International Moving Services for Moving To Australia From United States/USA

Australia International Moving Services

International moving is the process where a business or individual relocates to a different country. This often proves to be a daunting and long process. To make this less overwhelming, it is advisable to seek the services of professional firms who provide international moving services. If you would like to move to Australia, a reliable and experienced mover can assist you ship your car as well as any other valuables.


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Tips on how to make your international move easier

The following tips can guide you to make your international move a smooth process:

  • Research on the rules governing your destination country as well as search for the best moving company that will meet your needs and match your budget.
  • Package your goods in a way that allows for easy storage and movement. If you have any fragile items, be sure to indicate this.
  • To enjoy smooth document processing, prepare and present them as and when required. When shipping a car to Australia, it is good to know the required documents as stated by the Australian Customs as well as the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.
  • Liaise with the moving company and keep your lines of communication open in order to avoid disappointments.

Why you need a professional moving company when relocating overseas

Relocating to any location may be a hard task to do alone. You need someone who can assist you in packing and unpacking, transportation and document processing. A professional moving company will provide you with services to make your moving day less overwhelming from start to finish. Be sure to find one that has experience in offering Australia International Moving Services.

A-1 Auto Transport, Inc. can help you move your household goods internationally. Call 888-509-3213 to get a free, no obligation to buy price quote on interstate moving services.

How to find the best international moving company

Find out if your chosen moving firm offers insurance cover for third parties. If you are shipping a highly valuable car, it is advisable to also ensure you seek insurance for it individually. It is also important to do some research and find out if the company is licensed to ship to Australia and has some experience doing so. Check the company’s ratings to get an idea of its performance. When seeking Australia International Moving Services, request for estimates of the cost of shipping and match this with the type of service they provide.

Our Australia international moving services

  • Packing/unpacking: We have packing supplies that make the move easy.
  • Commercial moving: It is our business to help your business move and settle down quickly in Australia.
  • Office moves: We can assist you to relocate your office and facilitate an easy transition.
  • Apartment moves: Settling into your new home should be stress-free and we help you achieve this.
  • Planning and preparation: We know time is essential when making an international move and help you to plan and prepare for the big move.
  • Visa and immigration services: When moving to Australia, there are a number of visa entry requirements and we offer guidance on how to go about this.
  • Housing assistance: Moving from house-to-house need not break your back. Our team is dedicated to help you have a smooth transition.
  • Family services: We know that an international move for the family is a big deal and we can handle the small and big details around this.
  • Auto transport services: Moving your automobile in a safe and reliable way is what you are looking for and that is exactly what we offer. We are also familiar with the requirements to ship a car to Australia and can guide you, from start to finish.

Why A-1 Auto Transport Inc?

When looking for a firm that offers Australia International Moving Services, you want one that has stood the test of time and is the best compared to the rest. We at A-1 Auto Transport meet the cut. We have experience that is over a period of two decades and a reliable and professional team that does their best to ensure that your expectations will be met and exceeded. Our support team is also accessible at all hours. We offer you the most competitive prices and are ready to give you a quote for free – with no attached obligations. 

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