Submitted by Cierra Waters
on 03/10/18


It is such a big word.

Symbolic of opportunity, and potential.

Throughout the years humankind has spent on this planet, we’ve learned some things about liberation, and what that feels like when it is coursing through your veins. From early life, to adapting, to surviving, to thriving. A paramount trajectory change for our race as a whole has been automobiles and other forms of transportation. From taking a week trip to go across the kingdom to now taking a jet plane in minutes to cross a globe, we’ve made leaps and bounds. Faster.

More economical.





Automobiles of all industry have helped us to not only progress as a society, but within the walls of our own minds. We live in such a world that invites us to go, to see, to look at this wonderful planet. We’re finally catching up to the possibilities widespread resources of transportation offer and provide.

Cars are an embodiment of freedom.

In the US, citizens are free to go and do as one desires, (to a degree; the law willing). With any certain mode of transportation, that idea of freedom is enlarged. Overseas car shipment plays a vivid role in that enablement.

Opportunities abound, as our world ebbs and flows, exhaling and inhaling options and resources. Dealerships are heavily invested in the idea of a more low cost way to ship the exuberant amounts of automotive vehicles that their livelihood requires to yield a weighty profit. Thousands of vehicles are transported to and from the US and internationally per year. But what about those of us who don’t sell vehicles for a living, don’t make average middle-class income, or are too young to even buy a lighter at a convenience store?

The world is such a big place.

But full of so many loopholes.

Many large freight companies exist and are highly acclimated to their vocation. This allows them to provide the peace of mind that individuals need to relocate their lives, along with that car they intend to ship.

Speaking of relocating.

Tell that to an early Neanderthal forager who had not yet progressed into the hunting era.


In this day we live in a time of bursting opportunities and the resources to do them. It only takes the preparation behind the scenes to pull it all together. Companies like A1- Auto Transport allow the peace of mind in the lives of those finding further growth and joy. There are those who are willing to do what it takes to continue progressing towards goals and achievements that require outlandish relocations in a person’s life.

Amazing repercussions are available with the right company backing such impactful decisions.

Auto transport to overseas locations is not only common, but convenient with professionals handling such important items in our lives. So much can be lost in accidents having to do with our vehicles. Insurance claims, credit issues, having that snag in moving plans. But in that same breath, so much can be gained.

On our way to becoming the people we want to be, we need companies who can be depended upon to connect the bridges that make those roads possible. This trusted company is willing to do the side work that connects us to living our freedoms, in word and in deed.

What would keep a person from taking a risk, when the reliable company associated wipes away the “risk”, with a guarantee? What would we do if the only thing holding us back, was ourselves.


Commonly recurs. Oft times, presents situations that appear difficult to summon the courage to withstand and overcome.

Change is one of the only things we homie sapiens can rely on taking place. The amazing transformations occur with what decisions are made in response to that change. What impact that has on our lives, our character, and our influence on others. The changes in personal lives ripple into neighborhoods, communities, counties, states, countries, nations, and the overall society that trickles back down, influencing daily decision-making. Then to decide what choice to make.

An auto transport company does not require being involved with the politics of where allegiances and opinions reside within the caste system of civilization. They are able to stay aloof as a smooth transition is procured for all customers’, guaranteeing success and efficiency. Special care is taken to ensure a speedy, accurate, safe, harmless, journey for the vehicle, and you as a consumer. They take care of what you cannot so that peace of mind may be enjoyed when taking care of the rest of your relocation. There are other options for a more secluded journey for your automobile if premium needs aren’t met. Your vehicle may be treated as luxury, can be enclosed, and put on a different deck of the carrier to guarantee a splendid outcome of the car rolling off the ramp unscathed. Even if a minor or major scratch was obtained in transit, that insurance policy is active for a reason. If the experience is not satisfactory, A1-Auto Transport makes it their privilege to ensure compensation has been met and all are dealt with fairly and promptly.

All this talk of freedom and resources in response to factors in our lives is all for one idea. It is to achieve the underlying principle of progress. Since mankind has been on this earth, that has been the goal; to get better at living on this planet. We may not live in a time of newness and continual unknowing. We might not have to fight for our lives or wrestle against the elements on a regular basis. We may not even have to be subjected to extreme hardship, loss, hunger, thirst, fatigue, exhaustion, or have to rely on any other survival instincts. But as a race we’ve also not arrived at the ease and benefit of a perfect world. There is so much in this earth, so many grand and beautiful places,things, and people. Staggering amounts of wealth, power and prestige. There is also the pendulum of such extravagance. There is widespread poverty, disease, and crime. There are also so many of those early-life, primal lifestyles at work as an effect of this cyclical Neanderthalic system we now live in. Everything is gauged off parentage. Choices for such aggrandizement is possible dependent on lineage. Some are favored more than others.

Most of us tread water somewhere in the middle. That is most essentially why A1-Auto Transport has such an impact. Their great service is also overflowing onto giving the next generation a leg up. That influence is what changes a world.

As more opportunities are acquired and made accessible, the more individuals have the opportunity to make this world a better place, and eventually, an easier planet to not only survive on, but live on. Experiencing our dreams and achieving our goals.

Embodying our freedom.

Submitted by Cierra Waters
on 03/10/18

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