumstances. So, make sure you check out their website and know what type of residence permit works best with your travel plans.

Unfortunately, failure to do so could result in denied access at the border when traveling between countries. Therefore, save yourself some time while still getting settled into your trip by confirming beforehand whether or not you require a visa to enter Portugal. And, if so, what type of residence permit?

Portugal visa requirements for a Canadian

There are some steps to follow when applying for a Portugal visa from Canada. Ensure you are well-acquainted with them before beginning your visa application process to avoid any hiccups along the way.

The requirements are as follows:

● A letter from the applicant stating the purpose of their visit to Portugal.

●  Proof that you have purchased your return ticket back to Canada (confirmed date and flight number).

●  If married, proof of the spouse's birth certificate must be included in the application. If traveling with children under 18 years old, each child's birth certificate is required as well.

● A recent passport photo sized at 50mm x 50mm that was taken against a light background to ensure clarity when printing off documents upon approval. Photos can easily fall short if not printed correctly, so ensure the photo size meets the requirements before submitting them along with any documentation for review by consulate staff members.

Global Movers Relocators Portugal

How long can a Canadian stay in Portugal?

The time a visitor from Canada can remain in Portugal is to be determined by the consulate once a visa application has been submitted and approved. The period that visitors are allowed to stay will vary from one month up to three months, depending on an individual's reasons for travel, as well as the documentation presented during the visa application process.

There is no specific set date or timeframe within which applicants from Canada must request a Portuguese visa beforehand. It varies with each case, although your visa will be processed within 15 days if all documents have been thoroughly reviewed and documented properly.

Buying property in Portugal

The Portuguese real estate market is currently experiencing a period of strong growth. The economy has grown, which means that the demand for property has increased substantially over the past few years around the world.

Right now, buying property in Portugal has many benefits, including the relatively low cost of buying this type of real estate, the climate, and its proximity to Europe. There's also the chance you might get a residency visa if the country becomes your permanent residence.

Buying a second home in Portugal

The Portuguese market is a very dynamic one and it has many different types of properties available to buy. There are great opportunities for buying real estate in Portugal through the resale market, or even by building a new property from scratch.

Some things to consider before buying a second home include your reasons for buying a holiday home or investment. You need to take into account factors like location and the price of residence in Portugal and compare them with other places around the world.

To buy a second home, you need to find the perfect property that meets your needs. Then you need to figure out how much you can afford. You should also determine if it’s better to buy in Portugal or go through a foreign exchange company.

One of the biggest advantages is being able to have all-year-round access and enjoy life on holiday by renting your property when not using it.

It allows using different destinations at different times of the year, so there are no real seasons like spring or summer, autumn or winter, which makes this country unique compared with many others in Europe.

Best International Removal Companies Portugal

Buying real estate in Lisbon Portugal

Lisbon Portugal has become one of Europe's most sought-after cities over recent years due to its fantastic transport links and amazing weather conditions, quite like Porto. The city is experiencing strong growth due to a lot of international investment being made into residential buildings.

These have been converted into luxury condos located close to the city's commercial areas, such as Avenida da Liberdade. The main reason behind this trend is that investors worldwide see good potential for capital gains over the next few years, given how much prices continue to rise with no slowdown in sight.

Therefore, if you're considering buying a property in Lisbon to have a residence in Portugal, now is the best time to do it. Remember, there's need for a residence permit.

Is buying a property in Portugal a good investment?

Yes, Portugal is a great place to buy real estate for investment. According to the National Statistics Agency-INE, residential prices in Portugal have grown by an average of 13% annually since 2000 and have kept rising strongly at around 11% per year over the last three years (2018-2020). Additionally, Lisbon is one of Europe's top destinations for foreign property buyers according to several surveys carried out by international agencies.

All in all, Portugal is still an affordable country for property buyers looking for a golden visa or residence permit, especially when compared to other European locations. Moreover, buying real estate in Portugal comes with several tax advantages that differentiate it from any other investment destination worldwide.

Non-habitual residents (NHR) can benefit from a flat income tax rate of 20% on their global taxable income and only pay the municipal solidarity surcharge of up to 14%. Their home purchases have also been exempt from VAT since January 2018.

In addition, they cannot be taxed twice by Portugal or another Member State under double taxation treaties upon selling their properties because these transactions will always fall outside Portuguese territory even if NHRs spend most of the year in the country.

International Removal Companies Near Me Portugal

Can foreigners buy property in Portugal?

Of course, they can! If you are a foreigner who is also an NHR, your purchase will be used as a permanent residence. This means that it has to be rented out for at least 12 months per year. When the above condition is met, the other condition for buying real estate in Portugal is having sufficient funds to acquire said real estate. However, if this does not apply to you, certain other rules might affect your ability to buy Portuguese property depending on what country you come from.

For example, citizens of countries applying EU law have the same rights as Portuguese citizens when purchasing residential properties. Residents of European Economic Area member states must sign their sale-purchase agreement before a notary public, and non-EU students studying in Portugal may buy properties for their use during their studies.

Portugal retirement

Retirement is the time in your life when you can start to enjoy a more leisurely lifestyle. It's an exciting prospect, but it's not always easy as there are some things to know before moving, like how much money you need for retirement. Portugal offers several advantages as a place to retire and live out your days.

Retiring in Portugal

As a member of the European Union, Portugal offers some fantastic benefits for retirees. You can travel visa-free across 26 countries in Europe and there is no limit on how long you can stay or work each year. This makes it easy for expats to move between homes without worrying about visas or other paperwork that they might have encountered when traveling outside the EU before retirement.

Cost of retirement in Portugal

Many factors go into determining what constitutes an affordable cost of living. However, overall costs tend to be lower than in most western European nations, such as France and Spain, where retired expats typically wish to live. The economy is stable with low unemployment rates, which means your money will stretch further.

The price of housing can range widely depending on whether you choose urban or more rural areas. For example, the average monthly rent for an apartment in Lisbon is around €400 or $450 and you can pay for 90 days straight. You can also buy property cheaply if you start looking outside the main cities, like Lisbon and Porto. A three-bedroom house with two bathrooms on sale in Silves, Algarve near Faro Airport will cost about €100,000 ($110,000), which makes it highly affordable compared to similar properties across Europe.

International Relocation Cost Portugal

Benefits of retiring in Portugal

Retirement in Portugal is an incredible experience for any expat looking for a beautiful place to settle down and start staying there. With the weather, culture, food, and just the general atmosphere making up one of Europe’s best-kept secrets, it comes as no surprise that so many people flock here every year!

There are several benefits associated with choosing to retire in this beautiful, sunny country.

Tax exemption: Tax laws in Portugal are especially beneficial for foreign retirees and non-residents, especially for non-EU visitors. If you are a retiree, your pension income is not subject to personal income tax up to €20,000 ($21,500). In addition, if your total worldwide rental (or commercial) property income does not exceed the figure of €12,499 ($13,400), it will be exempted from taxation in Portugal as well.

Additionally, there is no capital gains tax on real estatesales when selling a property that's been your permanent residence for over five years (the number drops to two years if you're Portuguese). Plus, there are no inheritance taxes either, so whatever you leave behind is all yours!

Mild climate: There's no need for air conditioning or heating as temperatures rarely drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit (or 15 degrees Celsius) even during winter. The summer temperatures can rise above 110 degrees Fahrenheit (or 45 degrees Celsius).

The Portuguese enjoy over 300 sunny days per year on average, and the rest are rainy days, which means that most people spend more time on the sunny side, making it a great place for your permanent residency purposes.

Low cost of living: Portugal is one of the lowest-cost countries in Europe for foreigners to live in, with many products and services costing half as less than they would at home. The main reasons are that there is no VAT (sales tax) on most goods and services. Also, you don't have to pay any capital gains taxes when selling your property, resulting in a very low overall taxation rate.

Considering that houses tend to be cheaper here, plus rents are some 40% lower than in other European cities, even if you choose not to buy an apartment outright, but rent, it will still save you money over staying at home, especially when you obtain your residence permit.

Top-notch health care: If you retire in Portugal, you won't have to worry about your future health care needs. Portugal provides the same level of services (including health insurance and social security) as in most other European countries but with less costs, giving you quality health at cheaper rates.

Landscapes for every taste: Whether you prefer the rolling green hills of the countryside, the long stretches of beaches or even mountains and rivers for hiking options, Portugal offers it all.

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Retire in Portugal tax-free

The laws of the land allow expats to retire without paying any taxes on their retirement income or pensions, meaning your pension checks will go as far as they possibly can. The scheme also excludes foreign or international source income from taxation.

This means no matter what country you are retired from – it’s all good!

How much do I need to retire in Portugal?

For those looking for early retirement, €30,000 per year is required, while someone wanting to retire later on might require around €50,000 per year -- depending upon lifestyle choices.

Retiring in Portugal offers you all sorts of different benefits, from not having to worry about your taxes to never wanting to get old. All these make Portugal a special destination when choosing where to retire.

Canadian expats in Portugal

Many Canadians who move abroad to live in Portugal often know very little about the Azores region. This is understandable as they are most likely moving from Canada and they don't have much knowledge of Portugal either. However, many expats who chose to live in the Azores region say that it was one of their best decisions, and we're not surprised!

These islands offer a unique mix of Canadian and Portuguese culture, making for an unforgettable experience.

Living in the Azores as a Canadian

Canadians staying in the Azores can testify that this is a great place to live. As an expat in Portugal, many find themselves returning home with their hearts still here!

The island of São Miguel has the largest population among all the nine islands that make up the archipelago, and it's known as one of the best places in Portugal. The Portuguese are very hospitable people. They have been warm to Canadians residing in their country even before Canada was even established as its own country. This becomes evident when you talk about your Canadian roots or take part in local events such as Festa do Povo -- an event that takes place annually on June 24th-26th during Father’s Day Weekend.

Staying in the Azores not only means experiencing life as a true Azorean but also having access to everything that Portugal has to offer. While the Azores are part of Portugal, they are also a very unique place where you can experience nature at its best. You can also visit the stunning waterfalls like Fajã dos Vimes. The waterfalls consists of three different falls surrounded by lush vegetation where visitors can take in all this natural beauty.

The food is absolutely delicious, with regional dishes that will make your mouth water just thinking about them!

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Azores expat forum

The Azores expats have found that they can access all the conveniences possible here. They have enjoyed reliable cell phone service, the internet, and cable TV, which have made them keep up with events back home as well as their favorite programs.

Many Canadians in Portugal also enjoy spending time out on the water, where there are several boat rental companies you can choose from. So, you can explore some of these beautiful islands or simply take a leisure trip around the harbor. When it comes to real estate options, the Azores offer villas, cottages, studio apartments, or even full homes to suit your needs. And with other cities like Porto, you need to get a residence permit. You can also opt for one of the many services available if you'd rather let someone else worry about everything, including cooking dinner while you're out on a romantic evening stroll.

Portugal immigration law

The new immigration law in Portugal is a boon for migrants seeking to settle in the country. The Portuguese government has been very welcoming to foreigners who want to live and work here, making it one of the easiest places for immigrants to establish themselves.

With a population of just over 10 million people, Portugal offers a great quality of life with an excellent climate and temperate weather throughout the year. If you are considering migrating or visiting this beautiful European country, then it doesn't hurt to be aware of the prevalent visa application laws in the country concerning foreign nationals.

New immigration law in Portugal

The new immigration law, which was initially proposed in 2017 by the Socialist government and approved in 2018 by a center-right coalition, is very liberal towards immigrants. It includes provisions to facilitate procedures for obtaining a residence permit or citizenship using their passport and other documents. The law also regularizes illegal residents who have at least two years of legal residency.

It facilitates entry into Portugal by establishing 'light' procedures (such as an international passport and/or visas) for highly skilled workers from non-EU or EEA countries who hold recognized qualifications.

The law also makes use of biometric data like fingerprints compulsory for all individuals applying for Portuguese visas (except those issued to citizens of African Lusophone countries) as well as refugees with subsidiary protection.

The current visa fee structure has been modified. There are three different types of visas: one type costs €50 per entry, another gives you access to multiple entries but costs €100 per year, and a third type costs €150 per year (golden visa).

It's important, however, that citizens know their rights when immigrating or visiting Portugal, especially because there are different types of visas-- the Schengen visa, which gives you access to all EU member countries, and the national visa, which only gives you access to Portugal. There's also the golden visa which is for investors.

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Immigration lawyer in Portugal

Understanding the immigration laws and going through the process can be difficult for a foreign national. Luckily, several immigration lawyers are ready to help you out.

The first thing most people concerned about their visa in Portugal should consider before contacting an attorney is whether or not those problems require professional assistance from such a specialist as a Portuguese Immigration Lawyer. You can often resolve your case on your own if it's just a simple issue. However, complex cases are usually best handled with professional help because there could be severe consequences for mistakes made during the process. So, even if you're not sure that you require a lawyer, it's best to have one on your side, just in case.

There are instances where people can self-represent themselves under immigration law, but those situations are rare and should not be considered the norm. The only legal document required for someone who is traveling or planning to stay in Portugal indefinitely is an identification card called a Bilhete de Identidade, which proves Portuguese nationality.

If you have this type of photo ID, you don't need to worry about applying for residency through their embassy before arriving. This is because you will automatically receive permission from the government upon arrival at no cost whatsoever. However, if you don't hold identity documents like these, then you may consider consulting with an attorney before arriving.

There are three main types of visas that one can apply for in Portugal. The first is the residence visa, which allows the holder to live and work permanently in Portugal as one of its citizens. The next is the self-employed visa (golden visa), which is specially designed for entrepreneurs who want to start their own business in

Portugal but have no Portuguese partner or the capital required by law. The last one is the family reunion visa. This type of visa gives people access to move with their spouse or children if they're under 18 years old.

Portuguese immigration lawyer

The first thing to do when looking for a Portuguese immigration lawyer is to look in the yellow pages. A good way to find an agency is to ask friends, colleagues, or neighbors if they know any immigration lawyers in Portugal and can give you references.

A benefit of hiring a lawyer to handle your immigration case is that your case will be completed faster. Lawyers have a lot of experience and know how to work efficiently with the Portuguese authorities. They can complete your documents much faster than if you try to do it on your own or use an online service.

Another thing that is important when choosing an immigration attorney in Portugal is reputation. Ensure that he has good references from satisfied clients, so you can check them out before using his services for filing your papers.

Portugal visa consultant

The second way of finding a Portuguese immigration lawyer is by going to a visa consultant to give you a list of lawyers who specialize in immigration law in Portugal. This is also the most practical way for people looking for cheaper legal advice since these visa consultants usually charge an hourly fee, which can be very expensive depending on your case.

There are some benefits to using this method, as you will not have to do any research and won't need to talk with different lawyers. Another benefit of a visa consultant is that they can recommend a lawyer who is not only specialized in

Portuguese immigration law but also has been tested by the and approved as efficient in helping get their visas.

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Portugal life

As a country, Portugal is a wonderful place to live. From hot summers to mild winters, there are so many reasons why people would consider living here.  Portugal is the westernmost country in Europe. It's also the world's fifth-largest country by area and has a diverse terrain that goes from mountains to beaches. The Portuguese enjoy living at a leisurely pace, which means you'll never be running late for your appointments.

The truth about living in Portugal

The Portuguese are known for being welcoming and generous, but they do have a language barrier to contend with. Thankfully, there are plenty of translation apps available if you need to communicate in real-time.

You'll also find that many people speak English quite well because it's taught at school from an early age.

The pros of living in Portugal include:

Climate: The climate of Portugal can best be described as the Mediterranean. It's hot during the summertime (June through September) and mild during the winter months (November through February).

Entertainment and recreation: Portugal has some wonderful natural scenery which is often the focus of tourists' trips. It takes up almost half the country, so you'll never be far away from rural idylls or beautiful beaches where you can relax all day long. The cities offer their forms of entertainment too, including theatres, sports matches, concerts and more. 

When it comes to buying your groceries, Portugal's food prices are well below the European average and you'll often find that your shopping bag is filled with expensive treats, like gourmet cheeses, chocolates, and meats.

Relatively cheap: Regarding the cost of living, Portugal is one of the most affordable countries for Canadians. You'll find that it's easy to save money here on your groceries, entertainment, and more.

Safety: Known as one of the most peaceful countries for Canadians, Portugal is a safe place to call home. The crime rate is low and the chances of being a victim are slim.

Quality of education: Portugal has high standards for its schools, with educational opportunities available to all residents regardless of their social or economic background.

Quality of medicine: Portugal has a good healthcare system, one of the best in Europe. The country's health care system is known for its high-quality physicians and facilities as well as comfortable health insurance policies, making it an attractive place for expats looking to relocate their family members.

Tax laws: Portugal has one of the lowest income tax burdens available, which makes living there financially rewarding -- especially for non EU residents if you're able to secure a good job that pays well above average wages.

You can relax: Portuguese residents enjoy more leisure time than other Europeans who live in other countries. This is because life in Portugal translates to fewer demands on people in terms of work hours or business expectations. This is unlike Germany where employment rules are often much tighter and workers spend long days at the office before heading back home each night. 

The cons of living in Portugal include:

Language barrier: Although there are plenty of English speakers around that can help you settle here, it's very difficult for Portuguese to learn other languages. So taking language courses is something to know before moving.

Banking system and difficulty with card payments: The banking system in Portugal can be difficult for foreigners at first, as it is different from what you may have experienced elsewhere. If you plan to live in Portugal for a while, it's advisable to open a Portuguese bank account, which will make life in Portugal much easier when it comes time to pay bills or rent each month. Some places accept cash, but many shops prefer debit cards.

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Cost of Living

The cost of living in Portugal is relatively low compared to many other European countries, but it varies depending on your needs and preferences. The below table shows the average monthly rent for one-bedroom apartments by city:

Average Monthly Rent by City

  • Porto - €575
  • Lisbon - €895
  • Algarve - €870
  • Others - €380

Costs vary significantly between regions. For example, rent prices are cheaper outside major cities, yet food is usually more expensive outside metropolitan areas because supply has to travel further. A basic lunch that would satisfy most people can be found for about eight euros outside of Lisbon or Porto. It runs anywhere from 12-18 euros inside these two cities. These figures are just averages and do not account for differences in quality.

A meal at a mid-range restaurant costs around 20 euros per person, while a three-course meal for two typically costs about 60 euros. Again, these numbers vary depending on the type of restaurant, but they roughly translate to "expensive" according to western standards.

In addition to food expenses, entertainment is generally expensive as well. Going out can cost anywhere from 10-20 euros per person, which includes drinks and an entry fee to the club or bar. It also varies depending on where you go – clubs/bars downtown with an average price of 15-euro entry with 5-euro mixed drinks are going to be less expensive than a more upscale venue with a cover (~20euro) and 5-euro drinks.

All in all, Portugal is an affordable country in which to live. Portugal also has a lower cost of living than other European countries and is ranked as one of the cheapest countries for expats to live in when compared to Western standards.

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