Moving is never an easy process

Submitted by Veruzka Gómez
on 03/09/18

Moving is never an easy process, it is a period of continuous chaos where all sense of sanity seems to fly out the window and frantic thoughts cluster one’s mind, as though mirroring the external environment. Oh, what a perplexing concept it is to find a way to shove every single item one has acquired throughout an entire lifetime into a what appears to be a box the size of a thimble. Fortunately, through the chaos that is stemmed in the moving process, I acquired valuable information that can hopefully spare you from the struggles that are rooted in long distance moving.
Floridians don’t own jackets or snowsuits, they own shorts. Floridians don’t own hats or gloves, they own swimsuits. As a former Floridian, I would know these things, and as a person that exchanged the warmth of the Florida sun and its brilliant blue beaches for the winter wonderland and mountainous mystery that is Alaska, I know that shorts and swimsuits are two items deemed useless in The Last Frontier. However, as we packed for the big move, I refused to give up my favorite Strawberry Shortcake swimsuits, or my Care Bear flip-flops, and no way on earth was anyone touching my precious collection of sand filled jars. I was 8, I didn’t quite yet grasp the concept of downsizing, or how truly helpful it would be in the end.
I now know that by downsizing you can avoid immense amounts of stress in the imminent future. Don’t hold on to that jar of sand, or those shoes that don’t fit anymore or that shirt you love but have never gotten the chance to wear in the 20 years you’ve owned it. Do yourself a favor, and downsize before moving, you ’ll thank yourself later on for doing so.
Do your research.
You know what’s always fun, arriving at your new home weeks before any of your furniture, clothes, toiletries, or beds do. When I stood at the feet of our Alaskan house- no, it was not an igloo– I found a sense of warmth in its yellow painted walls that seemed to glow as they reflected off of the moonlight, I found a sense of security in trees that reached for the stars, enclosing our home and protecting us from anything and everything, it was perfect, my heart was filled with joy and excitement boiled within me as I awaited the adventures that Alaska had in store for me. However, at hearing that our belongings would not be arriving for several weeks due to a small mix up, it appeared that the first adventure would consist of figuring out how to live with what we had for the next few weeks and let me tell you it was not a fun time.
If you’re interested in finding a professional moving company to assist you with the strenuous process that is long distance moving, A1 Auto transport is one of the best resources available to do your research, to get estimates and quotes, and get your shipment to you on time. If you decide to go another direction, find reviews regarding the company’s quality of work, and make sure you check, and double check, and triple check, when the shipment containing all of your belongings is scheduled to arrive.
Stay organized. 
After 5 years of living in Alaska, it was decided that one cross-country move wasn’t enough, and we went for round two. Here’s where I went from an ice fishing Eskimo to a sweet tea-loving country girl. This time around, we thought we were pros at this whole moving thing, spoiler alert- we weren’t. My parents decided that to do lists were for first-timers, taking inventory was for chumps and that their teenage kids were old enough to pack up their own rooms along with other parts of the house. Long story short, they were very wrong, and life became utter chaos.
A mess, that is what this time in my life was, and if you do the exact opposite of what we decided to do the second time around, hopefully, yours won’t be. Stay organized, there’s no such thing as too many lists, take inventory as early as possible to minimize the forthcoming chaos, and don’t be afraid to give your clueless teenager a helping hand so you don’t end up with a massive mess.
Make a floor plan.
They say everything’s bigger in Texas; school pride is bigger- GIG’ EM, barbeques are bigger, high school football is bigger, and when we made the big move, the mess in our new house was definitely bigger. Moving in was complete mayhem. There were boxes all over the house, which was expected, but the issue was figuring out where those boxes went since their teenage kids didn’t realize that packing boxes included labeling them. Boxes were brought upstairs by the movers, only for us to discover hours later that they belonged in the downstairs bedroom and we were forced to drag them back down ourselves. Furniture was maneuvered into rooms that were much too small and had to be rearranged in the coming days. This chaotic mess of a life went on for over a month, to think a simple floor plan could have saved us from it all.
In order to spare yourself from taxing weeks of disarray and an immense mess, create a floor plan. Measure the amount of space you’ll have available in your new home, measure your furniture, label every box and figure out where you want everything beforehand. This way, when the movers come you don’t make rash decisions or waste valuable time correcting errors. Moving is a hectic process, that’s unavoidable, but creating a floor plan can undoubtedly relieve stress and give you a sense of control during such a chaotic period in life.
Throughout our moves, we made countless errors which resulted in weeks of stress-filled lives and scrambled minds. If we had looked into the services and resources provided by A-1 Auto Transport, our lives would have been much less chaotic, so many messes would’ve been avoided, and so much stress could’ve been bypassed. If you’re planning a long distance move anytime soon, I hope you could gain some insight from the many mistakes my family and I endured during our moves, and if there’s one thing you should take away from the 1,059 words you just read, it’s that A1 Auto Transport is a tool I deem not only helpful but necessary when taking on the turmoil that arises during long distance moves; they could have spared us so much unnecessary chaos, but we didn’t utilize their resources or services, hopefully, you do.

Submitted by Veruzka Gómez
on 03/09/18

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