Moving from State to State

Submitted by Tyler C. Murray
on 02/08/18

While moving to a new home can be a joyful time, it can also come with a lot of stress and confusion. Moving from state to state can sometimes mean moving clear across the country. For a lot of people in the Military, this becomes a normal thing. I have family members who do this every couple of years, sometimes to different countries. Moving is something that can be hectic even for those without children. This usually is the time when a lot of people realize just how much they have collected over the years and start to “ declutter”. However, moving can go smoothly with careful planning and the right equipment.

If you are preparing to move; just picking up and taking off it not the best answer. Leaving behind any important documents or items with valuable information on it can later come back to haunt you. You may not realize that leaving something as simple as an old medical bill or credit card statement behind could do damage, but make sure items like that are properly disposed of or shredded is ideal. Unless you want to be a victim of identity theft later on.

Hopefully, you know where you are going before you plan the move. You should look around the area or neighborhood to make sure there is adequate parking for moving trucks or large trucks that you may rent or drive into the area.  It is always better to call ahead and make sure that rental trucks are available for the days you are moving. Do not assume they will be available upon arrival. Reserve them in advance, someplace do require a deposit for this but it is worth it. Make sure you follow all the rules and regulations with the rental trucks. This is very important, if you do not do so it may cost you extra money in the long haul.  It is also a good idea to make sure you know about the local school districts and their policies. Check out the town, the local medical facilities, preschools, shopping areas and nightlife. This will help you begin to familiarize yourself with your soon to be new hometown.

Collecting boxes from friends and family can save you money when moving rather than purchasing them. You can often go to some department stores or appliance stores and request any boxes that they are disposing of. Make sure you request permission; do not ever just take them. Packing things room by room has always worked best for us. This tends to keep things together and label each box by where it is going. Always have a box label donations, this is good for things you know you are getting rid of but don’t have time to take off right now.

Making sure that your future utility company and water company are set up is vital to making your new home setup a success. Make sure that you have this plan started before you get everything boxed up. Also be in contact with your current service providers to let them know a shut-off date so you are not charged for any further dates once you leave the property. Also giving them a forwarding address for any remaining bills.  You will need to fill out a change of address with the postal service for all members of the household, forwarding all of your mail to your new address. This is usually good for a six month period. Giving you time to change your address with all of your account holders.

Once all your boxes are packed and labeled; you should load your large furniture into the moving trucks first. This is unless you have hired professional furniture movers. Otherwise, load up your boxes. You will need to place any breakable boxes in a safe and secure area, even separate from the rest of your boxes if possible.  Once you have all of your items loaded, always do another walk through to ensure you are not leaving anything in the home.  It is also a good idea to leave the home in a nice, clean state. Be sure to Vacuum and clean up any messes that may be left. If you were renting the home, take pictures of how you left the home and make sure you send them to your landlord.

While driving the long haul, you should check at each stop on your cargo to make sure nothing has come loose or fallen. You don’t want any debris falling anywhere at any time causing road hazards. It is always best to make sure you have hand trucks and straps when moving. Anything hanging off of a truck, of course, will need to have a flag hanging off of it so drivers are aware of it. Those items should be checked on more often than at frequent stops. If at any time something becomes loose or you do not feel comfortable hauling it. You should stop and devise a new plan before something goes terribly wrong.

If you are moving from state to state and need to travel via the Interstate it is best to stay out of the way of fast lane if you are hauling a large load. There is often a lot of traffic on the Interstate so if this is your route, take precautions and pay extra attention.

If you have the money you can hire professional movers, or if you are being reassigned due to work transfer they will often pay to have you moved. If this is the case then you have a much lighter load. You will still need to go through your personal items box and label them, but the professional movers will do most of the labor. If you are paying out of pocket for the movers, be sure to price several movers before deciding on one. Make sure you get quotes on things like distance moved, do they charge per box, per weight, per hour, things like this can add up. Make sure they let you know how long they will take to deliver your items to your new home. You certainly do not want to be in a new home for a week with none of your stuff. Make sure they have the correct address, city, state and a correct contact number to reach you in case they need to. You should also contact your homeowners’ insurance carrier to let them know you are moving, that you have hired professional movers and see if they have any information you need.

Moving is sometimes required to get us through life, to a job, or just for a change in scenery. It can be done smoothly if you have a plan in place. Just remember even if you have a plan in place, things can turn upside down. Don’t let it stress you out; it will soon just be a funny memory that started you on to a new journey.

Submitted by Tyler C. Murray
on 02/08/18

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