Moving Internationally

Submitted by Esme Crocker
on 12/10/17

As deadlines for college applications grow steadily closer, I am beginning to realize that I will be moving away, and starting my life somewhere new. It’s a very scary thought at first, but each day it becomes a little more exciting. I have always dreamed of living in another country, and not until recently did I think it could actually be a possibility. I have been doing copious amounts of research, and I realized not too long ago, that I may finally have my chance to move away, from my parents, and my hometown.
I have decided to move to Australia to complete my education. I have been accepted to two universities, Murdoch University, and University of Tasmania. I am currently working to figure out which is the best fit for me and my educational goals. It is very far away, and I will miss my family, but I am very excited about this opportunity. The only issue is that I have many belongings that I cannot simply fly over with, and I must ship them. I began putting post it notes on items I want my parents to send over for me, and then I realized I will need my car. Up until now, I had no idea that shipping a car was even a possibility, but after a bit of research I found out that it is quite common, and quite expensive. I was looking at international moving companies, and I learned that I must plan ahead, it wasn’t so easy to ship a car the day I leave.
Researching the right companies was very difficult. There are very many factors that go into shipping something as huge as a car. First I must make sure it arrives after I do, but not too much after or I will be stranded! I also had to look for companies that could do it for cheap, considering I already have to pay for college. I spent hours looking for discounts and the exact amount of time it would take for my Subaru to arrive at college in Australia.  
I looked around the A-1 Auto Transport website, and I not only learned about the best ways to ship my car but also other things I hadn’t thought to do before I left. I was reminded that I must apply for a visa, and all the paperwork that would be involved with shipping my car, would take hours. After applying to colleges for months, the idea of even more paperwork was terrifying, but I knew that in order to make my dream of furthering my education in Australia work, I had to figure out this obstacle.
The A-1 Auto Transport website taught me about RO/RO ships, containers, and air freights. I am most certain that my car would be in a RO/RO ship. I did a little more research into how much exactly it would cost to ship my car, and the shipping alone was $2,612. This cost didn’t cover the amount it would be to pay for shipping insurance, as well as to move the steering wheel to the other side of the car. In Australia they drive on the opposite side, and to be able to use my car, I would also need to change the place the steering wheel is located. Overall I found it is going to be more cost effective to just buy a used car in Australia.
Not only am I making an international move this September, but so is my family. My parents have decided to move to South Korea to be a school counselor and a math teacher at a international school in the city of Busan. This makes my move even harder because I won’t have someone at home who can just send me anything that I forget. This also makes shipping my car even harder, I must ship my car before I leave, in order for it to get to Australia in time, but my parents will not be here to help me get around or figure out how to ship my car. This forces me to do lots of research now and figure out the best way to ship my car quickly. I also decided to do some research on how much it would cost to buy a car in Australia, versus how much it is to ship my own car. It would cost about 4,000 if I bought a car in Australia, this wouldn’t be a very nice car, and it would most likely be a different brand that I am unaccustomed to. However to ship a car is about $3000 dollars, and if u do the exchange rate, it would be cheaper to just buy a car in Australia.
In South Korea, my parents will be living very close to their school and will be able to walk or take the bus to work. So they don’t have to worry about shipping any large objects such as cars. They do have to figure out what to do with their car while they are away. Storage units can be very expensive especially for a year or two. The A-1 Auto Transport website also had lots of information on how to store your car. The website made it clear that it would be cheaper to store my parents cars than to ship the car. I was also advised to go further than just the most convenient storage units. Sometimes further away destinations can be more cost effective.
My parents have a shipping allowance through their school, this will help to counteract the overall effects of moving abroad. I have decided to look at what is most difficult to buy in South Korea. I found out that clothing for people over 5’7” is very difficult to find. My parents will have to ship all of their clothes and shoes over, in order to avoid further costs of buying clothes that don’t find or having to buy them online from other countries.
I am less worried about my move abroad, and I feel more prepared and excited, now that I have worked out the logistics of my move. I am very ready for this next chapter of my life, and I can’t wait to see what next year holds for me.

Submitted by Esme Crocker
on 12/10/17

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