Moving can be a difficult

Submitted by Evelyn Sixtos-Aguirre
on 01/12/18

Moving can be a difficult process for anyone, financially and emotionally, that is why it is always a great idea to plan ahead of time when deciding to move. When one decides to move they must take into account the cost, time, and distance of the move. By regarding these factors, one can be assured that whatever choices they make will help the individual during the move.

During the process of moving the individual must plan how they will sort their belongings and how they will make it fit into the car or moving truck. This can also be a tough decision when taking into account larger items such as the furniture, kitchen appliances, and home decorations. If the mover has decided to ask a moving company for assistance, they should ask them if they help with moving large appliances and if there are any fees relating to damage or overloading. However, if the mover decides to hire a moving company and also help in loading things in their own car they must ask the company if that is fine. The mover should also plan out what things they are going to take and what the moving company will be responsible for. If the mover does not plan accordingly confusion may occur.

If the individual decides on moving all his or her belongings on their they must understand that whatever happens is their responsibility. Similar to the capacity of a moving truck, one must consider the size of their vehicle and whether all their belongings can fit. However, if space is not sufficient and there is no one whom you know that could help you, some items may need to be left behind or transported to your new home some other way.

   Although moving your belonging on your own, without the help of a moving company, seems tiresome it does include benefits that convince people to take this method of transporting belongings during a move. For example, during a move one may be under a significant amount of stress and moving on your own gives you the sense of being under control. The individual can decide what goes where and how it may be ordered. The individual also controls what they choose to leave behind, whereas a moving company may have certain appliances they prefer to transport and require the person to leave it behind or find another method of transporting the appliances.

Nevertheless, there are disadvantages of moving all your belongings on your own. For instance, without the assistance of a professional or friend, you may risk injuries when deciding to carry large appliances on your own. The mover may also jeopardize the condition of their belongings. They may drop, break or cause the appliance to be unusable because of the damage it took during the move to the new house.
This is why in most cases, people choose to hire a professional moving service to do the heavy lifting part of the move. With a professional moving service, you do not have to load all the heavy appliances by yourself, instead, you can have workers help you and prevent damage to your appliance. Hiring a professional mover service also reduces the stress one puts their body in when loading their belongings into their vehicles. Additionally, professional moving companies take into account your time schedule. These companies make it their priority to adjust and fit your daily life schedule. By allowing you time to make room for the move also gives the company time to prepare for when your moving date arrives.
However, these companies may have a difficult time meeting your needs during busy moving months. You may think that your move is important and must be done this instant, but moving companies may already be fully booked and unable to add you to their services. In addition to hiring a moving company, you will have to consider the prices they have to offer. One must consider the budget, they are planning to put into this move. Several moving companies charge high prices because of all the supplies and help that is put into this moving.
It is always an excellent choice to plan your move ahead of time keeping in mind your budget, distance, and possessions you choose to take with you. Compare rates and prices of moving companies and decide on which one best fits your interest and budget. Decide if your move requires help or if you will be able to successfully move everything on your own. Understand that many of your things you will be unable to take with you. The mover will need to sort through their belongings and determine what is a necessity and what is not. Keep track of all your possessions you need to make sure you do not leave anything behind and that the movers do not lose anything during the move. Also, make sure you decided where everything goes in your new house. You don’t want to face the consequence of moving everything around in your home all by yourself risking injury. Prepare a floor plan to direct the mover where to leave your belongings this will make things easier for you and the moving company. Remember to label all your boxes so as to not become frustrated when unpacking everything.
The mover must also take into account the months when moving companies are busy and are unlikely to assist the mover. The mover should also know that moving prices increase during certain times of the year because of how busy these companies get. If you are moving to a whole other country or state think of how you will bring your vehicle with you. The mover could take it themselves or take advantage of the services provided for transporting vehicles. Make sure to confirm that the company is legitimate. Read through all the contracts and documents these companies provide you with. Also, make sure to contact your insurance company to assure that your items are covered if they are damaged during the move. During a move, one should take into account the options they are presented and the benefits and disadvantages that come with the decision. In conclusion, as you decide to move the mover must take into account many factors to assure that they are making the best decisions for their move.

Submitted by Evelyn Sixtos-Aguirre
on 01/12/18

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