Moving Disaster: When Everything Seems to Go Wrong

Submitted by Jordyn Randall
on 02/20/18

The A1 Auto Transport website talks about moving and the lack of simplicity any kind of moving involves. In this essay, I share a personal story of one example where using a moving company did not work for me. Looking at A1’s website I wish I had done more research on different moving companies and about information on moving long distance.

In June 2013, I moved to Kearney, Nebraska to begin my undergraduate career. Moving to Nebraska was crazy, with renting a Budget truck and taking off, but I made it. Over the four years, it took to complete my degree, I made friends, experienced college life, and made a home for myself. Oh, and I became pregnant. Fast forward to fall 2017; my senior year. When I swear I could hear the band playing Pomp and Circumstance every day that special moment grew nearer, I happened into an unhealthy relationship. We tried to make it work, but positivity wasn’t on our side and I was turned out from my home. Being three months pregnant and homeless, I was also only a couple months away from completing my undergraduate career. My things were boxed up and in storage and I was couch surfing when the big plan to move back to the Pacific Northwest struck me. Made sense to be closer to my family for support with the baby. I thought the moving would be the easy part. Oh, how wrong I was.

To kick off my plans for moving, I called a moving company that could do the moving for me. Seemed the obvious answer since at five months pregnant and I wasn’t allowed to lift over 25lbs. I made the reservation with the company two months in advance and then waited. I had enough distractions with school, health check-ups, and dealing with my ever-swelling belly, plus the lovely side effects. At this point, I had found a friend who could take me in to a furnished basement.

Finally, the day came for the movers to show. Yet, they didn’t. I waited for two hours after their expected arrival time when I finally called the company to see what was the delay. The receptionist told me the moving order had been canceled two weeks prior. My head spun and I couldn’t figure out what was going on. The receptionist explained that there were originally two orders and one order was canceled, so they just canceled both orders. She had forgotten to call me about the cancellation and only realized that fact when I called. I was in shock. I didn’t know what to do or what to think. I was graduating in two days and I was expected to be in Washington state in three days.

Once I collected myself on the couch, I called the only person I knew who could do anything at that moment: my mother. She was in shock too. And outrage. We both took to the phones and began calling other agencies, but to no avail. Either the price was to exorbitant – some requiring no less than $5,000 in compensation for the short notice – or they wouldn’t do the move because of just the route. Apparently, moving along I-80 is more expensive because people don’t request moving services from those areas often enough. Things I did not know but I was quickly learning. I didn’t have that kind of money, so I declined all options. I was feeling nauseous, but morning sickness took care of my queasy stomach. On the topic of pregnancy, I was learning many new things. Like how high-stress situations can induce vomiting. Then I got a surprise. I received a call from a long-time family friend.

Receiving a call from Mr. Wilson was shocking because he was an older gentleman and had a fair amount of health issues. However, he about twisted my arm off through the phone and 1500 miles away to make sure I didn’t give my time or money away to anybody else. His son and he began planning their generous rescue and the only compensation he requested was that I pay for his gas. I eagerly accepted their kind offer and again had to wait. That was one less thing off my mind as the last days of school came to an end. But the rodeo wasn’t over.

The Wilson boys planned a straight grab-and-leave the day before I planned to graduate, which I found crazy but they insisted on this. So, the day of the expected move, Take 2, I relocated everything out of the storage unit across town and grouped my whole life into my friend’s garage.  The estimated time of arrival was supposed to be 10 P.M. We finished moving everything and had dinner by 9 P.M. Which left us to wait. And wait. And wait. The boys didn’t arrive until midnight and once everything was packed up and they were on their way, I only had 3 hours of sleep before I had to wake up for graduation prep. In the end, I made it through graduation, packed up my car and hit the road the next morning towards Washington.

This whole experience was exhausting and upsetting. I would never wish this on anyone. I’d never used a moving company before and this experience didn’t leave me with positive opinions about moving companies. I know that not every company or agency is the same. Looking through the A1 Auto Transport website and all the different information, I felt that I should have considered doing more research on the company moving services and services. A1’s website gives great information on what to expect when moving a long distance and includes tips for different moving options. My favorite part of the long distance moving page is there is information about Do It Yourself (DIY) moving, which I wouldn’t expect. A1’s website also talks about the pros and cons of DIY or professional moving. My biggest suggestion is to do a large amount of research on multiple different companies when planning to move long distance before settling on the first available option.

Submitted by Jordyn Randall
on 02/20/18

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