Moving internationally

Submitted by Katya Budnik
on 03/10/18

Moving internationally for the purpose of pursuing academic achievements is a challenging experience for every student. It is quite surprising to see how many educational institutions, welcoming new students, do not have a sufficiently supportive platform to offer to their students who are relocating from other countries. There are very few who have established collaborative agreements with external partners helping to facilitate relocation. The others who do not have collaborations are occasionally trying to help students with relocation informally but often do not succeed in meeting students’ expectations. Academic performance and international integration of many students get affected, as a result, especially within the first year of studies, the most important period of studies that is expected to provide the foundation of integration to a student.


I have been pursuing my academic achievements in many countries: Canada, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, The U.S.A, Ukraine, Russia. The educational institutions I was studying at were private and public. The delivery format of programs also varied from traditional to competency based, from applied science to research based. None of the schools from my experience were able to provide relocation assistance. I believe it is time for a change.


I believe that every school should put all efforts in building sufficiently supportive platforms for the relocating students. Arriving students should primarily focus on their academic performance and everything else that comes along with relocation should be easy and simple.


Upon my arrival to the Netherlands, I have established my company. I study full-time and I invest all my remaining time into getting my company off the ground. The company’s aim is to create collaboration opportunities and to build sustainable partnerships. The educational field is the sector of my focus. The steps I am taking with my business development initiatives are the following:


  • Help educational institutions recognize the value in establishing collaboration agreements with external relocation assistance partners
  • Facilitate establishment of collaboration agreements
  • Play an active guiding role in building sustainable partnerships with external service partners



This task of building a collaboration platform is not very simple. We will need


  • Educational institutions on board
  • Relocation service providers on board
  • Financial assistance


We are on the look out for reliable partners who can support international relocation of students. We would be happy to pre-qualify A1 Auto Transport Inc. as a safe and reliable auto shipping services provider. We would be particularly interested in the services offered by A1’s International Auto Transport division.


Financial assistance in the form of scholarship that A1 Auto Transport Inc. offers to student is a very valuable opportunity. It means to me that A1

  • Recognizes importance of helping students
  • Promotes students’ health and well being
  • Contributes towards educational achievements
  • Understands the value of international trade
  • Motivates and encourages students to collaborate leading by example


I would be very grateful if was nominated to receive the A1 Auto Transport Scholarship. This opportunity would be very important to me. This funding I would be able to invest in building a stronger supporting platform for the relocation needs of the students. I do not only wish to position ourselves locally but I wish for our initiatives to get positive impact globally. This is a challenging but a very rewarding path to take. I am ambitious and very motivated in making it a success.


With this scholarship application, I also would like to take this opportunity to encourage the successful recipient to recognize the value in being rewarded. I would like to emphasize importance of giving back. In other words, if an opportunity to share presents itself in the future to the recipient of this award, it is important to help enabling another student to receive the scholarship – making the recipient a new donor.


With this scholarship initiative, A1 Auto Transport provides a great platform supporting exchange of experiences related to relocation. This platform brings awareness of importance of collaboration. Every single experience is valuable and can make a difference. It is important to take the opportunity, to share, to have a voice, to recognize the value of contribution. It is good that so many participants expressed interest in this scholarship initiative. I would gladly motivate others to participate in the next round of competition.


I hope this financial contribution can help to build a greater future. If we help educational institutions to have a strong supportive platform for relocating students, we can help them to make a difference. I will certainly continue pursuing my academic achievements and I hope that with this collaborative platform we are trying to build together we will soon see the positive impact. It is a greater goal for all of us to help future generations with educational achievements.


I would like to welcome everybody who is interested in participating in building a global collaboration platform to support educational institutions with relocation initiatives to get in touch with me and we can discuss how we can put efforts in helping each other.


My company’s goals are to establish locally in the Netherlands. Within the next couple of years, we are planning to expand nationally and internationally. We welcome talent, customer, and partners on board to collaborate with us. We also welcome private and public investors. We can get together to discuss opportunities, contribution, and goals. I would gladly be open to learn more about A1 Auto Transport strategic vision and how the company is planning to make a global impact. This is an important step A1 takes. I appreciate the contribution and would like to provide an ongoing support myself when the company will get off the ground and I will have financial means to help another student who has a dream.

Submitted by Katya Budnik
on 03/10/18

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