Maritime Logistics

Submitted by Fantahun Birhanu on 05/10/17


The field of maritime logistic management is important profession that deployed valuable property of people safely to its destination with maximum care and responsibility, in order to secure customer satisfactions. When the product to be transported is a durable or precious product or a material of huge price people need special attention and care for their belongings, this is in fact achieved only by people and company with high profession and the senses the filling and handling of other customers issue like their own issues.  This is not only to please the people getting the service but also to the service delivering companies satisfaction.

Logistic management involves professionals of different sector, which is from customer to transistor, from driver to wear house manager, in a course of this it is so essential for the transporting company to focus on an integrated approach. Since no company is completely comprehensive and self-sufficient and may not satisfy its customer by its own effort alone. Hence building a holistic approach is so critical to benefit the organization in charge and customers needing the service.

Transportation handlings require an end to end link with international players from various sectors. This, in turn, make the delivery of the service much complex and requires huge communication skill and above all reliability and genuine approach and very much time sensitivity. Since in most country custom and tax payment is affected by the date of arrival with varying value of local and international currencies that will probably rise the expense of the customer or the transporter itself. So this and various factors of transportation require a holistic approach for the satisfaction of the customer.

One of the most important things that the service delivering company should focus on is that it should show that it is reliable partner to the customer in that the service shall be delivered only on first come first service no base otherwise things may change for the worst making the company biased and unreliable. Lacking customer credibility is one that lead to business failure, credibility is a source of good image, for it is all about good mouth, which is a source of success from business perspective. When we come to this sector of automotive transport company, transporting car form point of departure to point of destination may not only involve putting the car on the back of track or driving it to the port and just put it in a cargo ship. It is much more complex business particularly when things are observed from legal perspective.  For example, if the car is legally possible to be transported abroad or not if the car is used one or is second hand vehicle.

All forms of transportations are important but none is as important as the transport system that links two or more countries. Since it links the supply line that people at the either end will be much await for.

Transporting company should involve brilliant personnel with much proactive thinking. They should forecast or at least attempt to forecast what will the consequence of the decision they made. Since regretting for what happened once things get out of control will not benefit neither the customer nor the transporting company rather it serve as a justification for a Clint to clime for damage or cute the service.

Finally, customers need for their belongings to arrive not only safely but also with the possible shortest time interval. Since things may change at much faster rate than anticipated. So choosing what best fit with the need of the customer is essentially the responsibility of the transporting company. These, in turn, determine what mode of transport system to be used.  On top of these Communicating with customer is an important part of customer service. customer are happier when they are per informed of the service charge, place and time of delivery and with whom they contact for any information regarding the transportation and other requiems if this is delivered by a knowledgeable person. I wish I could be one of the people that manage this sector with know-how.


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