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International Moving Terminology
International Moving Terminology

What is the International Moving Terminology?

There are certain words and phrases you will hear again and again in the moving industry. If you do not know their meaning, you might misunderstand, make a mistake, and/or get taken advantage of. To become a savvy shipper, here are a few words and expressions you should remember:

Agent: The agent is authorized to organize the reservation, origin, trucking services, and the transport representing the van line.

Air Cargo: It is the shipment of goods through an air carrier.

Air Cargo Containers: Air cargo containers come in standard sizes to ensure they fit on an airplane. They have three classifications: air freight containers, pallets and unit loading devices.

Air Freight: It is the shipment and transfer of goods with an aircraft. This service is cost effective, free from a physical barrier and it reduces the risk of damage. The delivery service time is short, taking only 5 to 15 days. The rate is per Kilogram.

Air Way bill: An Air Way bill or an air consignment note is a contract between the shipper and the airline. It provides details about the shipper, the type of delivery service, shipping instructions, charges and the destination as evidence of the contract of carriage. There is a standard format that an air way bill uses to provide services for local and international traffic. The bill of landing is a proof of payment or binding contract between the carrier and the shipper in agreement for the shipment of goods. The agreement should be signed by the customer allowing him to load the goods on a van and then forward them to the mover.

Binding Estimates vs. Non-Binding: 

  • Binding estimates are set by the movers beforehand. The movers will evaluate your shipment and then provide you with an estimated cost for transporting your goods. The customer will pay the agreed upon estimated price.
  • Non-binding estimates are based on how much the mover estimated the cost of the overall cargo volume to be. The mover will provide the actual cost after everything is weighed and loaded on the moving day.

Booking Agent: It’s the person who negotiates deals for the customer and makes a reservation with the operator of the van. A booking agent can be near or located at the destination or origin areas.

Bulky Article: In some cases, some additional protection or weight additive is applied to ensure safe shipment of large and heavy items, including televisions with large screen, automobiles, and tubs that may result in an extra charge or fee. For movers that provide interstate services, there is an additional charge.

Claim: A claim is a demand towards the Transportation Company for lost or damaged goods while the shipment was in their possession.

Cash On Delivery (COD): In this case, the mover collects the price for shipping the goods to the customer on delivery. Preferably, the payment should be in cash, money order, traveler or cashier's check, but not a personal check. An arrangement with the booking agent is needed for a credit card payment.

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Container (steamship/ocean): The standard size of a steamship and ocean container is 20 feet long, the availability of 40 feet and 45 foot length containers being limited. Steamship companies are the owners and providers of containers and shipping container chassis. The total size of the cargo can be measured in cubic feet, as well as the volume of the lift van, the crates and the E tri-wall containers. f3 is the mathematical symbol for cubic feet.

Customs Clearance: It’s an inspection of a written document received by a customs authority, as well as assessing the cargo to be transported.

Demurrage: Penalty and assessment of demurrage fees happens when there is a failure to discharge the shipments from the shipping containers in an agreed upon period of time. Demurrage charges are applied every day until the day when the container has been picked up.

DOT (Department of Transportation): The Department of Transportation in the United States and federal agencies under the DOT, such as the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and Surface Transportation Board (STB), regulate the industry of interstate transportation and the moving companies themselves.

Destination Agent: A destination agent is a person from the area near the move’s destination point who is responsible for assisting the operator of the van or the customer by providing shipping information.

Door-to-Door: Door-to-door transport is an effective and convenient way of shipping through international logistics and combined transport, which provides the arrangement of shipment from a departure point all the way to the door of destination.

Estimate: The estimate is an approximate total amount or the predicted cost of shipment including extra fees from the overall volume of the cargo (ETA for Estimated Time of Arrival and ETD for Estimated Departure time).

Extra Labor: There is no extra fee for an extra service provided in a period of no more than 15 minutes. Labor charges are made per hour. The service usually includes placing or removing things from the attic, loading or unloading the cargo container, moving the cargo between cities and extra delivery or pick up from one place to another. There is an extra fee for every stop and for extra pick up or delivery requests.

Fuel Surcharge: The fuel surcharge is the rise in price charged by the carrier to recover losses caused by fuel cost fluctuations. According to the Department of Energy in the United States, surcharge is subject to change every month based on the typical diesel price.

Full Packing / Unpacking Services: The hundredweight service rate is subject to the volume of cargo that was packed and unpacked by the carrier. The complete packing service rates include labor and the cartons used for packing. With complete unpacking service rates, the carrier will unpack the cartons and remove the junk.

High Value Articles: Items are priced differently. In relation to this, some items are priced at approximately $100 per pound. The client is required to fill out a form that declares the worth of the things being shipped out. This provides security to customers that their belongings will be safe.

IRR Surcharge: The Insurance-Related General Increase is a fee included in the transportation cost to protect the carrier's liability and other possible loss or damages along the process.

Interstate Move: This pertains to the transfer of goods or belongings. It could be between states or possibly a local movement.

Inventory: It includes the details of the items, like the quantity, the condition and the description before the shipment is started.

Lift Vans: There are wooden boxes designed specifically for international moving purposes. Carriers may vary from 180 cubic feet to 210 cubic feet in size to suit them.

Banned Items: The shipping company will not compromise other customers' belongings. Items that are prohibited from the shipment are the likes of propane tanks and other chemicals that may be harmful and cause damage to other clients' properties. In addition to this policy, the shipping company cannot be held liable for the food or even the plants that may be spoiled or die during the process.

Ocean Freight Shipments: Shipments by the sea are one affordable way to move your belongings. They offer international transportation that may take a maximum of 30 days in transit. Some clients prefer this method especially for large items that don’t need to be delivered immediately.

Order for Service: An authorization letter which includes the duties of the shipping company to transfer items requested by its clients.

Origin Agent: This is a representative who is assigned from the origin location to prepare the information needed prior to the shipment. This includes taking care of the customer's details.

Overflow: In some cases, belongings may not be placed in one cargo due to lack of space. A back-up vehicle is made available in such situations.

Overtime Loading and Unloading: These are the services offered on a specified date, like the weekends or a non-working holiday. They requires an additional cost or an overtime fee. They are also applicable to delivering your belongings on weekdays, but only before and after business hours.

Relocation Consultant: This is the sales associate who will inform the customer of the quotation and of any details he may need regarding the shipment.

The Shipper: This is the customer or client of the moving company who needs to have his belongings delivered.

Shuttle Service: A smaller mode of transportation is needed if roads are not passable using a normal vehicle. A shuttle service is also used if there are any limitations to the area where the shipment is made. Issues include smaller parking spaces, large vehicles not allowed to pass through, etc.

Stair-Carry Charge: There is an extra cost for carrying items with the use of stairs. The following details are the measurements, ideal for Standard Lift Van Dimensions.  The external length should be 7' 1/4" (85"-88"), the width should be 3' 3/4' (45"-46), and the height should be 7' 1/4" (87"). The capacity is around 193 to 205 cubic feet.

Storage-in-Transit (SIT): Some items are due to be delivered later on because of certain issues. In such cases, they will be brought to the carrier agent's warehouse. Your belongings will stay there for a maximum of 180 days. Once this number is exceeded, the items will be forwarded and reviewed according to the policies of the local warehouse.

Survey: The shipping company performs a survey inspecting their customer's personal items to come up with an estimated price for the move.

Tariff: The shipping tariff is the published list of the company's regulations and rules, as well as the price for the rendered work pertaining to the moving service provided to the customer.

Third-Party Services: A third-party is a company that carries out services, such as packing your goods in a crate or appliance servicing.

Unpacking: It’s the unboxing or taking out your cargo from the package and putting it on the ground. In addition to this, disposing of the cargo and the materials used for packing is also included. If requested, cargos must be unpacked at the same time as the freight arrives, unless you ask for another method in advance.

Valuation: The home furnishings during the time the cargo is under custody, as well as the control and care of the shipping company is a tariff-based valuation. However, this does not include insuring your goods.

Van Operator: The operator of the van is responsible for overseeing your cargo when it is loaded, hauled, or unloaded.

Vehicles with household goods in the same container: To ship vehicles and household goods in the same container, a Tow-Truck with a flat bed is used to raise the car level in the container. To avoid the vehicle from moving during transport, the company braces and secures it inside the container.

Waiting Time: Free waiting time simply refers to the time for which you are not being charged, when your freight is waiting in a terminal or in a warehouse. In case you are incapable of accepting the dispatch of your cargo during this free time (for example: you can only accept it 2 hours after you were notified the cargo has arrived at the terminal), additional waiting time can be requested till the transmission can be done. If it is not Sunday or a national / state holiday, charges will be applied for the labor force and vehicle for every hour from 8 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon local time.

Another choice is to unload your cargo in an operator’s storehouse. Expenses will be charged for the handling, delivery and storage. If the period of time is not high, cheaper fees will be charged. If the waiting time results in a setback in the shipment of other customers’ cargo or causes other unwanted disruptions to the shipping company, additional waiting time will be provided even if they are not obliged to do so.

Warehouse Handling: Warehouse Handling implies handling and keeping the materials inside a storehouse.

Weight Additive: Weight additives are a few items contained within your load of goods, such as boats, canoes or camper shells which are not too heavy, but may take up a lot of volume while adding relatively little weight. As an example, a customer may ship cartons and home furnishings weighing 4,000 pounds in an area taken from a boat weighing 1,500 pounds. To offset the light weight of a bulky item, a tariff or weight additive is added to the net weight of the shipment.

Joe WebsterWritten By:Joe WebsterConnect with Joe Webster on facebookConnect with Joe Webster on linkedin

Joe Webster began his journey in the auto transport field by attending the University of Southern California (USC), where he graduated with a Bachelor of Business Marketing. 

After college, he started his career in the auto transport industry from the bottom up and has done virtually every job there is to do at A-1 Auto Transport, including but not limited to: Truck Driver, Dispatch, Sales, PR, Bookkeeping, Transport Planner, Transport Manager, International Transport Manager, Brokering, Customer Service, and Marketing. Working with his mentor Tony Taylor, Joe Webster has learned the ins and outs of this industry which is largely misunderstood. 

With over 30 years experience in the industry, we've been helping people ship their vehicles, motorcycles, RV's, heavy equipment, household goods and more across the country or overseas without a hitch. Ask us anything.

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“The plan was to ship my car from California to Utah. I went through nearly 20 quotes after using an auto shipping site which linked to a bunch of brokers. Finally, I found A1 Auto Transport, a company with its own trucks with great reviews. I was sold. Joe was very competent, gave off the impression he’d done this a million times, and it really showed throughout the transport. He listened to my request carefully, offered me several options, stayed in touch during the transport, and made sure I was happy with everything. Overall, a great company which I would definitely recommend to others!”

“I’m so glad I met you Joe!! A truly fortunate experience. Having to transport a car to Minnesota, I was stunned to see the company, who was supposed to take care of it, just vanish. I couldn’t reach them anymore, like they went bankrupt overnight. However, I was lucky enough to not pay anything, so I simply researched some more until I found A1 Auto Transport. Joe answered my call the first time and we soon agreed on a date and a quote. Unfortunately, I got caught up in work and forgot about it. The order was not confirmed, so Joe must’ve thought I changed my mind. I called him the next day and arranged for a new date. This time, I made a note on my phone and it went well. I replied to his email this time, and the driver arrived at a parking lot down the street on time, as promised. The driver was nice enough to not mention my previous mistake. He delivered my car in just 3 days. Upon careful inspection, there were no scratches or damage done to it during transport. Joe was there along with the driver and they both waited patiently until I was satisfied. Thanks!”

“A1 Auto is kind of like your favourite mom and pop pizza parlour, the one you can’t get enough of despite all the new, expensive avant-garde pizza shops that have mushroomed conspicuously across the entire neighbourhood and seem to have taken over the whole world...but not you. Because you value quality and genuine customer service, and know this business understands and works doubly hard to give you your money’s worth. I’ve been using A1 Auto Transport whenever I left California for business: they may not be the cheapest car transporters around, but the sheer professionalism, dedication, and heart they put into their work is just amazing and worth my every dime. I’m probably one of the most sceptical people you would ever meet. I’m rarely convinced when bombarded with dubious, self-congratulating ads of companies that look like they’ve spent tons of money on marketing materials just to lure your average guy in. A1 Auto Transport is the complete opposite of these companies. My car always arrived promptly on schedule, never with a hint of scratch or dirt or damage, and they keep me updated every step of the process. When you’ve found a company whose genuine care for their customers comes naturally, you stand by them no matter what. It’s the most logical thing to do.”

“A1 Auto Transport helped me move a vehicle to Iowa from Houston. I was a bit nervous, no knowing much about such services. Thanks to Joe, I was able to clear the fog a little. He answered all my questions and explained everything in a way that left no room for interpretation. The details were straightforward. I picked Sunday as the pickup date, since I wasn’t at work, and they accommodated me. The truck arrived an hour early, yet the driver patiently waited for me to arrive. He thoroughly checked my car for scratches or anything that might affect the transport then drove it onto the truck. I was given a 2 day time window during which the car was supposed to arrive in, and it got to Iowa in the evening of the first day. The trip didn’t damage it at all. Next time a friend wants to move, I’ll surely recommend A1 Auto Transport.”

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