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Submitted by Brandon Puente
on 12/26/2018

You see the best things ever that it makes you think you are living in heaven. You gaze at all the live entertainment, outstanding food, amazing restaurants, and comfy lodges and cabins. You see in the distance all the activities you can engage in: track races, motocross races, hill climbs, and much more.

It is such a beautiful and sunny day that you see everyone is having a blast and ready to ride for the whole day. In the background, you probably hear the same joke so many motorcyclists go to, “What is a laughing motorcycle called? … A Yamahaha”. Laughter erupts and you cannot help it so you just chuckle. You know that this place is special and comprehend why it continues to occur every year since 1937. You realize this is the pinnacle of happiness and why you have made so many sacrifices just to be here: The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is one of the biggest motorcycle events of the year that features some of the best motorcycles in the U.S. and world-renowned musical artists. Every year, millions of motorcyclists are eager to go Sturgis in South Dakota and ride for days on end. In addition, you get to see some of the most unique and rare motorcycles in the world while enjoying some of the best local food it has to offer.

Then, you can relax in some of the most luxurious lodges and cabins and continue to do the same things for the whole week. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is a paradise for some people and motorcyclists because it has everything a paradise can offer. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to reach this paradise with their motorcycle because of how far they must travel. For instance, it would take about 1200 miles for me to travel from Detroit to Sturgis for the rally. Therefore, I would like to highlight two different journeys one could take in order to reach their destination. This is due to the fact that your journey affects how you view your destination.

The first way to arrive to Sturgis with your motorcycle is to drive there with your motorcycle. For me, this would take about 2 days. Even assuming you have that much time to travel to Sturgis, there are still many obstacles you must overcome. First, you need to account for the weather and make sure that when you are traveling that it is suitable for traveling by motorcycle.

Then, you need to make sure that you pack everything you need for the week and try to pack it on the motorcycle which will certainly limit the number of things you can carry. After that, you have to plan out where you are going to stay on the road, gas stations you will stop at, and restaurants you will eat at on the road. This requires a lot of time and money to plan for as if you miss any of those stops it could make the trip hellacious. Finally, even if you plan and the weather is in your favor, you have to hope that your motorcycle’s brakes, lights, tires, and more work without any hiccups. A flat tire or bad brakes could set you back a few hours and even make you question if it is worth going to Sturgis. In addition, you have to be comfortable with driving for hours on end just to make it to Sturgis. You have to keep all these factors in mind when traveling by motorcycle which is certainly not for the faint of heart. Hence, people may think they will never be able to make it to Sturgis or that even if they do make it, is it worth all the hardships they would have to face on the road. Therefore, traveling with your motorcycle to Sturgis can certainly dampen your mood before you even reach the paradise; thus, there must be a better way to reach Sturgis without struggling your way to get there.

The second way to arrive to Sturgis with your motorcycle is to let the experts at A-1 Auto Transport handle it for you. The experts at A-1 Auto Transport can ship your motorcycle across country to reach your destination which would be Sturgis in this case. They provide five different shipping options where customers can choose which one is most convenient for them: enclosed

transport, open air, door to door, terminal to terminal, and crated transport. In addition to the options, A-1 Auto Transport provides customers with real-time satellite tracking and insurance coverage in order to give customers the confidence that their motorcycle will arrive on time and in great condition. With your motorcycle being delivered by A-1 Auto Transport, you can take a flight and get ready for a week long of fun at Sturgis with your worries about your motorcycle behind you. It is becoming more common to ship motorcycles to Sturgis as nearly half a million people continue to have their motorcycles shipped there. Not only will you reach your destination faster, but you will save more money due to A-1’s competitive rates. Hence, it should be an easy choice to rely on the experts at A-1 Auto Transport to deliver your motorcycle at the rally.

In summation, a motorcycle cannot move on its own. You either need yourself to move it or for somebody to do it for you. People often do not want others to move their motorcycle because it is such a prized possession and is unique to every individual; however, one must realize the care and knowledge experts at A-1 Auto Transport would provide to make sure that your motorcycle arrives safely.

It would be way safer than what any individual could do on their own. If there was no A-1 Auto Transport, so many people would not be able to make the trip and continue the tradition for so many years. Hence, if you want to make it to the coveted Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, you can rely on A-1 Auto Transport to deliver your motorcycle just on time to enjoy everything this paradise has to offer.

Submitted by Brandon Puente
on 12/26/2018

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