Submitted by Mackenzie Meadows
on 03/06/18

Although a cross-country move can be a daunting task, moving internationally can be an even bigger challenge.  Many consider an international move as one of the most tedious and stressful experiences someone can endure. If you think traveling with family is difficult, it’s often tougher on college students or young adults who are moving overseas for the first time. Novices to living abroad may not completely understand what it takes to relocate to another country. It’s important that young people have a consistent end-to-end moving experience, an understanding of uniform standards, and exceptional local knowledge of their new home abroad. However, the complicated self-identification process needed to board an international flight is one of the many-layered elements in the trials and tribulations of moving abroad. Verifying and transporting personal belongings overseas such as a car, a bed or your extensive comic book collection can be even more difficult. Being a global thinker can help ease these complicated moving dilemmas.


How you may ask?


As a global thinker, you are more aware of international issues and events that affect societies, governments, and regulations that may impact you on your travels.  Young adult expatriates must be cautious and respectful of international differences and be plugged into the political landscape.  Being informed and experiencing new perspectives can make all the difference in how you acclimate to your new surroundings. You are not only respectful of cultures and customs, but you are able to navigate through the environment with ease. You understand that flip-flops and a pizza grease stained t-shirt are not the most suitable attire when expecting to live in a more conservative cultured country.  Being a conscientious global thinker can also help you in your selection of the right international moving company to help make the transition easier.


That’s why A-1 Auto Transport is an ideal choice for a big international move. They are experts in move planning and preparation and can help make the international transition go a lot smoother with pre-move services like destination orientation and cultural training. An international account manager will also be a big help to keep expats organized throughout the moving process. They can even help with visa and immigration services, passports and customs documentation.  Plus, they can assist with temporary and permanent housing solutions and makes sure that property is insured while you’re abroad.



Global mindedness not only helps you pick the right mover, but it can also be useful when adjusting to customs and culture. Taking time to read about the history of your new home abroad, or even practicing some simple greetings in the language can only help broaden your perspective and your outlook on the world. With an international service provider like A-1 Auto Transport, it makes it easier for you to be able to immerse yourself and enjoy your future home country, rather than focusing on the hassle of getting together personal belongings to be shipped or flown overseas. As someone who considers themselves as a global thinker, I can say that being internationally aware, can only make you a more knowledgeable person, along with being more understanding to those who have different views than you.


When I visited London, England, brushing up on my English kings and queens, and current events in entertainment, only made my interactions with other “Brits” more enlightening and enjoyable. Though I’ve never moved internationally before (but hope to soon), having the desire to understand a foreign culture, I feel is something that is key for anyone who is planning on fully immersing themselves within a country permanently. Learning about a foreign country not only makes you a more knowledgeable global thinker but also it can create a strong admiration for a country, inspiring you to discover more about it. As someone who will major in International Relations later on in the fall at American University in Washington, D.C., I understand the importance of learning about diverse perspectives.


International relations cannot thrive without global thinking or global awareness. Its purpose is to mend or create relations amongst countries whether socially, politically, or economically. Without being globally aware of a country’s economic, political, or social needs, how could the relations be amended or created? That is why understanding about a country’s culture or ideals is a necessity when starting a whole new chapter in your life in a foreign place, and having a company that understands that importance can only aid you in your new beginning. When moving internationally, globally minded travelers understand how important it is to rely on trusted moving experts like A-1 Auto Transport, to help navigate their experience in a new country. As you know, countries vary in cultures and customs, and none are just like the other. Having a moving company that understands the varied landscapes of different countries, can only help make travel easier.


The main thing that stood out in A-1 Auto Transports international moving policies, is that it not only wanted to make sure that your belongings were properly taken care of but to also made sure that you were taken care of as well. Their in-depth instructions about safety and even regulations within countries showed that you are also their main focus as well. A moving company like A-1 Auto Transport that ensures that your transition will be hassle-free, is one any global thinker would take heed of in order for them to have more time to explore their new country and make memories that will last forever.

Submitted by Mackenzie Meadows
on 03/06/18

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