International Moving Services for Moving To Bhutan From United States/USA

Bhutan International Moving Services

Changes and circumstances may cause businesses or individuals to relocate. With this constantly changing landscape, international moving has now become even more common as the world becomes an ever expanding global village. Professional moving companies which offer international moving services provide those making such moves a hassle-free experience. You can benefit from such services and ship your car to Bhutan or other goods with the much needed guidance.


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Tips on how to make your international move easier

Relocating to any country in the world, Bhutan included, is not an easy process. You can however, use the following tips to make your international move easier:

  • Conduct research on all that relates to your move so that you may make well informed decisions. You may seek clarification from the Embassy of Bhutan and the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) website.
  • Prepare, package and label your valuables properly. This makes them more secure and also makes it easier for the team that will be handling them.
  • Prepare the required documents well in advance and be ready to present them as and when required for processing.
  • Liaise with the moving company. Maintain a good working relationship so as to ensure that your move is executed easily.

Why you need a professional moving company when relocating overseas

Bhutan is a landlocked country and thus you will need an extra hand while making your move. Hiring Bhutan International Moving Services in this case will make the move far from complex for you. Since international movers are more familiar with the regulations related to shipping to your chosen destination, you will also be advised accordingly.

A-1 Auto Transport, Inc. can help you move your household goods internationally. Call 888-509-3213 to get a free, no obligation to buy price quote on interstate moving services.

How to find the best international moving company

The best moving company is one that will meet your needs and still charge shipping costs that match your budget. There are many adverts that create the impression that a shipping company is the best. How then can you determine beforehand that they are indeed the best?

You may consider their experience in offering Bhutan International Moving Services and the testimonials given by their previous clients. Looking at their performance and rating in the industry will also guide you to have an idea how they rank against the other moving companies.

Our Bhutan international moving services

  • Packing/unpacking: No matter the size of your luggage, we can pack and unpack them for you, assuring you that they will get to you in good condition.
  • Commercial moving: Setting up base at Bhutan? We will get you there in good time and see to it that you are ready to set-up shop as soon as possible.
  • Office moves: Let us handle your office inventory as you focus on expanding your business.
  • Apartment moves: We help you get settled into your new apartment soonest possible.
  • Planning and preparation: We know the benefit that comes from being well prepared. We help you prepare your documents so that you may benefit from the existing exemption.
  • Visa and immigration services: We offer the much needed guidance and support through your Bhutan visa application.
  • Housing assistance: Moving from house-to-house need not break your back. Our team is dedicated to help you have a smooth move.
  • Family services: From your home to your home away from home, we are here to help relocating families.
  • Auto transport services: For ease of movement and due to the limited public transport, you will benefit from having your car or motorcycle with you. Although Bhutan is a landlocked country, we are still able to deliver your car there.

Why A-1 Auto Transport?

A-1 Auto Transport is the go-to company when it comes to international moving. Our experience in this industry spans over 20 years. This assures you that you will be making your big move with one of the big players in the moving industry. We offer great delivery service as well as support. Our support team is there to respond to any of your questions at any given hour. We are also willing to send a quote to you on our Bhutan International Moving Services for free and without any obligations attached.

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