How To Ship Your Merkur

Although short lived, the Merkur was perhaps the slickest to ever be produced in the eighties. Having such a limited edition vehicle will make you the envy or car enthusiasts.

When moving it, one will, therefore, require the services of a reliable car shipping industry. a company that offers the following.

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Different shipping options

Shipment is either domestic or international. For domestic shipment, there are many options, and depending on one’s budget and the urgency, they can choose between road, rail or air transport. In terms of road transport, there are three shipping alternatives.

  • One can either choose between the open or enclosed single vehicle carriers
  • Multi-car trailer trucks carry about three cars at a time, without stacking them
  • Multi-level car carriers are the biggest, often having up to 10 vehicles on board, stacked at different levels.

The decision typically depends on the dimensions and specific need of the vehicle. For instance, a luxury or vintage car might require the specialized attention of an enclosed single vehicle carrier. This reduces chances of damage from other vehicles or weather elements. Consider the size of the vehicle when shipping. It is sometimes advisable to remove such accessories as spoilers. This is safer and reduces the chances of the shipment attracting additional charges.

For overseas shipment, the options are either freight or air. Air transport is obviously the most expensive. It is also exclusive and extremely fast, so depending on one’s needs it can be the most convenient. Ocean freight shipment also comes in two options.

  • The vehicle can either be driven into the ship and secured in storage below deck, or
  • The vehicle can be secured in a container.

Both options should be perfectly safe, although when secured below deck the chances of encountering accidents or damage from other cars is higher.

Pickup and delivery options

There are two options when it comes to pick up and delivery, door to door and terminal based delivery. Door to door is typically more expensive, and understandably so. However, if you have the means and time to transport the car between the container terminals and the final address at both ends of the auto transportation then go for the terminal based service. Any reputable company should be able to offer both types of pickup and delivery.

Comprehensive pre-shipment advice before the shipment

A fair amount of preparation is required to get the car ready for shipment. It is important to remove all personal belongings from the vehicle for several reasons. Any damage to personal belongings might not be covered by insurance. The shipment process might damage the personal effects in the vehicle, or have them damage the car.

It is important to wash the car carefully and take not of the physical condition before handing it over. If possible, take pictures of the vehicle at the moment of pick up. It might be necessary to disable the alarm especially if it is to be loaded below deck in a ship. These are the three most important elements of a good car shipping experience.

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