Long Distance Movers for Small Loads

Long Distance Movers for Small Loads

Without the assistance of experienced small long distance movers, your relocation is likely to cause stress and more expenses than you had hoped for. There are many affordable long distance movers to look into when you are planning to relocate your small home. The mover you choose should have a variety of services available at cheap flat rates. They should also showcase other qualities to prove their reliability as a moving company for small loads and long distance relocations.


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Small load moves are often tricky to fulfill. When a small load mover is hired, it is likely that they will be moving the belongings out of a small home, studio, dorm or apartment. Make sure the movers have somewhere close to the door to park as well as access to stairways and elevators. Talk with the landlord or campus manager well before the relocation so they are aware of the movers coming in at the date you scheduled.

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Tips and Advice for a Smooth Small Move

  • Depending on the amount of items you plan to take with you, start packing weeks to months ahead of time
  • Pack a single room at a time starting with the room that gets the least attention
  • Use the right packing materials and various box sizes
  • Lessen the amount of your belongings by ridding of, selling or donating the items that are no longer of use to you
  • Never overfill boxes. They may bottom out, causing your possessions damage. Use small box sizes for heavier items
  • When wrapping dishes, place paper plates, foam sheets or Styrofoam plates in between each one as you stack them neatly in a small box
  • Take any valuables or personal items with you during the move
  • Take a picture of electronic hookups before you disassemble them. Then, place all screws and cords in a small bag and tape the bag to the electronic it belongs to before packing it up
  • Mark all boxes clearly with the room they are to go in and mark any boxes with breakable items as “Fragile”
  • Make a list of all your belongings. Having a list of inventory will help you to make sure all items arrive safe and sound at the new location. Even movers often make their own list. Compare the lists before they leave for the next location.

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