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Submitted by Chelsea Watt on 09/30/17

Whether a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, a Ford Corsair, or an Audi Steppenwolf, A-1 Auto Transport has you covered for your transportation needs. A-1 Auto Transport realizes the standards you are expecting when shipping something so valuable. That’s why A-1 Auto Transport offers the best enclosed auto transportation that will give you the highest levels of protection and security while smoothly transporting your classic car.

Using the most modern methods available for transporting your vintage, classic, or muscle car, the delivery route of A-1 Auto Transport covers all 50 states and international areas as well. It’s a simple process that the team at A-1 Auto Transport will help you with every step of the way. With GPS order tracking, insurance coverage, and door to door delivery service, A-1 Auto Transportation Services is the right service for you!

Transporting your car is made simple through A-1 Auto Transport. First, you should schedule the shipping as far ahead of time as possible. This helps ensure a prompt and on time delivery. The further ahead you schedule your delivery, the easier it is for the A-1 Auto Transport team to work hard to make sure that your vehicle is delivered on the date of your choosing. Next, A-1 Auto Transport requires that any and all personal items must be removed from the car. Transport trucks are held to strict standards and insurance does not cover any personal items belonging to the shipper. An extra charge could occur or delay the delivery of your vehicle if you fail to remove all personal items from the car. Next, thoroughly inspect your vehicle and create a checklist. Present this checklist to A-1 Auto Transport for acknowledgment prior to releasing your vehicle to the transportation company. If you have a full tank of gas in your vehicle, go ahead and take a few laps. It is important that you have no more than a quarter tank of gas in your vehicle for safety reasons. If the car is not running, it is important to mention that to the staff. There may be a small (normally $100 or less) additional cost that comes with transporting the vehicle if it is not running to cover any special equipment that is used. It is also required that you remove any loose parts that have the potential to be blown off during transport. This includes non-retractable antennas. This is to further ensure that no part of your vehicle is damaged at any time of the transport. At A-1 Auto Transport, you have the luxury of choosing door to door delivery. This allows your vehicle to be picked up from wherever location it sits and delivered to almost any exact location of your choosing. Rural areas often provide the most difficulty for A-1 Auto Transport’s trucks. These massive trucks, built 80 feet long and weighing 80,000 pounds are often built low to the ground and thus, have a harder time maneuvering in tight places. Additionally, overhanging trees must be avoided due to the possibility of low tree branches damaging your vehicle. If the area of delivery is not safely accessible, you may have to meet the transporter at a nearby location. This is left at the driver’s discretion since the safety of your vehicle is the top priority.  If you want to save a few extra bucks, standard shipping is around $50 cheaper. With this option, you are responsible for the dropping off and picking up of the vehicle.

Now that everything on your end is done, for the most part, your vehicle is loaded and secured on the transport truck with the utmost care.  Your car is on its way to the destination, whether in any of the 50 states or internationally. The Department of Transportation puts a restriction on drivers of 500 miles a day. Along with this restriction, weather, traffic, and mechanical issues may arise. Please take these factors into account when scheduling your delivery. When the vehicle has arrived safely to its destination, you may pick your vehicle up from a transport station or you can have it delivered directly to your door, usually for an additional fee.

A-1 Auto Transport has been providing quality service, safe deliveries, and excellent customer care for over 20 years. Finding out how much it will cost to transport your vehicle is made simple and easy with the free quota, through customer service or online. Prices are generally the lowest at A-1 Auto Transport for any service compared to competitors. With full control of the process, from choosing your shipping method to GPS tracking, A-1 Auto Transport makes shipping your valuable car fuss-free. You will never have to worry because the cargo insurance policy covers the full replacement value of your prized possession while in the hands of A-1 Auto Transport. The customer service team at A-1 Auto Transport is fully dedicated to making the shipping process stress-free. Working tirelessly to assist your every need, A-1 Auto Transport strives to calm every nerve about leaving your vehicle in the hands of others. You are encouraged to reach out to the customer service team with any question or concern. Customer service will also reach out to you in the event of any weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances and will inform you of how this may affect your shipment. You truly have the best team at your disposal for shipping your vehicle. With affordable prices and excellent staff, A-1 Auto Transport is the way to go.

If you’re still feeling apprehensive about choosing A-1 Auto Transport, just take a look at some of the positive reviews from happy, satisfied customers. Customers like Alex D., who found the online quota “the least expensive of all the quotes [he] received”, as well as Bev M. who said that she was “surprised at how quickly it arrived”. Another outstanding review comes from Brian H. who stated that his A-1 Auto Transport dispatcher went above and beyond and he could not express his appreciation at her concern for his car’s safety. These are just a few of the numerous reviews from customers who received their vehicles safely and in a timely manner. A-1 Auto Transport embodies everything that auto transport services should be – fast, safe, affordable, and dependable.

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