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Submitted by Abby Matson
on 10/30/18

I have always loved moving from place to place – especially in driving. Before I got my license, I remember driving my inherited 1998 Toyota Camry around my driveway (which is about .05 miles long with a turnaround at both ends) – until I had put 70 miles on my car. That is 1,400 laps around my driveway. As soon as I got my license, I’m sure my family didn’t see me for a year. I would go on drives as often as I could. When I wasn’t driving, I would spend my time watching Top Gear (my mom’s from England, so there’s a trace of British shows in our household). Among my friends, I became known as the driver, and because we live close to Portland (heaven forbid any of my friends drive in Portland!) I got lots of practice in. In the short three years since I’ve gotten my license, I’ve driven from the west coast all the way to Minnesota – smack dab in the middle of the country. I’ve also driven in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and even Canada. Through watching other drivers – whether it be an elderly couple riding in a classic Ford Mustang (that’s clearly been shined to perfection and kept up with dignity), or a teenager taking pride in his first car, blaring music at every intersection (to the chagrin of fellow drivers) – I take it that I am not alone in my pride for my car and my love of driving. What is it that people love about cars?

Firstly, I believe people love cars because they grow to become places of great memories. Many people can attest that they remember singing with their friends in cars on the way to various sports games, or that they take their cars to go to fun places. Cars are where parents take their fussy babies to fall asleep, and where kids are carted around to soccer or little league sports games. Essentially, cars are a place of togetherness.

Cars also provide a sense of freedom. When the 16 year-old first get their license, they are excited about the freedom that now accompanies that. Cars can take you wherever you want to go, you can get lost in a car, you can experience life in your car. You can feel happy, sad, scared, excited – all from just driving a car. There is a deep emotional connection many people have with cars.

Cars are also full of personality themselves. Not all cars are built the same, and certainly, none are driven the same. I have a friend who loves to repair cars – he has an old Toyota Celica that he’s worked on for years. And this car definitely does have some personality to it. If you push on the gas and the window starts rattling, then you have to roll the window down about a quarter of an inch, but no further – because then the window would become stuck. Take an example like this and multiply it by

100, and you have my friend’s Toyota Celica. To me, this car is high maintenance, difficult to drive, and hard to understand. To my friend, this car is everything he spends his time on, the most fun to drive, and truly an important aspect of who he is.

Cars can be exotic, classic, sporty – but most importantly, they all have the same job. Transportation. One may argue that racecars are not used for transportation – but the entire racing sport is about moving from one place to another (or around and around) as fast as possible. All cars are designed to move people and have a way of connecting us to others that used to not be possible. We can get to our loved ones quicker, we can go to work or school or home with ease. Cars are so vastly important in our every-day lives.

So far we’ve covered that cars host great memories, provide freedom, are full of personality, and all accomplish the same job – transportation. How does A-1 Auto Transport fit into all of this? A-1 Auto Transport is essential to keep cars the people grow to love – through memories, freedom, personality – with the same family. When a family moves out of town, there can be an overwhelming sense of everything that needs to be done. Closing a sale on their previous house, packing up everything they own, accounting for pets and their needs, buying a new house, trying to become familiar with their new neighborhood, where to send the kids to school – the list is never-ending. It can take people up to two years to become comfortable after they’ve moved. And adding to that list having to buy a new car – in the middle of uprooting their family – would be a miserable experience for most. Especially if they’ve come to love everything about their own car. A-1 Auto Transport, through many different services for many different needs, can move a family’s car safely to anywhere they need, domestic or internationally. They can ship vehicles multiple different ways to fit the family’s needs and price range. They really help to keep a family’s car just that – in the family.

Cars are so important in today’s society. With the uprising of technology and media (that also are helping to bridge the gap between people), cars are continually a need for all people and will be for a long time. This is why it is important to understand that they are more than just pieces of metal with an engine block. They are attachments to the family. A-1 Auto Transport is committed to safely moving cars, getting the job done quickly, safely, and on-time. Put another way, I would say that A-1 Auto Transport is committed to keeping cars in the family. They are more than just a shipping company. They provide a support system to families in a time where most will feel stressed and exhausted. A-1 takes great care to perfect the shipping methods but also takes great care of the cars that provide memories, freedom, and personality to the people themselves.

Submitted by Abby Matson
on 10/30/18

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