Making a Moving Inventory

Making a Moving Inventory

Moving is both exhilarating as well as stressful. During the loading and offloading, someone may mishandle a carton, and it drops. By coincidence, that box could be the one containing your precious cutlery. You may also realize, a few days after getting settled, that some items may be missing. After looking all over the entire house in vain, you have no option but to accept that they got lost.



Having a moving inventory, or a list, would come in handy when accounting for your possessions.

How do you list your possessions?

  • Paper and pen: The simplest way is by taking a pen and paper. Pick a room, get in there and record everything you see. Once finished, proceed to the next say kids’ bedroom, guest wing and so on.
  • Spreadsheets: If writing things in scraps of paper looks tiresome, you could opt to make use of your computer or laptop. Open a spreadsheet or several of them. Let there be one sheet for each room. Label it appropriately and save the file in a folder where you can access it quickly.

What details should appear in the inventory list?

You should not leave anything out. From observation, you can see artworks, shoes, clothes, books, and shoes. Write these down with as much detail as possible. For example, do not just put an entry as five pairs of shoes. Under this, break it down by stating the color and type.

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What about documents?

Movers, when they descend on your property, will only pick the boxes and take them on trolleys to the moving truck. You cannot blame them for not handling files, papers and other documents they find lying around. To keep your essential records intact, obtain copies. You can scan or photocopy them. After that, have a separate folder for the prints and originals. Then, list down these documents together with their serial numbers. When moving, carry the originals but let the copies stay with other household items.

How do you take pictures?

Your smartphone has a camera and video app. Use these apps to take photos of items in each room. Alternatively, use a video camera to capture images of your belongings. Make sure you open the drawers or have someone hold the article for you to get a clean shot. Record yourself as you describe the object. Later, download the video and save it to your computer. You could even mail the file to yourself.

What does one do after the move?

As soon as the consignment arrives at your new locale, pull out your records. Place a mark (e.g., a tick or cross) against every item as you unpack.

An inventory sheet helps you know what you are moving from your present to the new home. Remember to make several copies and keep one in a folder and another in a safe. It also comes in handy as you will compare with the moving company’s record. A record of your possessions can help in determining the value of moving insurance needed.

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