Main struggle with study abroad

Submitted by Sun Geun Yu
on 02/08/18

 Let’s face it. Study aboard is not as hard as many international students claim. At least when it comes to having a new culture, new faces, or new education system. They are young and old. Young enough to absorb new society, old enough to adopt new life. You will ultimately have time to get used to one way or the other. However, the actual moving process? Now that is the major struggle. I, being Korean, went study aboard to Florida, US at 12, Illinois, the US at 17, and the Netherlands at 21 by myself. Had previous experience, and still never manage to overcome every single time.
   You are flying by yourself with overweight luggage, probably having to pay that nice overcharge fee for that extra luggage containing few winter jacket. With two hands pushing 3 or 4 overweight luggage with laptop bag pushing down one shoulder and a backpack also full of underwear and socks. After arriving at the new house after paying rather an expansive taxi fee or a bus that would dump all those luggage at a stop not near the house. After opening that luggage that gave a new meaning of exercise will have only have enough clothes and supply for a week. No household items, no electronic, and shower items. You begin to wonder why these are happening even though you clearly listened to all of the advises given by the international office and realize that they are nationals who have probably never experienced the issue themselves and they simply gave sweet advises with information just brainstormed. With so many luggage with so little supplies, having to go to the store to buy necessity becomes inevitable. Only if there was a way to have brought more back home as all those need and want. You walk to the store with half exhausted body and buy who knows what brand with the cheapest product and realize it is time for luggage-exercise round two. You could have asked someone to come with you on a flight but then there is their round flight ticket and money of their short stay. Or have it shipped that cost more than the parcel that probably will arrive during when you are gone doing orientation so that you can now go pick up at the local post office for luggage-exercise round three.
   The wallet now will be as thin as it can get after buying all the cheap supplies needed and the transportation even though you clearly did most of the transportation by yourself. You then lie down on half covered bed to sleep for few hours before orientation next day. Close your eye and think. You, the PC master race, will now have to get used to that cheap laptop recently bought and cancel the plan to build new PC at arrival. You, the fashionista, will have to get used to having 7 sets of clothes for half a year and another 7 sets of clothes for another half of the season because you, with the big heart, was forced to give most of the clothes to donation before coming. Oh, and you forgot to buy the most important thing for tomorrow.
   How much money and time could have been saved if you shipped the belongings through ocean freight instead of re-buying. I mean, you did accept and processed Visa months before arrival. Even if accommodation was not set right before arrival, the school could have stored your shipment and send it to your house when you arrive in exchange for a little cost. With modern ocean freight being faster and safer than ever while having that affordable cost range, the money you have to re-buy the belongings will cost more, not to mention time and effort.
   With two simple system from the school that provides storage to keep new student’s belongings and notices student to send after Visa has been processed can already save so many international students’ time and money. In truth, the school would not do that. So, what other choices you have? Have a company that specializes in this area do the work instead of hoping the school to do it. A-1 Auto Transport does have the chance to specialize in this field further.
   A-1 Auto Transport already has a list of schools they ship to in the United States and also has been shipping large cargo such as cars, snowmobile, boats, and more internationally “safe and reliable”. Not only do they have reputation for top 4 national auto transport companies with services and discount, they also provide door to door, pick up drop off service. I believe by furthering this service by not only adding more school but also advertising this service with providing discount during high school graduation and allow students to send their belongings internationally or even nationally for their new school far from home could bring new kind of business. As they already have reputation, experience, and meets all criteria needed for this system, the possibility of expending this market seems not impossible.
   As an international student who faced these kinds of problem and even during moving from Florida to Illinois, and the possibility of the market does seem reasonable to consider. As many parents have limited finances due to high tuition fee of school which rises each year, having a way to send their children to school for not only cheaper but also providing that ease of knowing that their children will have all the belongings they will ever need can be used for marketing. As the United States is a big country, starting service nationally at a lower cost can be even possible.
   Even though A-1 Auto Transport ships to the University of Illinois, the school I went right after high school graduation at Florida, I personally never knew this kind of service existed and had to throw away my belongings and buy all back once arrived at new school. And this is probably true for most other students and their parents as not only most do not fully realize how much they can save by using these services, they do not realize such company exists. As many parents know well not about the struggle the student will face when moving far for school or the money they will lose, advertising the statistics of money saved by using this service will guarantee child loving parents to consider.

Submitted by Sun Geun Yu
on 02/08/18

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