Move to Another Country

Move to Another Country

A move to another country is rather difficult to carry out especially without the right professional assistance. There is a ton of preparation and time needed to properly prepare for an international move. Without a doubt, the toughest part of the entire process is ensuring that you remain in complete compliance with the country’s foreign import laws. In most cases, your international moving and storage company will have the knowledge and information necessary to complete the move without hindrance. Nonetheless, it is always in your best interest to call the embassy of the nation you’re relocating to months in advance. The embassy can provide you with the latest import policies and tax rates. To prove your compliance with the country’s import laws, specific forms of proof will be required by the Customs Department.


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After you find the right overseas moving company to hire, decide what services you would like to purchase through them. You may want to take advantage of the company’s storage solutions during your overseas move. Trying to move all your belongings to another country is a lot harder to do than you think, so if you don’t need everything you own, see what storage solutions the moving company offers. You’ll find that they usually have several storage services including self-storage, temperature controlled units, PODS, and more.

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If You’re Packing Your Own Belongings for an Overseas Move…

Not all of your stuff may be able to go with you to the other country. It all depends on what that nation permits into their borders. You must make sure that everything you plan to take with you is permitted by the nation. Once you have a better understanding, start packing your stuff as required by the country as well as the moving company. Here are some tips to help you pack according to standard procedures:

  • Purchase the greatest packaging materials available including various box sizes, packaging tape, permanent markers and labels, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, foam sheets, and other common packing supplies.
  • Have all boxes are clearly labeled especially if the contents of the box includes any fragile items. Then you must write “Fragile” on the surface of the box they’re in.
  • Pack your heaviest belongings in small boxes and your lighter possessions in large boxes.
  • For furniture or other large, heavy items, make sure you pack them as required by the mover or carrier. These types of items may need to ship on a pallet or within a wooden crate.
  • Keep a list of inventory so that you can track all of your possessions.

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