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Belize International Moving Services

While international moving is an exciting experience, it is not an easy one. In fact, most people seek the services of professional international moving companies to achieve this task. This is because it is such a complex undertaking. To begin with, it is very strenuous and time-consuming; then there are the strict immigration regulations and other rules in some countries.


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It is therefore best to just leave this headache to an international moving company preferably one that also handles shipping of cars .

Tips on how to make your international move easier

  • Visa, passport and preparation: It is important to start preparations early. In fact, it is advisable to begin about 90 days before the day of moving. Certainly, this will give you enough time to put everything in place. By doing this, there will be no delays or major challenges encountered when it is moving day. You will also need a visa and passport. Since you are looking for Belize International Moving Services, ask if there is a mover who helps their clients process these documents. Alternatively, you can opt to apply for a visa by visiting the Embassy of Belize’s website. Be sure to also take care of your passport application.
  • Visit: If you have never been to Belize, it’s a good idea to visit the place weeks or months before move day. Doing so will help you familiarize yourself with the place. Also ensure you engage with locals to get as much information as possible.
  • Budget: Moving abroad is a costly affair. Indeed, you will need to cut down costs before you get a job or set up a business. Having a budget that is written-down will help you take care of your expenses.
  • Apply for jobs: Besides having a budget, it is advisable to apply for jobs before you move. Doing so early helps you find out if you need a work permit so that you can apply for one.

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Why you need an international moving company when relocating overseas

As we have determined, international moving is a difficult task. Indeed, there is so much time, energy, and resources required for it to succeed. If you decide to handle it by yourself you might terribly fail.

For these reasons, it is advisable to seek the services of a professional international moving company. Undoubtedly, a professional mover has the expertise and tools needed for the job. Also, your belongings will be handled with care and will arrive at your destination safely. Certainly most, if not all, the work is done for you making your move hassle-free.

How to find the best international moving company

When looking for Belize International Moving services, you will find many moving companies. You will need to narrow-down on one reliable one so start by searching the internet and asking friends and family for recommendations. However, before settling for a mover, consider the following:

  • Find out if the company is licensed.
  • Ask if the company has insurance and caters for damage on belongings that may occur during transportation.
  • Choose a company that gives you a good service package at the most affordable rate.
  • Read customer reviews on the respective companies’ websites and settle for the one that has more positive than negative reviews.

Our Belize international moving services

We offer the following:

  • Packing/unpacking: We offer packing services to and from our transport facilities.
  • Corporate moves: We move offices and businesses; ensuring they set-up shop as quickly as possible.
  • Apartment moves: We handle all your moving requirements to help you settle from one apartment to the next.
  • Visa and immigration services: We help with visa and immigration applications.
  • Planning and preparation: We provide useful information about international moving; this includes keeping a checklist of the things you will need done.
  • Housing assistance: We help in locating and finding suitable housing.
  • Family services: We also help our clients locate important family services such as schools and health centers.
  • Auto transport services: We will move your vehicle across the seas to your new destination.

Why A-1 Auto Transport?

We have been in operation for more than 30 years. During this time, we have helped thousands of clients successfully move and settle abroad. We have vast knowledge and information regarding international moving. We assure you that if you have any questions, we have the answers that you need.

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