Long Distance Movers Cost

Long Distance Movers Cost

The cost of a long distance mover is reliant on several details and variables. All moving companies have the right to set their own services and rates but they usually take the same information into consideration before quoting a price for relocation. Nevertheless, use online resources to find the most affordable moving services nearest your current home. Once you come up with a list of movers to call, make sure they have the right characteristics and credentials. Find one that you can trust with rates you can afford.


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For a distance of 1,225 miles, the average cost for moving services according to the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) is around $4,300. That average is assuming the weight of your possessions being transported is about 7,400lbs. When you are concerned with the price of moving services, continue to look for a reliable yet affordable moving company with long distance services.

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Details that Affect the Cost of Relocation

Certain details greatly affect the cost of your relocation. To add up an honest total for your moving services, this specific information must be shared with the mover. Here are some of the details and factors that will affect the price you pay…

  • The distance of travel between both locations
  • The cost of fuel at the time of the move
  • The amount of labor needed- each mover charges by the hour
  • The type of moving services purchased
  • The weight of your property being moved

Professional movers will go into your home and evaluate all the possessions in your home that need to be transported to the new location. This evaluation determines what size truck or trucks are needed to successfully move all your belongings. Once they figure out what trucks are needed, they’ll weight the truck to get the “tare” weight. Then, on the day of the move when all your stuff is loaded onto the truck, it will be weighed again for the “gross” weight. When you subtract the tare weight from the gross weight, you get the “net” weight which is the exact weight of your possessions. The net weight is what the movers use to calculate your total when adding in all other factors that affect the cost.

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