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Safe And Reliable Litchfield County Car Shipping Services By A-1 Auto Transport

One of the hardest parts of shipping cars to or from Litchfield County is finding a reliable transporter. A-1 Auto Transport was started 20 years ago for the sole purpose of providing stress-free and reliable car transportation services. During the past two decades, we have grown from a small regional transporter to becoming one of America’s premier transport companies due to our commitment to customer satisfaction. Connecticut is one of the states that we have operated in on a long term basis and our positive customer reviews are testament to the quality of our services.


Shipping A Car To or From Litchfield County


What sets us apart from our competitors is our commitment to providing our clients with dependable transport solutions. Residents of Litchfield can enjoy the convenience of our specially designed services. To further put our clients at ease, we ensure that we are in communication with you throughout the entire shipping process.

Routes that we cover from Litchfield County

Over the many years we have operated in Litchfield, we have developed a number of local routes for clients who are shipping cars to or from Litchfield County. Our local routes connect Litchfield to its neighboring counties such as Berkshire, Hartford, Fairfield, Hampden, New Haven, and Duchess. Thanks to our nationwide presence, and the impressive road infrastructure in Litchfield, the scope of our routes extends to all 50 states.

Litchfield is also conveniently located within close proximity to our international shipping terminals in airports and seaports located in Connecticut and the nearby state of New York. We offer sea and air transport to non-mainland states such as Alaska and Hawaii, as well as to any worldwide location as per your needs.

A-1 Auto Transport, Inc. ships vehicles worldwide. Click here or call 1-800-452-2880 to get a free, no obligation to buy price quote to ship your car.

Our Services

Some of the services we offer our clients include:

  • Vehicle Transport: Our superior vehicle transport services have been the main reason for our recognition as America’s best transport company. We have a large fleet of different types of carriers, flatbed trucks, and towing vehicles. Apart from our superior hardware, we also have the required expertise to safely transport any type of vehicle locally and internationally. Our vehicle transport services are also very fairly priced.
  • Moving Services: Our continued grown over the years has seen us diversify our transport services to include moving services. If you are an individual or business, that is relocating domestically or internationally, A-1 Auto Transport has an expert crew of movers and moving trucks to safely relocate your house/office.
  • Bulk Shipping: We have the capacity to offer affordable and hassle free multi vehicle shipping services to corporate clients such as car dealerships, auction houses, and vehicle manufacturers.
  • Snowbird Specials: If you regularly travel south to escape the chilly Connecticut winter, enjoy our snowbird special where your car transport service will be offered at discounted prices.
  • Mobile Home Transport: No vehicle is too large for A-1 Auto Transport. We offer local and state-to-state mobile home transport services.

Work with the Best!

When shipping cars to or from Litchfield County, no transporter matches the quality and convenience offered by A-1 Auto Transport. Check out our website for a free, no-obligation quote.

Zip codes included in Litchfield County

Litchfield County covers 44 zip codes with the 060 and 067 three digit prefixes:

  • ZIP Code 06018
  • ZIP Code 06021
  • ZIP Code 06024
  • ZIP Code 06031
  • ZIP Code 06039
  • ZIP Code 06057
  • ZIP Code 06058
  • ZIP Code 06061
  • ZIP Code 06063
  • ZIP Code 06065
  • ZIP Code 06068
  • ZIP Code 06069
  • ZIP Code 06079
  • ZIP Code 06094
  • ZIP Code 06098
  • ZIP Code 06750
  • ZIP Code 06751
  • ZIP Code 06752
  • ZIP Code 06753
  • ZIP Code 06754
  • ZIP Code 06755
  • ZIP Code 06756
  • ZIP Code 06757
  • ZIP Code 06758
  • ZIP Code 06759
  • ZIP Code 06763
  • ZIP Code 06776
  • ZIP Code 06777
  • ZIP Code 06778
  • ZIP Code 06779
  • ZIP Code 06781
  • ZIP Code 06782
  • ZIP Code 06783
  • ZIP Code 06785
  • ZIP Code 06786
  • ZIP Code 06787
  • ZIP Code 06790
  • ZIP Code 06791
  • ZIP Code 06792
  • ZIP Code 06793
  • ZIP Code 06794
  • ZIP Code 06795
  • ZIP Code 06796
  • ZIP Code 06798

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