Making Moves and Taking Names

Submitted by Madylin Becker
on 03/10/18

As humans, we enjoy routine. Unchanging, comfortable, day-to-day habits that allow us
to feel as though we have control of life. It feels good to stay inside our “bubble” because it
decreases our risk for failure, but if everyone lived like this, we’d still be riding on horseback
and living in caves. The only way to obtain peak innovation is to be uncomfortable.
The greatest inventors of all time were not afraid to take risks, and they paid off: Karl
Benz invented the first car in 1885, Wilbur and Orville Wright defied the laws of gravity for the
first time in 1903, and Alexander Graham Bell made the first phone call in 1876. Cars, planes,
and telephones are extremely prominent in society, to the point that one finds it difficult to
imagine life without them. Innovation has come as far to allow A-1 Auto Transport Inc.
to transfer numerous vehicles across the world! Let that sink in for a minute. Our transportation is no longer limited, we’re free to explore the world, all because people were willing to step out of their comfort zone.

I deeply relate to the need to achieve more and switch up my daily routine. If I don’t, I
honestly lack the energy and motivation to push myself to become better, and I fear that. I fear
the idea of remaining stagnant and never achieving anything. I’ve set high goals for myself, that I always aim to reach. Recently I have reached one of those goals, and I cannot wait to enter this new environment. I was accepted to the University of Florida, one of my dream schools, and clearly Florida is a bit far from my small town in Muskego, Wisconsin. The last seventeen years of my life have been spent inside of Wisconsin, and I am definitely ready to explore life on my own and, of course, catch a break from the below-zero temperatures we often see anywhere from December to March. However, one of my biggest internal conflicts right now is this: What am I going to do with my car? My 2008, cherry red, convertible Volkswagen Beetle is the greatest item I have owned, and the thought of leaving him (yes, it’s him, his name is Thomas) behind has my heart torn into pieces. We’ve been through it all: hail, snowstorms, the time my brother hit the windshield with a baseball and crack it, and of course the time I accidentally backed into my garage the day I got my license (nothing was damaged I swear).

The manual transmission is a talking point and I often feel pretty awesome when a guy is impressed with the fact that I drive stick shift. If you could not tell by now, I’m pretty attached to my car, and I am very careful with who I allow to touch it. This college-bound dilemma was solved when I heard about A-1 Auto Transport Inc. it was like my silent prayers were answered. While I’m driving over my dorm necessities in a larger truck, a safe and affordable company will be transporting Thomas over 1,500 miles for a very practical price. I can begin my journey to an exciting life with my Beetle still. My dreams would be a lot harder to reach if it were not for A-1 Auto Transport Inc. door to door services. Who knows, maybe one day I can fall on the list of greatest inventors, all because I stepped out of my comfort zone, and still had the opportunity to stay mobile because Thomas came along with me to this next chapter of my life.

Now that I do not have to worry about leaving my car behind, I can prioritize achieving
success and finding the life I want to live. I plan on becoming a Florida Gator and studying
Biology as an undergraduate. Moving to Florida means getting a fresh start, but it also means not knowing anyone that lives around me. This relates back to my desire to step out of my comfort zone because that is where success truly thrives. Uncomfortable situations separate those who will achieve success from those who will not. Times of adversity reveal true character. In fact, the true definition of intelligence includes the ability to adapt to new/unknown situations, and this is not a coincidence. Handling new situations can be terrifying, but it is also when we learn the most about ourselves. Success rises out from the ashes of failures. I have learned this first hand, but I will never be afraid to admit that. No matter how big or small, there is a lesson to be learned from mistakes. As Thomas Edison once said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” This quote definitely resonates with me, because of the meaning behind it. Edison does not consider himself a failure, but rather someone that has continuously learned what not to do to achieve something.

I apply this life motto to my actions when I am trying to reach the goals I have set to myself. Although I have not yet achieved some of them, everything I do places me one step closer to finding the right way to reach them. I consider myself a realist, and this can easily be applied to my mindset in many situations. We are only human, but there are things we can change to allow us to become our best selves.

With the help of companies like A-1 Auto Transport Inc., the possibilities are endless.
Dreams can become reality, and the unimaginable can become an actuality. All it takes is
motivation, a positive mindset, and willingness to step out of your comfort zone. Anyone can
become an innovator, it is not just some fancy title for the guys that wear suits and have degrees from Ivy League schools. The word innovator is for the person who helps build the future. The more innovators, the brighter our future will be.

Submitted by Madylin Becker
on 03/10/18

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